Seconds From Disaster - Mumbai Massacre | Epic Documentaries

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PATIL PRANITA : Its been 10 years but still memorizing this incident makes me cry.I just hate the concept of killing innocent people under the name of religion.

German Muscle : Pakistan- failing terrorist nation that’s always jealous of India’s growing power

Dinah Lackman : I had no idea this happened so long heart goes out to all the victims their families and the wounded and survivors, it is a-shame people do this against one another and for what “religion”? God does not command us to kill one another but to Love one another. Who are they to decide who is to live and who is to die they are not God nor are they the deciding factor to peoples lives. We are responsible for our own salivation and we decide our own fate. How dare these people make decisions like this to bring terror to innocent people! It makes me sick knowing that people like this believe in a cause that is bullshit fake and only an imagination of a child !!!

sajjad rashid : Killing of innocent public should be strongly condemned and has no justification . No Religion on this planet preaches killing of innocent individuals and if any group do this barbaric act in the name of Religion then they are breaking the very fundamental teachings of that Religion. The appearance of terrible terrorist who carried out the attack in Bombay do not resembles the complexion , appearance of terrorist who comes from the bordering belt of Afghanistan and Pakistan. All the terrorist have a typical looks of Indian . May be Bombay terrorists were paid by India to carry out this horrible act and then on this pretext India get the license to carry out pre -emptive attack on Pakistan soil and engineered the whole story. It's a common sense why would some one travel more than thousand miles and that too on a primitive fishing boat when they can target and cause the same level of carnage by land hardly hundred miles away. The life line of all these terrorist is funding and these funding comes across the border. Pakistan is the worst victim of terrorists attacks and had lost lives of 50 to 70 thousand innocent Pakistani individuals. Who is funding these groups in Pakistan obviously it is coming across the border mainly India and Afgnistan.

Lingzes InTheHouse : A lot of scenes in this episode just like straight out of a Hollywood movie

Teamligtz : If they were killing everyone why would they skip 361

Strong Mountain Runner : .....SUPREMACISTS / EXTREMISTS....

Open Sesame : India shouldve nuked pakistan. they are human garbage and they deserve no better.

sagar dewan : It is very sad ... I never want my name to saw up in the paper or anything but this is not the way u should make story’s and make money ... I my self have touched those weapons who took life off many innocent ppl .. in the court and told honorble judges that yes yes their were weapons were used as I was mein eyewitness and I ve seen my friends one death front of my eye and pick it up lots of dead body from cafe leopold .... in Colaba but when I see how ppl are making stories making documentaries and all the many bullshit things it’s hurts a lot .... I saw it front of my eye so it does hurt all the making money on ppl deaths !!!!

Cucumber_86 : 10 year anniversary tomorrow. Crazy how planned this attack was.

sagar dewan : Yell put my name on investigation that who was high eyewitness in the case .... but please stop mixing things or making movies or documentaries.... I ain’t scared of non before nether now

sagar dewan : This is how people are still poping their name just to show off and earn money ..... in real life I was the eyewitness in court and I ve been set with our side Indian lawyer name called Ujwal nikam.... I was the one who went court and set there front of kasab and gave my bayan for bloody 3 hours .... but we never saw our name cam in the light as a supporter..... or anything ....

KiraGamerWolf : This makes me so sad and angry. These terrorists deserve to burn in hell.

sagar dewan : Lady we pick it up bodies from leopold cafe on our shoulders so please stop it .... ask owner of cafe he s name is faran and farzad both brothers ...

T. Davis : How about Indian call centers instead, no one would care.

XtremeBudgetMusician : Gee, could it have been MUSLIMS???

Strong Mountain Runner : Then they go and PRAY TO whatever piece of SHIT god....they worship....