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amber : rebel.

qwertyuiop : lol dax is so hardcore

cheeseisalmighty : hey dax

zerodecoole : yikes

Anna-Laura Michael Jackson Hitch : My favourite video on YouTube. X

Duncanish41 : GO Dax!

HiIamFin : Puck the folice!

Rael0505 : Even in self defense, it's illegal to strike someone with nunchucks in the United States. It's a banned weapon.

S S : Watch out. We've got a badass over here.

popcornisrad : what a rebel *fans self*

Donnie Skuza : It appears that we have a badass here.

Cub : rebel

Alex Hale : I can't handle how much of a badass Dax is.

theresidentone : REBEL!

santiago john : SHRED THE NAR

ProjectFairTrade : what a rebel - his not wearing shortshorts!

Matt Nakahiro : He must have money

behbeh34 : what a bamf!

Childofpain2 : Hahaha. That shit was funny.

kevinrulezdood : @isaiahvandyck you don't even realize how much he is winning, and how much you are failing

MrILLMINDED : i see what you did there

Stray Medicine : Lesson learned. Don't fuck with Bernice Juach III.

Apple Slices Unite : too much, pissing me pants.


Anamarie Votion : You're cool


Frikkn : @Coleman3100 epic fail.

Frikkn : what a faggot.


yohohos : no one cares... IT'S FRIDAY

Dash Riprock : Birth of a comic genius!

Dash Riprock : Genius

CKSpoiler : Yeah! Kick that sign!

Morten Rødkjær : who cares?

natees123 : Bernice you naughty boy!

Drake Rufus : this kid thinks he is cool

Realistikk513 : who cares about this video?

jennylover456 : this shit rocks!

cutekittycatmeow : Ooooh badass

Roopfert : @SpaceMagician that's exactly what i was thinking. half the fun of his channel is seeing the comments

Alejandro : my fav part is at 1:12

Alejandro : badder then the time i got drunk in pre school and fucked the teach

David Nissolle : Fuckin badass

lindsey newton : wish i was that badass :c

Prepping Ohio : fag!!

collette flowers : i want you... in me.

vigholate : my thoughts exactly.

Raider : awwwww i see some pepper spraaaaaayyyy

Harvey Davey : @Vulgarth1 well, if he is acting, which i doubt, he is the worlds greatest actor.

SushiJaguar : I love how thick you lot are.