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lightwaves : lol dax is so hardcore

amber : rebel.

cheeseisalmighty : hey dax

Dave Days : don't forget the 20 sec you took to actually comment too

Sinjinator : probably like that on purpose... I'm not buying it!

Higgypop : You are looking very cool today Dax.

Mikerulez101 : what a bad ass, i would never dare to do that, that has to be a felony

itchymoche : Wow... Yer a badass.

SuperEd86 : lol! hahahha yo are so damn stupid. it kicks ass.

ab cd : ur a jerk dax. they ask politely for u not to use anythin with wheels in that area. and u blatantly break those rules. i hope the police see this and sentence u and ur rudeness to life in prison. im lyin, i really dont give a shit wat u do. i just wanted to make u feel bad. haaaaaaa

wherefromherelove : hahaha.. what a dork :)

Isobel Gungor : i love you, :)

Ken L : you da man

Jihad193 : Are you ok, Madison?

iCgalz : Fuck.. Thats a step to far, disobeing the signs

SkeletonBill : We don't need no education

DecimalBrothers : love you dax

RoundSquareX : This video is awesome! Iol

Nick Neumann : dax you are the coolest/badassestestness person ever!!!! that was awesome


woodshavings : lol.. it seriously isnt fake there is one at the mcdonalds i work at

Delaypat : my mind has been blown!

Jingle Heimer-Schmit : You show that sign Dax! Whoo! And I'm sorry but its by first time... I got the first comment!

AlmightyAzul23 : This was extreme

Winter154 : You rebel! LOL

Rae Spoon : cool.

awesome220 : Why not put all this on your other account?

Oddvar : I'm. Stunned. You got even BIGGER balls than I thought.

CarlosJulio20 : 127th comment!

CarlosJulio20 : dax, your a bad boy!

PATRIOT AT LARGE : wow, what a mavrick........

Noah Hines : LMAO~

Big10 : LOL

Chad Halvorson : Little Eli rules~

tremer88 : haha niice. I wish i still had my razor

DAF Animation Studios : I laughed. Nice.

Blue Skies : BAMF!

Iggumz : big hard man watch ma videos peeps yeayer

Rickard V. : Americas most wanted?

HiIamFin : Puck the folice!

mikeyv05 : lmao why cant we have losers like you here in jersey

dataunknown : What a rebel!

Circadian Rhythm-Biology : Fucking, BADASS!

Alberto Suarez : You are such a rebel...

cubs0110 : Nice moves Madison!

DKiT : I salute you!

Caesár : yikes

wertrocks123 : pwnage

Rael0505 : Even in self defense, it's illegal to strike someone with nunchucks in the United States. It's a banned weapon.

Philinspaces : You missed several times.