A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

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Justin Y. : *This could have been a classic. Instead, it looks like it has been made generic in order to have no risk of financial disaster. Mediocrity may kill this movie.*

Mario Donaldo Mendoza Pineda : Saw the movie yesterday and it was terrible, I normally don't critisizes movies... But damn I literally left the movie half way. Awful!

Jake Rutigliano : The problem with today’s media and society is that we are enforcing diversity instead of treating it naturally, equally, or traditionally.

Darkzer0Respawn : Tries to be inclusive, seems too obvious.. Cast kids based on their talents not their races please.

Danny Au : I think Oprah should give up acting!...she doesn’t need it and we don’t need it..

charley15z : 1:41 They're flying on lettuce.

Nope Nope : Just got back from seeing this movie I think we have a new contender for worst film of 2018

Rey : Ok imma bout to get a lot of hate but... I liked the movie..😂

Slicklil69 Ties2 : best power nap of my life worth every penny

Clare Hudd : I saw this last night, very underwhelming. I thought it would be more 'magical' and was waiting throughout for something amazing to happen. For a big budget movie, it was a let down. I give it a 4 out of 10.

ThatMidgetAsian : When people don’t know that this was a book first

Mikayla Dos Santos : That Calvin kid is so cute

Reonlasbard : Oh look, disney is trying again. Will it be terrible this time? Go read the damn book. Lazy.


micheal family : Oprah, GOD bress her soul, is a talk-show-host and network owner NOT an actress - sorry honey

Janzer : A Diversity In Time

Jessica Carabante : WTF🤦🙄

Origen17 : Why do SJWs have to ruin every good institution in Western civilization. The kids are English, and they are not black. Geez

Alex Dahlia : She kinda looks like a Zendaya

SwissRoll Otaku : worst movie I watched all year.

Okkkuuurrr r : *Ok Disney...I see y'all stepping up the game* 👀👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sarah Garceau : It looked amazing. Did not see it in theaters but I did buy it on DVD and Blu-ray, worse mistake of my life.

orange blossom : We're doing a wrinkle in time as a play in my school and I'm really excited I'm playing Charles Wallace

Fuck You And Your Ideology : Just another racial mixing propaganda. Nothing to see here. Moving along.

Edward DeBrae : The hate for this movie is for real. I'm gonna see it just to see what the deal about it is. I love everyone in the movie and the director is amazing. At the least the visuals are beautiful.

Kathryn Blodgett : Why cant they just make the story as written. It would be different if they took a blah book and punched it up, but this is a classic. A book that has inspired 2 generations to explore the universe around them, and to read and look between the lines. The "3" were described in great detail. Why do they need to change them? Because Oprah wants big costumes? I'm 56, and I'm to old to have my childhood ruined with a bad movie of a good book.

Music For you : The girl: Do you trust me? Me: No.....No I don’t............

Xmin RobloxX : *How can ppl hate this?! Like seriously directors put a lot of efforts into these movies* *like this one, yet you hate this and is annoyed by this movie?!* *You have no LIGHT in you except **-DARKNESS-*

Malik Bagwala : 2:16 - 2:21 the part I liked the most

Gautam Sangeeth : Shut up about folding space time.. it's in every sci-fi/ fantasy movie just to sound cool. Just call it a damn wormhole

Divo Galindra : Just take my money! This movie looks sick, can't wait any longer

Xtoriez Novel : 1. The lead girl looks like Jordan Peele should be her father, not the rebooted Captain Kirk. 2. Why doesn't Oprah just tell the lead girl where her father is instead of taking her on an LSD trip for no reason?

Mitzy Santiago : Guys not to bother but this is on Netflix now so you should go watch it!

J : Worst movie i've seen in ages

Geoff Pickford : WHY are people hating this movie!? It's amazing, it took 6 months! How would you feel if people hated your movie which took you half a whole year!? It's an amazing movie and I love it

av4d : why do I feel like this will perform similarly to Tomorrowland?

Robert Heller : What weed did the writers use to make this

Peaceful Brooke : I gotta day I watched this today and it was amazing it literally made me have hope and feel warm inside. Moral of the story is: LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

Carlos Lara : Me and my girl watch this movie and it was so painful to watch I give this movie F-.

Lydia Surya : I like the movie "Twrinkle in Time .very good the. film with actor in The Best.😍👍👍👍👍

Alex Lee : Doesn't look good to me >_>

Rebekah Robinson : 1:21 when a guy you don't like thinks you're interested in him

Number 27 : I haven't read the book before but I saw this movie and it was just kinda meh. It was boring and the only things I really liked about the movie were the costumes and special effects.

karan kedar : It was a Good Movie , there could have been a few more Action Sequences , but overall good , sometimes i dont understand the bad ratings / reviews .. i wonder if people are paid to write bad reviews

Armour : A Wrinkle in Time? More like Waste of Time

Dr_Derpinz : Oprah in this movie be like, "You get some light. And you get some light! Everybody gets some light!"

PandaKitty AJ : just saw this movie, it’s definitely something you could fall asleep in if you fall asleep easily. yet again lots of action and some romance. some creepy moments but i would not see this again. no tears but yet smiles. i wasn’t planning on seeing this but it was a school field trip. definitely a good experience and a good movie but i would not see it again because it’s not my interest. good science facts and interesting. a good 6/10.

Lydia Surya : Amazing. The movie is the Best. I likes it.😍👍👍👍👍👍

SkIDDLE Games : Watch it !! If you want to fall asleep 😴!

Elena Claire : I’m so confused as to why everyone hated it... I thought it was good