A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

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Obi-Wan Kenobi : Quick, we have to rescue Captain Kirk!!!

Greekgodx : Trash i went to the movies with my girlfriend (asian) i got vip tickets cost me 50+ $ and it was the worst shit i ever done seen in my whole life. i fell asleep in the vip chairs ( i am a bigger guy) was the best sleep of my life. worth $50 tbh

K Z : Ugh i just went to see this movie IT IS SO BORING i fell asleep in the movie watching this trash we walked out and got a refund😂😂

Forever18or21 : To all who hasn't seen the film, dont have high expectations , so u don't have to be so disappointed . It was unbelievable ,with such stellar cast, Oprah , Reese & Mindy , it turns out idk where to start...such wasted talent by placing them in a forgettable and underwhelming movie.


UnPhayzable : Oh look it's Effie Trinket's long lost sister

ZenithZephyroth : Maze Runner : shittier version

Brianna Pollard : Love seeing so much diversity in the cast! <3

Guy Incognito : FUCK YEAH!!! OPRAH'S IN A MOVIE! Said no-one, ever.

Anthony pomponio : Oprah.... I'm out

UnPhayzable : Acid Simulator 2017

rakesh keshra : What rubbish is this?

Durontae Jones : I's rather have a dead rat in my mouth than sit through this casting couch industrial twaddle.

_ NoriSki _ : While I’m neutral about the “white washing” and “black washing”. It really aggravates me as a fan of books and a Wrinkle In Time that they changed the characters races just for “diversity” to fit their agenda I’m assuming. This right here is kinda pushing the “diversity” and shoving it down our throats. I mean what the hell, it’s a fucking book. If you want to make a exact adaptation of the book into a movie then do it accurately, including the characters. For example, Meg is suppose to be Caucasian, she’s suppose to have braces too. Those characteristics of Meg makes the impression of her stick to the fans. I’ve also seen people complaining about Charles Wallace not talking much in the movie. I agree, because he is the mostly the one talking in the book, just saying. If your goal is to make a movie to be as good or even better than the original book, at least try to get the characters right.

Sandra Roe : So for the sake of diversity you messed the whole book up..

nobody 6868 : I hope it lives up to the book

Kilolkat : This is merely an another Tomorrowland. Any Live action movie from Disney besides Marvel, Princesses, and Pirate are more likely to flops no matter how good it is.

Mr Dynamic : God is the only one who controls time Jesus Christ is back...

Alekazam 19 : I watched the movie, and it'll definitely have mixed reactions. Some of you guys will like it, maybe even love it. Others will absolutely hate the movie. And there's some who will have mixed feelings about it. I recommend watching this movie. Maybe some of you will like it more than you thought, and for others it will be just as bad as you thought, maybe even worse. And others, like me, will come out of the theatre with mixed feelings.

Amanda Wifle Jr. : Strat HD STREAMING A Wrinkle in Time here: https://premium.movie/A-Wrinkle-in-Time

Limey Lassen : Inception much? My ears are ringing from all that BRAMM


Latios Official : Where is Charles Wallace?!!?!?!

Nick Salazar : Obviously the cast is wonderful, the effects are stunning and the music is great. But the story itself looks bad...

Steve Dorsett : Ummm..... this looks dreadful. Shame, was quite up for this

Sancti : The problem with casting big names (Reese, Oprah) is that it's very difficult for them to disappear enough to serve a character. Casting mistake?

Paul Cavigliano : If you read the book, DONT see the movie, youll be pissed. I dont know where they got the director, nor who casted this farce, but they totally screwed the pooch. Characters are missing or completely changed in the name of PC diversity. This film adaptation completely sucks ASS! Save your money!

Bo M : Another CGI powerhouse. And another good idea ruined by big money.

Tip O'Ne : Disney doing something we haven't seen before? What a concept!! Please support this, people. We need to see more studios take risks like this. PLEASE SUPPORT!! Not a fan of Mindy or Oprah, acting wise, but I will be seeing this in theaters.

Stan Okeke : The kids are probably gonna be decent actors but this looks badd, tooo standard

charley15z : 1:41 They're flying on lettuce.

Harry Potter Lover : I've read the book multiple times and I understand that the movie is very different from the book but, the movie does look absolutely amazing. The costumes, make up and special effects are stunning and I love the diversity in it, even if it strays from the characters descriptions in the book. So, when I go see this movie I'm not going to be judging it by how different it is from the book, I'm going to be judging it based on how awesome the movie is because from the trailer it looks epic!

MasterAssassin01 : ELLLO GGX GANG!!

lady giraffe : For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3 : 16

Joneseskid : No doubt another film, full of PC rubbish and propaganda to feed to our young. No thank you. I think I've had enough of paying to be brainwashed. I've woken up.

Liliy Butterman : This movie comes out before my birthday sick

solid dude solitude silent groove : Don't take an old classic and change the characters for diversity. Just stop. Write something new, or are you completely devoid of creativity?

Herbert : I'm so tired of these "your father was a genius so it is up to you to save the Universe". Yea I will not be watching this.

Cheezus Mice : Why is Disney so recently doubling down on teaching kids the dangers of demonic realms and demonic possession. Do they know of some big cataclysmic event that is coming involving malevolent pan-dimensional beings and trying to prevent it? A Wrinkle in Time, The Nutcracker, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Oz the Great and Powerful, Alice in Wonderland. Anybody else seeing this pattern?

Reyes1346 : GGX GANG

lol okay : It looks like spy kids or something.

Guy Incognito : I can't wait to see this shit flop. Losing money is the only way Disney will figure out that people do not want social justice shit in their films.


Iris The Child : If your planing to watch it I'm just telling you, any movie with Oprah in it is a good movie Edit: I watched the movie it was bad

Sydney : I watched this trailer over and over and each time my brain got more confused ..

dookdawg214 : You lost me at Oprah.

Garics Péter : They deliberately left out all Christian references from the book. Liberal agenda couldn't digest it.

Ken Smith : this doesn't hold true to the book at all

Infinite Forever : I'm reading A Wrinkle In Time but correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Meg suppose to have braces, mouse brown hair, and be Caucasian. Her mom is suppose to have creamy skin, violet eyes, red hair, and long dark lashes. Charles Wallace is suppose to be blond and That boy Meg met is suppose to have bright orange hair, bright blue eyes, and have lots of freckles...I belive the movie got the dad correct as he is supposed to have brown hair and blue eyes as well......

ajmrowland : Book fans are angry. Average moviegoers are dismissive. I'm just here thinking this looks flawed but decent, the book had a lot of these cliches before they were cliches, the directing and cinematography look good, acting looks solid and, of course, it's a trailer with dumb taglines marketing towards a general audience. Nuance in movie trailers is about as rare as nuance in preschool shows.