A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

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UnPhayzable : Oh look it's Effie Trinket's long lost sister

Jessica Carabante : WTF🤦🙄

CashSh!t : 1:58 Jumping Out the Fortnite Battle Bus

Funny Shreds : I ship the little girl with the little boy, they could be cute later

Danny Au : I think Oprah should give up acting!...she doesn’t need it and we don’t need it..

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Quick, we have to rescue Captain Kirk!!!

Rey Of Jakku : Ok imma bout to get a lot of hate but... I liked the movie..😂

Mario Donaldo Mendoza Pineda : Saw the movie yesterday and it was terrible, I normally don't critisizes movies... But damn I literally left the movie half way. Awful!

Edward DeBrae : The hate for this movie is for real. I'm gonna see it just to see what the deal about it is. I love everyone in the movie and the director is amazing. At the least the visuals are beautiful.

karan kedar : It was a Good Movie , there could have been a few more Action Sequences , but overall good , sometimes i dont understand the bad ratings / reviews .. i wonder if people are paid to write bad reviews

charley15z : 1:41 They're flying on lettuce.

Sing Queen Kayla : Honestly, I watched today and it was amazing. The effects were awing and the plot was great. Honestly the people who created this took a risk and that risk was amazing in the end. I recommend watching this movie

Ties2 g : best power nap of my life worth every penny

ONE CLIK VIDEOS : After all the bad reviews of this movie,I still went to watch the movie and it was awesome.

PandaKitty AJ : just saw this movie, it’s definitely something you could fall asleep in if you fall asleep easily. yet again lots of action and some romance. some creepy moments but i would not see this again. no tears but yet smiles. i wasn’t planning on seeing this but it was a school field trip. definitely a good experience and a good movie but i would not see it again because it’s not my interest. good science facts and interesting. a good 6/10.

Limey Lassen : Inception much? My ears are ringing from all that BRAMM

Clare Hudd : I saw this last night, very underwhelming. I thought it would be more 'magical' and was waiting throughout for something amazing to happen. For a big budget movie, it was a let down. I give it a 4 out of 10.

MasterAssassin01 : ELLLO GGX GANG!!

Peaceful Brooke : I gotta day I watched this today and it was amazing it literally made me have hope and feel warm inside. Moral of the story is: LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

Wolleh : ruined it, absolutely tragic

Sancti : The problem with casting big names (Reese, Oprah) is that it's very difficult for them to disappear enough to serve a character. Casting mistake?


Darkzer0Respawn : Tries to be inclusive, seems too obvious.. Cast kids based on their talents not their races please.

Reyes1346 : GGX GANG

Music For you : The girl: Do you trust me? Me: No.....No I don’t............

nobody 6868 : I hope it lives up to the book


Alex Dahlia : She kinda looks like a Zendaya

Geoff Pickford : WHY are people hating this movie!? It's amazing, it took 6 months! How would you feel if people hated your movie which took you half a whole year!? It's an amazing movie and I love it

K Z : Ugh i just went to see this movie IT IS SO BORING i fell asleep in the movie watching this trash we walked out and got a refund😂😂

UnPhayzable : Acid Simulator 2017

Nelly and Mikayla : That Calvin kid is so cute

The Bride of Christ : For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3 : 16

Wensleydale Cheese : AYY GREEK

Xmin RobloxX : *How can ppl hate this?! Like seriously directors put a lot of efforts into these movies* *like this one, yet you hate this and is annoyed by this movie?!* *You have no LIGHT in you except **-DARKNESS-*

av4d : why do I feel like this will perform similarly to Tomorrowland?

Emperor Botz : GGX GANG

manomaui : Would rather watch Tyler1 play league ResidentSleeper GGX Gang

DrinkinUpCola : Cx > GGX

Garics Péter : They deliberately left out all Christian references from the book. Liberal agenda couldn't digest it.

Liliy Butterman : This movie comes out before my birthday sick

if it's free, it's for me : GGX GANG TriHard 7 BANG BANG TriHard clap

thor steffes : |GGX GANG BANG RANG haHAA

Dark-angelguiome : GGX GANG FOR LIFE


Jillian Hicks : #WrinkleinTime fuIImovie: [ dotiny.com/wrinkleintimemovie/ez4lxb ]

MH : gg in chat boys

Ava Allen : I’m gonna go watch this with my mom,is it a good film or not pls like and reply to me xx 😘

J : Worst movie i've seen in ages

Sydney : I watched this trailer over and over and each time my brain got more confused ..