A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

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AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : OMG!! This looks so trippy!!

Abalam Anderson : Man. I can't wait for Doctor Who. Now.. I can't wait for this.. Jeeze! I can't wait for anything! _AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_

Liliy Butterman : This movie comes out before my birthday sick

Shiizukka Avatar Musik : OMG i can't wait to see it 😍😍

Sarah W. Fox : Once again it looks like another amazing Disney movie! Can’t wait to see this!

Benson Dmello : Weird Shit Official US Trailer

ajmrowland : Book fans are angry. Average moviegoers are dismissive. I'm just here thinking this looks flawed but decent, the book had a lot of these cliches before they were cliches, the directing and cinematography look good, acting looks solid and, of course, it's a trailer with dumb taglines marketing towards a general audience. Nuance in movie trailers is about as rare as nuance in preschool shows.

Stephen : Steven Universe: The Movie

Karen Kate : Books are always better than the movies. Also the Characters look way different than I imagined when I read the book.

Harrison's survival videos : No God No I hated this book so much I can't take a movie.

Reubenlogic : Let me guess...he finds his dad...

Ianimate : This looks nothing like the book. At all, iv read the book a ton of times. I dont like it

Tony Taglalucci : The trailer almost put me to sleep... I'm sure the movie would be two good hours of sound sleep...

Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ! : Get outta here Oprah

SydTheKid : I watched this trailer over and over and each time my brain got more confused ..

D Beat : I'm kinda interested in how this will turn out, since the book's previous film adaptation was okay, but not great.

Claire James : *Someone who has read the whole series* Oh my gosh I'm excited yet already disapointed since they'll ruin some things. *Watches the trailer*......I can already see flaws.

eo : What an awful cast

Mark AirWind : wow.. this trailer!! boy, I gotta say... It looks shit

Dr_Derpinz : Oprah in this movie be like, "You get some light. And you get some light! Everybody gets some light!"

nick_98 : This looks like ass, stick to the book.

kendra w : Oprah look good with blond ...i see u Oprah 👌

Occlusion : o and thx for showing bassically the hole movie lmao

GD SiNgh : girl asking boy : do you trust me ?? and well we all know the rest.

Rose Rain Music : No movie can replace a book, so I highly recommend you read the book if you're planning on going to see this. It's wonderful!

Hayleigh Vanderpool : I seen the original and I want to see the movie, but I have one problem......WHERE IS CHARLES WALLACE

Rebecca Gaskins : I am deeply concerned about the way Charles Wallace's existence is scarcely addressed in this trailer.

Nerwool : After seeing Mindy Kaling in the office I can’t take her seriously in anything anymore

quan'ton get into it : Yooooooooo!!!! Wooooooooow 😍😍😁

Jaiden JN. : Disney does it again 👏

as you read my name I stole your sandwiche : Disney better do this book justice and hopefully do the whole series.

Katie Mae : Ugh i cant wait to see this movie the book was amazing!!!


C. R. S. : This looks incredible. Can't wait!

Dragon Ball Super Universe : NICE work

Xepher x : Next on the liberal Agenda: how to ruin every movie

Detrell LR 디 트렐 : I'm tired of all yall hate comment's but yall don't want to complain about the white washed movies like dragon ball z evolution or the last airbander. yalllll need to get a life and stop complaining

Jeffy : I remember aditoning for this movie 2 years ago😂

Clara Scharf : *A Wrinkle in Time was really good, the movie was AMAZING and it was AWESOME!!* *I seriously !! I saw this movie at* ( bit.ly/A-Wrinkle-in-Time-Movie )

Hope Hawkins : The book was amazing I swear if they screw it up like they did with miss peregrine's home for peculiar children IM DONE WITH MOVIES!!!!

Jazen Valencia : I smell box office flop, big time. This looks so lame. 5 bucks says Oprah blames racism when this movie flops.

ajmrowland : It looks good, but it seems hard to market to people not familiar with the book. This trailer alone goes from scientific theory and dimensions to Light and Darkness fantasy pretty quickly.

oobaka1967 : You lost me at Oprah

RoseBudpony1 : i literally never got the first movie... but i still liked it... i just can't discribe it tho.. i mean literally its confusing... why are the ladies called Miss Who... & etc??.. why where there furry monsters healing with there fur?... see what i mean?? what kinda plot is that??.. tho i did like the winged arm horse body man thing... uh??... pff...

this is bacon : This book confused the hell out of me. I liked it, but it was like reading the Spanish IKEA furniture directions.

doug rabbit : 2020 Oprah?

JJTHAJUICEMAN : Hey guys can you check out my reaction / review on this movie Trailer .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rk0zuegJoE&t=213s

Elijah Dunn : This is one of my favorite books but it looks like Disney fucking ruined it. They made this amazing peice of literature into a cheesy, magic Disney movie. All of the deeper, darker elements, of the book have been lost in this kids version of interstellar. Not every peice of literature is meant to become a movie. This peice of shit completely ruins the story, all of the dark parts, all of the deeper meaning and thought have been lost in the rainbows and magic shit.

Princess Kelley : Omg Oprah is in this I have to see this

Natalie Bolch : I hope aunt beats is here :D