Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3: Secret Skaters

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MantroX : WHAAAA?! Doomguy?! I've beaten this game a million times and never knew about it!

John Williams : Back in my day if you got Officer Dick you were a pro at the game. But then again that was when you only had a week or so to play before Blockbuster called and mispronounced the names.

Percival Pashibaru : I like to think that after killing all the demons from hell and saving the earth, doom guy on his past time started skating

Pussy Destroyer : Or, you could just enter "YOHOMIES" in the cheat menu. And "MAGICMISSILE", "givemesomewood","Peepshow","Roadtrip","PUMPMEUP","WeEatDirt", and"backdoor" to get everything you'll ever need ever.

roosterwallace28 : Oh man do these maps bring back memories

vorval96 : This is my childhood right here

aer0 : It's pretty badass that Doom Guy (PC exclusive) used the cheat IDKFA to be unlocked. IDKFA is a console command in Doom to give you all of the keys, weapons, and ammo.

Negamare : Personally I think this game and American wasteland is better than skate 3.

Daisuke Young : The best unlockable character isn't unlocked by _paying real money,_ not even by _completing the game._ *It's unlocked with a cheatcode!* Kids nowadays will never experience something so beautiful as not paying a dime, not even working hard to get good stuff. I will surely miss the days when videogame companies saw their consumer base as human beings, and not as dollar signs.

Ian Parker : "Get outta here you creep!" 1:55

Nathaniel Moreau : I loved that game I mainley played as Neversoft,Wolverine,and DarthMaul

Starscream91 : All this time I thought Kelly Slater was a chick.

SSJRhandy : what bout that skeleton guy from xbox version

Cody Kowalski : Demoness was my favorite secret skater . haha I would always choose her and make her do the ahhh yeah special lol xD

Josh Miller : My favorite part is the guy behind the desk at the character select menu. Lol thanks for letting me relive my childhood

Jonathan Osterman : hehe I never noticed the guy getting choked by DM

Jett Lee : way better than the new game "skate" what a bunch of queers

Mr. Ash : You forgot about X-Ray the skeleton from the Xbox version.

Time Code : When this was released was the best time of my life. So mnay great memories

Austin M : these noises are nostalgic

Sky Weaver : I remember how stoked i was unlocking Wolverine

CRYPT from CATACOMBZ : Demoness my dream succubus

Andrew Hannah : damn I had all these guys but I never knew about doom guy or the never soft eye damn I thought I had it all but just short miss this game

Alec Byrd : Zzzz manual I’m crying hahahaha

silico : 1:55 - Best character in the whole franchise, hands down.

Dylan Medrano : I always loved how with Darth Maul the guy behind the counter was being choked

Aye Lame-O : woah dude radical

Daemon Van Meir : Holy shit I never knew doomguy was in this game!!! Ive played it so much when I was like 3 years old or something

Philias Gauthier : How were they able to use names and likenesses

Michael Greco : Instead we have Pro Skater 5 now :/

Ken Schuler : #1

Ken Schuler : 2020

HamQM : Darf Mall

Charles Dumat : Used to play this back in the days. Childhood memories.

Braxton Wolfe : darth maul and wolverine. its like they knew those two would be connected one day.

caleb bradley : One of the dopest games ever made

reptil100 : Which version of the game is this?

akrm : why can’t video games be this cool anymore

Sigma XIII : Man this is why the old skating games were so dope. The crazy made up tricks you could do with the bonus characters made it so much fun. I really liked Spider Man in THPS 2.

OhHiMark : The nostalgia was real with this video

X xSkirtMaster69x X : My childhoods a lie, while I was playing as basic skateboarders I could have played as dearthmaul, 🙃🤯🤯

Noah Zimmerer : I opened youtube and this video was on.. I never clicked on this wtf

Adrian Garcia : Holy crap, I think the skate shop guy is the team manager in Thug 1 same voice and even character except he's fat in THUG 1

Bonkle : >Doomguy, Darth Maul, and Wolverine in the same game Instant 11/10

MarkuS : it would be awesome if doomguy pulled a bfg or supper shotgun and shot behind him for some extra speed

Blarf : DLC characters in this age. Only $6.99 for each character!

blackcamcorder : Today you would have to spend an extra 10 bucks per character

Jalen : This game was not as good as underground 2

d00bZubElEk : 1:26 I got a boner

nicolas martinez : Spiderman and Venom?