Nick Offerman Enters The New Yorker Caption Contest | The New Yorker

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NekoMouser : "He'll go deep" is pretty damned brilliant.

Messofanego : His dry wit is perfect for this. Which makes me think British comics should get in on this. Stewart Lee!

Richard Serton : "He'll go deep." would probably win the actual caption contest.

Exayevie : He used the name Jeff twice and spelled it two different ways.

Alex : Surprisingly hot in a sweatshirt.

Alex : "It's over Jeff" and "he'll go deep" are actually kinda genius.

Tom O : I have cried twice in my life. Once when I was seven and I was hit by a school bus. And then again when I heard that Li'l Sebastian had passed.

Jordan O. : "It's over, Jeff." I'm dying!!! XD

Dan Killen : Why is nick offerman reversed aging? He looks 30

Justin Bohemier : You guys should get Conan OBrien to write captions

Gabriel Koch : I can’t believe he came up with “He’ll go deep” off the cuff. Super impressed.

Lionel Switch : I f t h e y s e e u s w e' r e t o a s t !

AscTuber : "He'll go deep." was actually really good.

Beef Supreme : You know who I want to see do this more than anyone in the world? Eric Andre.

TSM : nick offerman's captions are actually witty -- i like the other guys who have done the captions, but they weren't funny at all

Jaxon Hammond : Out of all the caption contests, Nick Offerman did the best

dimitreze : 0:45 - Clide, nobody will believe that we saw a big toaster!

Micaela Royo : 4:18 I feel like it would have had that pun humor if he wrote "Dolce and Gabbana are killing it this season."

TheNumberScott : The Chris Christie one was genius.

Dani K. : For the first one, I thought ‘We crumb in peace!”

Bob Jones : 1:59 "I dunno Doc, sometimes I just feel dead inside..."

yuno : Hey you! The person scrolling through the comment section! Have a lovely day and enjoy every moment :)

Teresa White : Hired!

Reflect : aw, ron had a millennial makeover

Marja Rautala : Man, Offerman is a cutie!

Lindeberg : Hahaha, he's really good at it.

Vegaspsycho : With that haircut Nick looks like he should be wearing a motocross jersey with fluorescent reflective sunglasses and would be talking about his new jetski that he only has 48 months of payments on.

MonikerAddict : First youtube comment in an eternity. All to say that this is the best one yet, thanks, obama.

Aron 1231 : Didn't know Ron Swanson was this hot

Roxanne S. : That haircut looks so good on him

Jenny : You’re pretty good at this!

Saila Sobriquet : Someone needs to slap the sticks out of that drummer's hands.

xTheOxx : Too much talent in one man. It's just not fair.

Derek Robinson : Only in New York...

andremansa1 : N.O. is looking real cute these days...

First Run : I never realized how handsome he is until now.

Chemtrail Dreams : Griffin McElroy next

Uko Ješita : He was great

Adam Andre : Hire the man!

Matthew Trisler : These are all great, but this one's the best yet. Gold.

sam rusoff : Who decided to dress Nick up as Bart Simpson

ohtehlolz : The baseball coach with heels "this game really keeps me on my toes" was my immediate response. I think baseball is boring so that literally made me lol. Yes I'm a dad and in my 30s.

Olaf SSBM : You trying to tell me that this guy is Ron Swanson

Removed : My Caption for the picture before Nicks - "Honey, I think it kicked in."

Jake Linder : He looks like he could be Nate Bargatze's dad

Daniel Edwards : You gotta hire him!

BloodKoga : Love nick's hair he looks great. These were all so spot on!

Plut Oh : Am I the only one who finds these videos painful to watch?

Nabeela Altaf : Seriously I was watching Ron Swanson and Food when this popped up :D

Jennifer Eddy : NPR milkmaids do not? I'm guessing?