Student Finds Hidden Devices in the College Library - Are they nefarious?
Guy finds a network of hidden devices in library Youtuber investigates Highly technical but interesting

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A reddit user finds raspberry pi zeros hidden behind trash cans, vending machines and other places in the college library. We reverse engineer them and determine if they are malicious. DirtyCOW video including "files" in Linux: -=[ πŸ”΄ Stuff I use ]=- β†’ Microphone:* β†’ Graphics tablet:* β†’ Camera#1 for streaming:* β†’ Lens for streaming:* β†’ Connect Camera#1 to PC:* β†’ Camera#2 for electronics:* β†’ Lens for macro shots:* β†’ Keyboard:* β†’ Headphones:* -=[ ❀️ Support ]=- β†’ per Video: β†’ per Month: -=[ πŸ• Social ]=- β†’ Twitter: β†’ Website: β†’ Subreddit: β†’ Facebook: -=[ πŸ“„ P.S. ]=- All links with "*" are affiliate links. LiveOverflow / Security Flag GmbH is part of the Amazon Affiliate Partner Programm. #ReverseEngineering


Jesus Christ : Normally it's a sin to steal property, but this was VERY interesting.... all is forgiven. Go forth and sin no more.

Brandon Pack : Think of how much trouble could be saved with a 25 cent enclosure that says "Library Property - Do not remove."

MigzFilms : This YouTube algorithm is giving me the coolest suggested videos today

Bitch Lasagna : *casually walks behind a vending machine*

Abe Cervantes : 14:56, you’re welcome.

Joonas Pastila : This is like those detective books for kids where at the end it turns out to be nothing important, and you get grounded for bothering your neighbors.

Alejandro Guerra : Dude theres professors at ucsd looking for their pi's.

Auxified : Never forget to add a readme file to your projects. It can save people multiple hours of troubleshooting, googling, and speculation.

StudlyHunk : I don't understand anything but I felt my brain has evolved after listening him babbling alien language.

thetedmang : Sets out to reverse engineer malware, downloads and installs malware on his own computer.

Kasper Guldmann : Lesson of the day: Print contact info on the devices you install in the wild :)

hippos_gaming 548 : When he said "windows cant understand them". I thought: The files: Hi there windows! Windows: tf!!?! OUTA MA HOUSE

Pedro Sequeira : "We stole from the school." "This was so much fun".

Ecktor : The adventures of the college super hackers: Pilot - Ain’t that PI a NEFARIOUS PI?

hlmshmi : Did we just waste our 18 min in our life?

NS : I hope the raspberry pi's have been returned to their natural environment and are eating a healthy diet of wifi signals

Taki 7o7 : Short story: Total noobs found some RPis

Don G : I heard there was pie. I’m disappointed there wasn’t a single pie in the video. 7/10

Juan Ignacio Borda : a looooooot of code for such simple aplication isnt it? great vid!

FoxHoundUnit89 : "if you're a windows user you've definitely seen fat before" lmao

David Shlemayev : A simple logo on the device would have helped quite a bit haha

Marty McFly : Why tf are you even using Windows when dealing with a linux SD Card?

Bob Thenob : 17:50 "it isn't nefarious" Here's a tip, if you don't want to come off a looking suspicious, don't behave in a suspicious manner

seplayer : I always wonder how simple the universities' IT services are made. Most of the time everything around was once a project of former or current students. xD

Ben Law : Dude awesome content. Great job!

Unnamed Player : who else took a glance at the thumbnail and thought for a second "is that a motherboard with a top hat and mustache?" _just me? okay._

School Master : Jeez...what university was this in? Harvard or MIT?

Plumbus 48 : Tldw It detects wifi and shows how many people have been to the library.

FBI chan : You lost me when the video was at 0:00

Endless / Paradox : I'm a biomedical student. My brain already died a few mins in but I can't stop watching

trick sh!t : smh. Y'all went through a lot of trouble when you could have just plugged in a mini HDMI cable to the RPi Zero. If the password wasn't the default you could have just smoked the shadow file.

Evan Landreneau : When you learn more in an 18 minute YouTube video than you do in a whole school year:

Jesse Lapides : so since it is harmless, did you return the devices to where they were found?

kiddiescripterkiller : Moral of story is... to save time... Google suspicious files... 1) most of the time it will tell you what it is what it does and who wrote it... just be careful jumping on scripter sites, make sure you have your anti virus and malware software up to date, your eyes on your task manager and your finger on the power button in case it starts doing something you don't want and you can't stop it before it installs. 2) On files that are listed, compare file md5 and sha to orginal files. If the file is different for the version, THEN look at the code with a file comparator so you can pin point the diffs, instead of spending time looking at everything and see what they are up to. 3) if you find something you can't find, like if they changed the filename, try to Google sections of the code that is in question to find a match. Or even drop the file type off and search. If you had done that with waitz.txt file and typed in waitz you would have seen what the program did in the first two listings on Google...

KIKO : Just use/install an distribution of Linux next time you want to open ext4 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

rey kenj : Collect all hidden tech 0/100 - Exotic quest step Srry I have been playing too much destiny 2

Nick Gardner : 4:24 You should ALWAYS check software to see if it has those little "I have read" checkboxes. Those will prevent software from being installed without your consent.

avi12 : _Security expert in action_

peter pie : omg ,just connect a hdmi display and power it up

Al RedAye : "this device isn't nefarious. It's just part of a school project" ...Exactly what a nefarious person would say.

nights312312 : Half video wasted on mounting the drive... then you installed spyware on their computer, too. Calling this reverse engineering or analyzing is just embarrassing. Tapping out

Cal97g : He's a compsci student but couldn't plug the SD card into Linux? Wtf πŸ˜‚

Nick Serrano : So a "door tracker" essentially

Ogre Under Bridge : Thanks for the tip. Now I can walk around and pick me some free Raspberry's :D With a clean conscience. Nobody has the right to track either me, or my gear's MAC's except routers purpose.

Can John get 10,000 Unordinary subs? : Little did they know waitz was waiting for the perfect "not nefarious" opportunity when the school library was cramped, and the one/s who bullied him is still an irregular student/s there and he has his phone tracking if they go near the library.

The Starcraft N00b : Well that descalated quickly..

Mordicai : "So we hopped in a Skype call" Oh, must be an old video then *Nov 9 2018*

Sugoi Anime : *ADVENTURES IN LIBRARY* _if you know what i mean_

Washington Rodriguez : A great IT investigation story. It's so good, I'll share it amongst my friends to show how important it is to really know about intrinsic files and operating systems. Congrats and thanks for sharing.