Student Finds Hidden Devices in the College Library - Are they nefarious?

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Waitz Team : Edit: Thanks for all the (mostly) good comments/questions! We've put up a response video trying to answer the most common ones: Hey everyone, Waitz here! As everyone has commented, it was pretty stupid to leave an unmarked device in the open. This particular device was meant for a 24 hr test and we (foolishly) did not put an accompanying logo with it. All other devices we have up are covered and marked with our logo and we're making new markings with more clear contact info. Great video!

Jesus Christ : Normally it's a sin to steal property, but this was VERY interesting.... all is forgiven. Go forth and sin no more.

FraKctured : I like how tracking people's movements without their knowledge has become so normalized that we no longer consider it nefarious.

dutchsinse : Private companies tracking MAC addresses of strangers moving around in public.... yeah.. great .. just great

sinistermoon : So you're saying if I look around at libraries I might find some free pi zeros *scratches chin*

MrMario2011 : Your way of explaining everything here was excellent.

Christian Guzman : I always put a Readme file on my devices. I've left my USB accidentally before and got it back.

Spy Matt : If you are a windows user you might have seen fat before... what are you implying my dude?

Filthy Pixels : 17:48 This is why I hate people. They explained everything here and someone was still so caught up in their rage/anger/need to be mad at the UNKNOWN device that they started accusing the person who OBVIOUSLY WORKS FOR THE LIBRARY SINCE THEY SAID "THIS IS PROPERTY OF WAITZ" AND POSTED A LINK TO THE LIBRARY of "stealing electricity from the university." God damn people are dumb.

Jarid Gaming : Damn there is free tech around and I just have to find it

k915 : wtf 7 minutes of video is attempting to mount an ext4 partition

NS : I hope the raspberry pi's have been returned to their natural environment and are eating a healthy diet of wifi signals

WatchJRGo : I'm just here to say ImgBurn is one of the best programs ever built for shoving ISOs onto optical discs. Use Ninite to install it and there's no McAfee install. Just because it didn't do what you want doesn't mean it's a bad app. 🤷‍♂️

Ratko Mladic : I'm old and cranky and this made me older. and crankier.

kwaksea : A client broght a bloody knife to detective and wondering if it is a murder weapon. As detective and client deduces the case, they figured the blood on the knife is from animal, not human. At that same time , they arw hearing a scream from the local butcher: "Whoever found the butcher knife, please return it. We need it for work!"

SCMabridged : Your explanations were wildly inconsistent here; you seem to be assuming the audience has never heard of Linux or even a filesystem before while simultaneously assuming them to be intimately familiar with Java and networking utilities and services. Just who exactly was this video supposed to be for?

Joonas Pastila : This is like those detective books for kids where at the end it turns out to be nothing important, and you get grounded for bothering your neighbors.

Jay Smith : Imgburn is for CD's. Just saying.

unguidedone : this should be renamed to : idiots find out about ext4 and steal library computers

T W : Ordinarily a video with that much programming jargon would have put me to sleep 5 seconds in, but I found the way you explained it, and especially your little comments drawn on the screen, to be quite compelling. Even though the answer was a bit of an anticlimax (not your fault!) I quite enjoyed watching this.

P. Sz. : So you infested the other guys PC with malware, installed unnecessary software on it, spent hours of poking around, without googleing that obviously unique file name...

Kasper Guldmann : Lesson of the day: Print contact info on the devices you install in the wild :)

David : Any other linux people bored to death?

SpaceFlye : Wow, so tracking people is _just_ a typical application nowadays. Privacy has been long dead.

hellterminator : 1. The question where you found ImgBurn was titled "What is the best way to make an ISO file out of a DVD?" What in the world made you think it would work with an SD card? 2. ImgBurn is one the best optical media burning softwares in the world. It's free and gives you access to all the low level details. It's an awesome tool if you're not trying to use it for something it's not even supposed to be able to do. 3. Did you really have him install git just to get MinGW? Why didn't you just have him install MinGW? 4. If you want a Windows user to image a drive, the goto utility is Win32 Disk Imager. It's free, simple, doesn't require installation and has a GUI. 5. For the love of God, when sending a disk image over the Internet, compress it! Disk images are among the most compressible data in the world! Since you were having him use dd, why not just pipe the output of dd into gzip?

meghesh chonkar : Hey give my project back ✋

Drone Compilations : Can you please say, "an zen fire zee missilez"

acresir : "next - next - next" is a lazy rookie mistake... If I had a penny every time I cleaned up a computer after a noob or "advanced users", because of that method... But all in all it was an interesting video, - especially Linux os part was informative.

Pagan Squaddie : So long story short, you ripped away the schools wifi devices to track the student foot fall on campus. So you could have just explained this in 2 minutes, jeez.

Evan Anderson : You really went around your ass to get to your elbow getting into that partition. Why not just have him burn a livecd or vmware into Linux? You could set an iso up for him that had some sort of remote desk top already on and configured.

Cumberbatch Pepperpot : Isn’t this what drop ceilings are for?

Wimukthi Bandara : A little history lesson about ImgBurn, it's actually the stripped down version of a software called DVD Decryptor, the very first piece of software that cracked the DVD CSS (Content Scrambling System) and allowed anyone to make backups of their DVD movies, the author stopped development of DVD Decrytor in fear of being sued and used the image burning part of of the software to create ImgBurn, it was never meant to create image from SD cards, its sole purpose is to create images from optical discs (And does a damned good job at it too). Now regarding adware, yes it has bundled adware, but only on the official mirror that you downloaded, all external mirrors doesn't have the adware portion and are clean.

Greater Guangxi : mounting an ext2/3/4 partition is not really reverse engineering 😂 maybe it is in Windows...

Snowman Saves Eorzea : Gotta love the dope on reddit at 18:01 who had it explained to him and thinks the company snuck into the school and hid the items without the school's knowledge.

Capitaine Cheng : Yea yea, I bet it helps google to record everything anyone says around their phones too. Be realistic, data collecting is getting out of hand.

Celairgil Faenmirion : Seriously? The library needs to research a little thing called PHYSICAL SECURITY!!! What dummy leaves physically unsecured devices that small laying around and expects them not to... wander off (get stolen). Couldn't they just put a plexiglass case, or screws through the screw holes into the surface they were hiding the devices on, then nobody would be able to just walk off with them. This is a perfect example of why security-by-obscurity (hiding things) is stupid and doesn't work.

CrazyBear65 : Huh. I want some raspberry pie now, for some reason... With Ben & Jerry's Half Baked on it... And some chocolate syrup... And peanutbutter. Damn, I'm stoned.

Lawney Malbrough : So they want to track peoples movements? Wekcome to tbe age of digital stalking.

Andrew Johnson : Thumbs down for the click bait factor. Student mistakes Blah Blah Blah for Blah would have been a lesser offense. But content wasn't too bad, even though as a Linux admin the first 8 minutes or so was painful to watch the explanations of things.. lol..

David Shlemayev : A simple logo on the device would have helped quite a bit haha

Guerra dos Bichos : why didn't you just download a linux distro?

Moon Moon : I do this stuff all the time. I’ve used imgburn before. It’s crap. Don’t touch it. There’s a much better, no-bullshit program. PassMark (now OS Forensics) make it - the same guys who do 3DMark. It’s called *ImageUSB* and it’s completely free. And it just dumps the entire contents of the drive/card to a .img file. I use this sort of software a lot, and sometimes I can forget what software I used to make the image. So what I do here, is just throw a little text file into the folder saying what it’s from, when it was made, what’s in the image, etc. Here’s the link:

Melinda Green : Nice! It's like an 18 minute version of The Cuckoo's Egg.

Nithin Danday : Literally the second result on google Edit: /s for the stupid people

Mordicai : "So we hopped in a Skype call" Oh, must be an old video then *Nov 9 2018*

Schnitzeltoast : This SH Script is crappy. So the guy must be a pranker. Every hacker knows if clauses

Dovus X-Life Operior : Was it that hard to put a property label on?

Melroy van den Berg : Let him install Linux ;) much betters

Hyperthai : Who else came here just to figure out what the thing was actually containing and not all this random file and stuff i dont understand

avi12 : _Security expert in action_