Student Finds Hidden Devices in the College Library - Are they nefarious?

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Waitz Team : Edit: Thanks for all the (mostly) good comments/questions! We've put up a response video trying to answer the most common ones: Hey everyone, Waitz here! As everyone has commented, it was pretty stupid to leave an unmarked device in the open. This particular device was meant for a 24 hr test and we (foolishly) did not put an accompanying logo with it. All other devices we have up are covered and marked with our logo and we're making new markings with more clear contact info. Great video!

Jesus Christ : Normally it's a sin to steal property, but this was VERY interesting.... all is forgiven. Go forth and sin no more.

Sierpinski Carpet : *casually walks behind a vending machine*

MigzFilms : This YouTube algorithm is giving me the coolest suggested videos today

Abe Cervantes : 14:56, you’re welcome.

Brandon Pack : Think of how much trouble could be saved with a 25 cent enclosure that says "Library Property - Do not remove."

Christian Guzman : I always put a Readme file on my devices. I've left my USB accidentally before and got it back.

Jarid Gaming : Damn there is free tech around and I just have to find it

Steve Rambo : Dude how does someone fill 8 minutes with trying to access ext4. Really hard to watch

Alejandro Guerra : Dude theres professors at ucsd looking for their pi's.

Matthew Crossland : Skip to 17:45 if you just wanna know what it is.

dutchsinse : Private companies tracking MAC addresses of strangers moving around in public.... yeah.. great .. just great

pavchito1 : Dont waste this much time of your life watching the entire video. Its just an app that tracks busyness in the library

Brandawg : Wait a CS major doesn't know how to make a virtual machine

justin garcia : I heard there was pie. I’m disappointed there wasn’t a single pie in the video. 7/10

n00dl3z : All that work to mount a partition 😂

FraKctured : I like how tracking people's movements without their knowledge has become so normalized that we no longer consider it nefarious.

RastaJew : I've never seen this channel before but 5 mins in he's tried to make an SD card image with a DVD tool, can't figure out how to read ext4, and installed McAfee. Who is this joker and why does he think he's qualified to help these guys?

ThatRipOff : “Hello Librarian. I found this super suspicious thingy do you know what it is? Watch out it may be some secret nefarious hacker thing whoa.” “What? Why... Why would you just take that? Put it back.”

KarlorTheDestroyer : Y'all just couldn't ask the tech guy at the school?

Dovus X-Life Operior : Was it that hard to put a property label on?

Drone Compilations : Can you please say, "an zen fire zee missilez"

pesto12601 : ImgBurn is FAR from CRAP... Lol... just because you installed something because you are too fast clicking away - don't blame the tool. Been using ImgBurn for years to create DVD's from ISO files... works like a charm!!

SpectreVert : dude you explain way too much this is unbearable for anyone with basic IT knowledge

Nick Shepherd : @4:18. You say ImgBurn is malware riddled software, yet click "next,next,next" on all of the optional malware that comes with the installer...

Sies KingMegabytes : Skip this video people. The whole video is this "security expert" explaining how to use standard linux tools to read a file system on a SD card. This is after he infected someone's computer with malware then goes on to do google searches on files he does not know about as well as going over a script once again explaining what the script does that anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of computers or Linux already knows. This dude does not even bother reading log files or using security tools to analyse the filesystem and binaries

Kasper Guldmann : Lesson of the day: Print contact info on the devices you install in the wild :)

ShepherdOfMemories : Ooo look at you. A digital forensic in the making XD

Типичный Негодяй [Modern Rogue на русском] : IMHO, RPi Zero is overkill here. I'd suggest ESP8266 and ESP32 arduino-compatible modules. That would save costs and sizes dramatically.

Moon Moon : I do this stuff all the time. I’ve used imgburn before. It’s crap. Don’t touch it. There’s a much better, no-bullshit program. PassMark (now OS Forensics) make it - the same guys who do 3DMark. It’s called *ImageUSB* and it’s completely free. And it just dumps the entire contents of the drive/card to a .img file. I use this sort of software a lot, and sometimes I can forget what software I used to make the image. So what I do here, is just throw a little text file into the folder saying what it’s from, when it was made, what’s in the image, etc. Here’s the link:

Ramzy rmznyvz : Watching this hurts because you don't know what you are doing

MrMario2011 : Your way of explaining everything here was excellent.

Ecktor : The adventures of the college super hackers: Pilot - Ain’t that PI a NEFARIOUS PI?

glovedcop69 : So essentially he just stole someone's equipment?

Kremmenlight : Lol man merkt das du Deutsch bist😃

Tom F : Boot a linux liveCD.

Joonas Pastila : This is like those detective books for kids where at the end it turns out to be nothing important, and you get grounded for bothering your neighbors.

Ricky K : Wow, sometimes I think I'm an idiot, but I could have done everything you said up to the 9 minute mark in like 5 minutes. Where my linux users at?

84homey : I would have showed a device to a librarian, explained I'd found it hidden behind a desk (or whatever) and asked them if they knew what it was.

Jan Lukeš : CS student that does not know anything about computers. Sad.

El Barto : Okay so this is a computer science channel? And the first half of your 20 min video is you trying and failing to mount an EXT4 drive. My dad could do it with simple instructions dude

NS : I hope the raspberry pi's have been returned to their natural environment and are eating a healthy diet of wifi signals

_ : *F A T*

Marwan Amireh : The fact that you call yourself a “security professional” but then you accidentally install malware on a client’s computer is just utterly disappointing. Clicking next without reading is a very irresponsible behavior, especially for a security professional.

HyperGamer 120 : Ok, this is epic.

Gingeroose : Why do i really like the way you say token?

sinistermoon : So you're saying if I look around at libraries I might find some free pi zeros *scratches chin*

bafew : Insert between heal and floor. Innocent today. 1984 tomorrow.(today).

Jesse Lapides : so since it is harmless, did you return the devices to where they were found?

lil uzi flop : Snitch