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lefenec : I didnt watch the wedding yesterday, and to be honest, I actually though this was real for the first 20sec of the video. Good job on the editing

Lars Bobbink : I Harry cake you Harry

Niels : Deze gaat internationaal denk ik!

Take2 : Dit is toch genieten 😂🎬 geniaal gemaakt weer 💪

Poar Neem,n : Binnen 1 uur staat op dumpert

w here : jesus christ

Oh boy it’s Staceyplaying! : Geniaal!😂 Gelukkig is het niet echt zo gegaan.

daniel kars : So sad it didn't go like this irl lmfaooo this is so insane

Danka Dankem : I meghan, take you meghan!

daniel kars : I love how they disturb eachother haha

Tom : You're a wizard, Harry

Brian Walters : Holy shit! I’m crying!

BlackApolloX : Kinda expected him to play Rains of Castamere

Corsofotos : furst

DwayneHicks426 : 0:07 when you cant find your hat so you wear a sheet of attic insulation.

SashavdBroek : Firtst

Pijlstaart rochel : Haha videofuck

dacgonewild : God almighty

jurge the gamer nl : First

GIJS : Geweldig gemaakt!

Gewoon Thomaz : hahaha geniaal gedaan! 🔥

Niet zo janken : Ongemakkelijk

Benedikt Danting : You're a Megan, Harry!

LukeTheRobloxian : R.I.P

Mister Natural : omg i cant believe this actually happened omg!!what an idiots.

Tijmen Harmsen : HAHAHAHAHAHA

Cqrdist : Here before Its viral:)

Joep is Cool : Jesus Christ finally

FreezeMix : Needs to go viral

TOP 10 LIJSTEN : Haha, die kerel die in een keer begint te spelen 😂

Toxific : Geniaal ahha😂🤣


Oliver Stocks : so dank!

Lennard Datema : "Jesus Christ, finally"

KomMaarMemes : Die is goed!!

SCHWEPPES- NL : Echt geniaal! 😂

Yenara Atractive : Here before 1 mill

Devin Haisma : Haha 😂

sara unicorn : 😍

Frank L : Wonderful!

Linze z : Wow this is Genius!!!

SimpleGamingChannel : dank

Foggen : Cracked up at "God Almighty"

howl : hahaha, masterfully done, i will send this to my mother who actually watched it, and tell her this is what they didn't show on tv....

Mile Vuna : Ma, jebo ja vama mater!

Niekie DAV : Geweldig dit😂

Marie Louise : Oooh, this is good!

Michael Pont : Genius at work!

Niels Langen : Zo awkward gemaakt

Jean Brinson : Omg that was freaking hilarious. Thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I've had in a long time. 😅😅😅