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Framed : This goes in bro dam

Neo : been watching this all day

Plutons Productions : Lit fam ham

Dom W : Where's the 10 hour version??

guitarmaniac004 : Pretty much every soundcloud rapper

Tony DeLotell : unironically catchy af

King : Love when people mumble about narcotics

SharkyWillzy : Damn it was fucking good

Bruce Benson : Dude make them minimum 2 minutes lol. These 30 second clips are golden, but imagine 2 minutes ! DIAMOND

CGCartel : Just watched all of your vids from coming here via Reddit link. Keep up the content, shit is underrated, gold...

The XXI : Oh shit there's actually a rapper named Lil Xan, this is getting too real.

EpicScoot : Been feeling stressed today, "bro you asleep, ay, AY" made me physically feel just a little better.

LambBib : yuh

This Daym : Yuuuuh

Oliver Sargent : Hilarious, your facials expressions and the way you make your eyes fucked up at certain moments in this and Wine o'clock make me laugh to the point of tears

operatieNL : Well this is DEAD meme. Get it?

Thomas Parsons : One was Xanny plopping when watching this

istyleonu : Nice one! Shit was funny and proved a point as well


XxMarkTheSharkxX : Actually excited for the full version lol.

RegisteredCinephile : Next XXL Freshman mumble rapper right here, boys

Ayob Aleko : that supreme content. always on spot

CodyJoel : LOL!!!!!! Dead at Poppins

? : We need a soundcould link

Unironischer Antinatalist : Damn, I'm glad I subscribed. And to think that all of this started with a silly scream.

AfternoonProductions : I'm in tears this is spot on

eucalyptux : 🔥asf bro *dab*

Great Scott : 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Buck Hunter : Holy heck this is good, bro u need to be signed

nate higgers : I'm crying lolololol

Maikonix : on point

airborn101st : legend

mastachana : make a song about special brew

Tobias Kallweit : That was funny.

Chris L : Lil Ham best ham

Steven Benfan : Watching this unironically for the music

Braden Lail : Just loop this for a couple more minutes and you got yourself on the billboard lmfao

bul188 : i keep coming back to this, it's in my head all the time. why is this so catchy and when is the full release coming

herrinboy13 : Please put this on spotify my guy

Daniel Kinghorn : This video is art

laffytaffy0123 : Dude your videos are hilarious XD keep em coming

Buck Hunter : Xanny Poppins lol

SpaceFlye : Can I have a like too?

Jack Of Hearts : Every rap song from the past 10 years summed up. The ones that aren't about Blowjobs, that is. Like rappers were the first people to discover those things. Feckin' plebs

ERRIN.Gardner : when dat album out fam???

Alex Tasker : fat beatz

Rolando Mota : The beat tho

Morti Phago : store brand gus johnson

Ullaofimbaness : im gay

Zovoz : The beat fixed everything.