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Framed : This goes in bro dam

Neo : been watching this all day

Plutons Productions : Lit fam ham

Dom W : Where's the 10 hour version??

guitarmaniac004 : Pretty much every soundcloud rapper

Tony DeLotell : unironically catchy af

King : Love when people mumble about narcotics

Bruce Benson : Dude make them minimum 2 minutes lol. These 30 second clips are golden, but imagine 2 minutes ! DIAMOND

The XXI : Oh shit there's actually a rapper named Lil Xan, this is getting too real.

EpicScoot : Been feeling stressed today, "bro you asleep, ay, AY" made me physically feel just a little better.

LambBib : yuh

operatieNL : Well this is DEAD meme. Get it?

Thomas Parsons : One was Xanny plopping when watching this

istyleonu : Nice one! Shit was funny and proved a point as well

This Daym : Yuuuuh


XxMarkTheSharkxX : Actually excited for the full version lol.

RegisteredCinephile : Next XXL Freshman mumble rapper right here, boys

Ayob Aleko : that supreme content. always on spot

CodyJoel : LOL!!!!!! Dead at Poppins

? : We need a soundcould link

Unironischer Antinatalist : Damn, I'm glad I subscribed. And to think that all of this started with a silly scream.

AfternoonProductions : I'm in tears this is spot on

eucalyptux : 🔥asf bro *dab*

Chancey Dicklord : 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Turd Nugget : Holy heck this is good, bro u need to be signed

nate higgers : I'm crying lolololol

Maikonix : on point

airborn101st : legend

mastachana : make a song about special brew

herrinboy13 : Please put this on spotify my guy

Tobias Kallweit : That was funny.

Chris : Lil Ham best ham

Steven Benfan : Watching this unironically for the music

Braden Lail : Just loop this for a couple more minutes and you got yourself on the billboard lmfao

Jon Doe : Zungguzungguguzungguzeng

Remu Li akin : Lil Seuss

bul188 : i keep coming back to this, it's in my head all the time. why is this so catchy and when is the full release coming

Wheatneer : The beat is surprisingly good

travisnotcool : When the flip are we getting more Lil Ham?

Daniel Kinghorn : This video is art

laffytaffy0123 : Dude your videos are hilarious XD keep em coming

Turd Nugget : Xanny Poppins lol

Swamp Life : I listened to this before it was coo

SpaceFlye : Can I have a like too?

kr4zyy : fourzer0seven?

Errin Gardner : when dat album out fam???

Alex Tasker : fat beatz

Rolando Mota : The beat tho

Morti Phago : store brand gus johnson