Casually Explained: Moving Out

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Bronze : Damn dude, I wish I knew about the golden rule of not telling people I'm a terrorist. That would've made life a whole lot easier.

Mahir Cave : _this is the price you pay for growing up_ It's funny because you make it look like a choice

Pr0l0gue : Step 1: Invent time machine so that you can go back to when it was possible to buy a house and support a family on $14/hr with a job that you got by physically walking into a random store and asking for a handshake with the boss 2: Move out

Nine Noodles : "... you have nothing to lose, except your self-esteem" Joke's on you, I can't lose what I never had

Yes Theory : Abolutely love this channel

Kyle Li : "If you're a terrorist don't say you are." Are you trying to tell us something

Sharpe Life : You dropped this the day I moved out haha!

ChispyReddit : I moved out for university and moved back in. Still here after 4 years of shit temp and unskilled retail jobs. Fml.

TheRemixDenuo : Finding someone to have kids with in the next 60 years is a bit ambitious don't you think?

Emilie13love : In many Asian cultures, you usually don’t move out till you’re married because being alive is too damn expensive

CultureCrash : *This is easily one of the best channels on YouTube*

GingerPale : 3:39 Nothing more real than that calendar

shawn gately : My mom said I don’t have to pay rent while I’m in college...I’ve changed my major 6 times so far.

Pratik Patel : More like Casually Depressed.

SDG Danny : I sign by just printing my name, not cursively. Probably makes me look like a kid lol anyone else

Retro Fury : Well back to waiting another two months for a new video

agbond003 : Or... you can skip all this and go into the army... This comment was brought to you by the army ...Somebody help me...

iamsheel : I don't understand the concept of moving out that most nations have. In my country if a person doesn't have to move to another city for work or studying, he stays with his parents until he get married. If you would argue that people move out to be independent, most people here get more and more independent since the age of 15, and some become fully independent after highschool, but no one moves out if he doesn't have to.

Visit FlagrantViolationsDotCom : ~50% of the United States can’t afford basics like food/water/shelter and ~33% can’t afford a one time $10 “hamburger incidental.” There might be some fundamental mispricings given the employment earning data especially when adjusted for education costs. Sometimes prices do have to decrease. The technology to create 4 walls and a roof has existed for more than 1000 years and there isn’t a fundamental scarcity of air space or land. Having 6 room mates to make a small apartment affordable for people with undergrad degrees is a little absurd and unnecessary.

Lexicon Prime : The dark truth is living with the parents is actually optimal

Matt Spicer : Missed you casually explained!! xD

Dopamine : This is painful to anyone that still lives with their parents in their late 20's... It's like telling us that you have to climb Everest just to earn basic respect. At least that's how I see it in the US.

Germán Ciliurczuk : The life changing magic of tidying up your room with nietzschean philosophy

Optic500 : Unfortunately in this day and age renting out a basic 1 or 2 bedroom house is too expensive for just 1 person. Todays you need at least 1 other person living with you to pay £100/ a week for rent not to mention bills and internet too, food, car insurance etc... leaving age is late 20's to early 30's now

New Message : This is why I live in a van down by the river.

Dank Matter : Wow, an *_upload!_* 2 months later lol

Ho Ming Kong : @3:45 "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Room with Nietzschean Philosophy" is that a Jordan Peterson reference? XD

Eatin Beans : “Wondering how long it would take for someone to notice if you didn’t wake up.” Damn that one hit hard

Haywire5714 : People used to call me a loser because I would sit in my moms basement playing World of Warcraft all day. But now they can't say shit because I got a job and now I rent out someone elses moms basement and still play World of Warcraft as much as I can.

Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble : 28 and still living at home 🤷‍♂️

Bob the Cat : I live alone and often think about how long it would take for people to find my body if I died 😂

James Jaeger : mfw you randomly stumble upon a YT video of a popular YouTuber and the maps he uses is of your city.

Blitzkrieg : "Moving out(of the basement)"

Fox Goodman : So that's what moving out is like O_O!

meme : That Jordan Peterson reference at 3:43 lmao

Trevor Tucker : You can afford Lucky Charms? I'm jealous.

Laila : coming back to this sometime in the future to relate

Coleman Wolf : I just moved out and this made me feel -100% better

James S : Yeah, one time I told my friends that my phones were always breaking and he said how did it break this time I told him that it got wet in the shower and he said why was it in the shower I told him that it was because I thought it was waterproof and he asked me why did you bring it in the shower and then I said I was watching YouTube, I never admitted to watching anything else but I will be honest and tell you guys it wasn't YouTube

Hivlik : Jordan Peterson reference innit

Justin Y. : "Videos every 2 weeks" Well, we always love Quality over quantity

Grayson F : I refuse to be this depressing 😂

Emperor Reign : It’s strange, I never got a sense of feeling remotely homesick for a looooong while after getting my own place. I moved out two years ago before starting college. The freedom was great but it wears off after so long, and becomes a novelty. There’s just no sense of ‘home’ after you move away, it’s not as comfortable and cosy. Especially with all your family still living at home, including brothers and sisters. So it gets pretty lonely! Even with room mates. At least until you move out and get a house with a family of your own one day.

Dot : I moved into my new cardboard house today I'm so happy :)

Art K : 3:42 the dictionary opened up on his phone whilst reading a book cracked me up

Danie F : When you move out you finally realize you had nothing important to do all along. Then you get a job you hate, and become a cog in a machine that serves people who were born financially stable. You quickly realize they're the "real" people of society, and you stare at them going about their day doing things they want to do, enjoying the sunshine, raising families...and wonder if you'll ever know what it's really like to be a real human.

Zurk DD : "YouTube is a stable career"

acgm046 : This channel must be protected at all costs

*1.25Speed on everything : I have a good signiture, just remember nobody reads cursive well. You make your squiggly lines long and slightly curved to the right. They wont be able to tell you mispelled your name.😂

Owen McCarthy : The lucky charms and ramen thing hit a little too close to home