DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

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Rodrigo Digone / BALI SURF CONNECTION : This video was the first real 'shake' I've had to the reality of the farming industry and the first step of my 'awakening'. I used to mock vegans and I have been a heavy carnivore all my life since I was a little kid. Its the tradition in south Brasil where Im from, big barbecues with lots of dead animals every sunday for the whole family. The bloodier the better! One year later I have become a full vegan. Thank you a million times!!!

Sofie u : And people call me weird for drinking soy milk...

Emily : I am mortified and horrified. I haven’t drank milk in a VERY long time but now I’m going to drop dairy completely. This is so sad

Shanice P : I was a vegetarian before going vegan once I watched this video I went vegan instantly! Almost 3 years now !!

Ana Victoria Leon : I literally stopped drinking cow milk after seeing this video and switched to almond milk. Best decision I’ve ever made lol.

Universaldenker : I'm happy to be a vegan and not to support this animal concentration camps.

Cat Barrera : Instead of drinking milk, drink pea milk! It has more calcium, protein and vitamins (including B12) than regular nasty milk. Nut cheese is also really tasty!

TL R : Yup. I stopped drinking milk about 30 years ago.

Fabiana Caballero Talavera : I'm vegetarian and i had considered going vegan. Now I'm really sure that I'm going vegan. Thank you so much, this needs to get more and more viral

brandon blackwell : Erin. This video is perhaps the most "useful" and effective I have ever seen. It effectively illuminates the largest arguments; It's paced extremely well for our attention spans; You have an attractive face and energy with good lighting and you are very easy to understand. If I ever see an argument in favor of dairy, I can simply link this video and it will be an instantly strong and probably effective argument. I am so thankful. Thank you.

Eli Moran : I've been vegan for almost 20 years. I'm very healthy and happy. This video is excellent. I hope more people open their eyes and especially I hope more people open their hearts and become vegan.

Mina Akbar : I'm OFFICIALLY vegan now! This made me cry, this is so cruel !! :( Thankyou for sharing this video

Xuewen Huang : That was so brutal. I will never and ever drink milk anymore. Thanks for the information.

Maryse Yapo : I want to cry i didn't knew that it was that rough i will never drink animal milk again thank you for your video

Sam Prana : Why are they fisting cows 🤦🏻‍♀️ WTF. I love my coconut milk.

Virág Marian : thanks for making me cry AT WORK. im staying vegan forever

Plant Lifter : “We treat our animals like family” Livestock farmers everywhere.

Underground Tech : Well I stopped drinking milk and the one thing I've noticed is that I get less acne now

Gawain : I have used this video hundreds of times in my advocacy, thank you so much!

SweetenerLuna Roblox : I'm soooooooo glad that i went vegan.

Helene White : you really nailed it!!! no more milk products for me, Ive been trying to quit them but this video totally convinced me, no torture or pus in my plate!

Sophiedoodledo Vlogs : I watched this video about half a year ago and it shocked me . Been vegan ever since 🙌🏻

Alexandra Bendik : Ok, who's never having milk again?

Changeling : The dairy industry hates you! This is all sad but very true.

Rover : I stopped drinking milk recently as I found out it's full of oestrogen, but this industry is disgusting. Oat milk on cereal is really nice.

IsabelleMorganYT : i kinda crying now. this is so sad. yeah, im vegan now.

Jennie Mckenzie : I remember watching this during the summer of 2017 and I have not knowingly consumed dairy milk at all. I also cut out eggs at the exact same time.

J : Horribly sad. What's worse is a lot of people don't care. I explained this to my sister and mother and they still refuse to give up dairy and eggs. They will not even watch a video that shows the animals' horrific experiences because they know it will be painful to watch...yet they continue to consume and contribute to the abuse.

Jasmine OnYoutube : Thank you ♥ 2019 vegan life.

Robert Paternoster : Ok I stopped drinking milk years ago but now cheese after watching that.

Belmont Draws : Wow...I recently turned vegetarian..now I am going vegan..thank you for the information.🌿

Taequility : My friend has told me that my health problem might be because of dairy products so I decided to get rid of it and bruh, even if I could drink milk like I used to I don't wanna anymore because alternatives are sooooooo damn good! There is so many of them. They're tasty, varied and healthy! You can't be bored with them. I don't know do my problems are bcs of dairy milk, but I'm okay with not drinking it at all. And this video just gave me more points to my decision.

Megan Duede : I've been a vegetarian for almost 7 years and after watching this I'm officially going vegan.

Abigail Rose : I used to try to drink a lot of milk thinking it's making me healthier back when I was nonvegan. I wish I had known sooner that it was all a lie. Even if it was healthy, I wouldn't drink it at the cost of an animals life.

Zoli : My 13 yrs old cousin went vegan (from omnivore) instantly after watching this. After 3 months of no support from her family whatsoever, she still is a vegan. If she can do it, so can you. ;)

Hold The Bacon : Posted to my FaceBook with 5K flow! Thank you so much for this amazingly pointed argument for our future!!!!! Truly well done!!!!!

Tamara Tchuinkam : I am vegan and I felt so sick watching this. Everyone needs to see this. But videos like these are so important and helpful. Thank you for making it <3

Anne MacDonald : OMG Just went from vegetarian to vegan

La bella vita : This video changed my life. Thank you! #veganpower #govegan

Bug lover Spider lover : I'm still going to drink milk and eat meat!

Junior Juniore : eu não vou mais tomar leite de vaca de nenhum tipo. I will no longer drink cow's milk of any kind.

Sheilawisz : Even if cows enjoyed happy lives in beautiful green fields and they were never abused, I would not drink milk anyway... simply because I am not a freaking calf!

Kasidee Griffin : looks like im going vegan.

E I C : Thank you! I am vegan because of Gary Yourofsky (he can be countroversly discussed, but he is an excellent speaker who says the TRUTH that goes into your veins and you cry for days by knowing that you have to make a decision after watching his speach, which I did and when for me the time is right to pass away, the last decision that I would regret, was to go vegan. It isn't a heroistic, altruistic decision I made. It was the most logical one. Your video is damn good and I am glad about it had so many clicks so far and so many likes. This is what makes me believe in humans as not the worst avoidable creature on this planet.

Brian Watson : Bong rip and this video made me vegan instantly!

Fam. Cactaceae and other beauties : Thank you Erin Janus for your work! Your work is VERY important!

Simona Hart Tabarcea : This video has made me cry... I'm vegan starting today

Samantha Sunnette : I stopped drinking milk last year. We have been tricked into thinking that we need to drink milk. Edit: I went vegan in July 2018

Oksana Aprile : This did for my dairy consumption what “Earthlings” did to my meat consumption - killed it! 😥😵🤬😭🤮 Not that I didn’t know most of it, but the delivery accompanied by heart-breaking imagery 😥🤐