DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

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Erin Janus : Thank you so much for 1,000,000 views! Wow! We are really doing this!

Monica D : Just heard this video is getting 60 billboards advertising it! Congrats to you!! It convinced me to go vegan a year ago and I haven’t looked back!!

Alma Karim : Was a vegan before watching this, mostly for health reasons. Now I guess I’m in it for ethical reasons too.. Humans suck.


LarryCook333 : If you came here because of a billboard, thumbs up!!!

Underground Tech : Well I stopped drinking milk and the one thing I've noticed is that I get less acne now

_.XXX._ : Never drinking or eating dairy again

Emma Olivia : Not to mention a forth of the adult population is lactose intolerant, clearly it’s not something we are biologically intended to drink

mvyv love : Oh wow I've seen this video a long time ago and just today I saw a billboard for it , crazy

Alberto Scatto : you're not a baby cow bro!

holisticmaya : If I wasn't already vegan this would make me go vegan instantly

Trudermark : Jesus Christ

Tara Moon : I showed this to a family of six. They had triplet girls and a son, all under the age of 12. This is the only video I ever had to show them and they never touched animal products again. They have all been vegan for nearly a year now. The kids made the instant connection.

Judith : I can't believe I finally found a video that will make me stop eating dairy and cheese I've been trying to go vegan for so long and then struggling my prayers are answered in this video thank you

Sheilawisz : Even if cows enjoyed happy lives in beautiful green fields and they were never abused, I would not drink milk anyway... simply because I am not a freaking calf!

Joey Carbstrong : this is the most epic video on dairy I've ever seen :)

Aglaia Goddess : This video is what opened my eyes, and I've been vegan ever since!! Thank you, I owe you!!!!!!

Dog Of Fortune : I regret drinking cow's milk ._.

abalone317 : Holy. Shit. THIS WAS AMAZING. The most powerful vegan message I've ever seen, and in under 6 minutes. I've been vegetarian for 10 years and this is enough for me to stop with dairy IMMEDIATELY. I had no idea conditions were this bad. Thank you!!!!

Magic 8 pets Forever : Being vegan is the best thing ever

P. Luna : This video is the reason I took a step foward from vegetarian to vegan, one year ago. Thanks Erin!

Antonio Garza STAN! : I’m here because of a billboard in the middle of the street

name othername : Just want to say the billboards are effective. Got me hear from one

80 Slim Shady's : I was eating when i clicked on this and what im eating has milk in it!!! Soy milk 😎

Kaberer3 CK : why would people do this to cows..? This video made me SICK ...Thanks for sharing....I'm definitely cutting dairy of my diet.

Sophiedoodledo Vlogs : I watched this video about half a year ago and it shocked me . Been vegan ever since 🙌🏻

Evelin Ruiz : I went dairy free a few weeks ago because I’m lactose intolerant, this video just made it easier for me to keep going dairy free. I’m going to go vegan too.

SanityLaughs : This video is going to explode with those billboards going up.

Metalbeauty : I saw a billboard of this while driving home and decided to watch it... man has this opened my eyes. Thank you for making this!

Lauren Miles : Not even joking this turned me vegan

CircaBEFORE : Started Vegan diet 9 mos ago. I don’t miss dairy products AT ALL. Thanks for sharing, very informative!

MortishaPoppins : truth hidden from the consumer - dairy is wrong on so many levels. This video can not be debunked because it is TRUTH exposed

Maddik615 : This is the best portrayal of the dairy industry that I've seen. This is where 98% of ALL milk comes from. Those posting thing saying that this isn't the dairy industry are living in the past...when small dairies were a material part of the industry. This NO LONGER THE CASE. Small dairies represent a miniscule amount of the market. To be clear: 1) Babies are taken away from their mothers immediately after birth (and no, the maternal instinct hasn't been bred out of them - the mother cow screams for her young) 2) Male calfs are slaughterd for veal after weeks in a tiny veal crate - which is tiny so they can't move (otherwise the meat wouldn't be as tender 3) Mother cows do not get "down time" - they are repeatedly re-impregnated. Keep in mind that this industry, as are most, are all about profits, and, as a result, animal care isn't a priority. For those of us that want to downplay the treatment of the animals as "not happening like this" are in denial - I've seen countless operations. To think that we treat these animals this way to produce a product that's not good for us in the first place.

Bonnie Johnson : i came here because i saw bilboard on the street

Averil B : I live in the country and have to hear the cries regularly from neighbouring farms, you dont have to know whats going on to know that something evil is happening. This video is incredible, and we live in hell.

Michelle DiNovo : So heartbreaking. People need to wake up, people need to care. Dairy is my main topic whenever people ask me about being vegan, then the quick mention of eggs finally a quick summary of the deplorable use & abuse of females' & their reproductive systems in various industries. Dairy, et al, are such an evil industries, and the fact that our govts. support and fund these horrifically violent and abusive makes them more than equally responsible. It would be an amazing upgrade to individuals' and the general population's knowledge base, AND enhance their common sense skills if every person was mandated to watch your video and also the documentary, "What the Health". (I included the FREE link below). I often post dairy reality memes and such, to Justin Trudeau's fb page. He has a lot of followers and the odd time, people actually get interested in learning the truth and a conversation ensues on his page. Find it on Netflix or FREE at http://watchdocumentaries.com/what-the-health/

The Bearded Bros : This is such a great explanation! A lot of people, like we used to be, are so blind to this.

Frenchblue8 : Erin, I've come late to the party~ finally watching this iconic video,not just clips in other videos~ and all I can say is, girl, if you accomplish nothing else in life ( totally unlikely that's the case), this activism will stand as one of the seminal recommendations for vegan viewing~ because it already does! Thank you!💚🌱🌍 And to the 8k members of the dairy industry worldwide who voted down this video... I wish to each and every one of you a *very* happy~ albeit belated~ World Plant Milk Day, August 22!!

Chigz Tech Reviews : OMG I had no idea this happens. Good job with the video.

Cassandra _sooo : I'm gonna switch to almond milk!!!!!!!!!

some one : i saw a billboard of this and i came here

pray to the DE v il : so glad im vegan, fuck.

Leonardo Garcia : This is horrible. WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED!

Blac Chyna : Just seen billboard 😭 I’m cutting off dairy

ayazweiundzwanzig : this is literally THE BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE

uchimumu : I wouldn’t say all of this is completely true. Some diary farms may be like this, but some that I know, are not. I’m not saying that these facts don’t exist, but not all are not. This video is just gathering the worst farms or the way that they farm. For example, my father’s diary farm does not separate the mother and the young immediately. she said they get pregnant over and over again, thats not what usually happens. They are usually pregnant when the season is right. So they don’t get pregnant that often.

The Matrix Shatterer : And people wonder where all the cancers are coming from. You want to grow tumors and or explode the ones you already have, just keep consuming cow milk. It damages the lymph system and the adrenal glands, which grinds to a halt the bodies internal river, causing systemic acidosis. Oh yes, the elite knew exactly what they were doing when brainwashing everyone to consume copious amounts of meat and dairy.

J : Horribly sad. What's worse is a lot of people don't care. I explained this to my sister and mother and they still refuse to give up dairy and eggs. They will not even watch a video that shows the animals' horrific experiences because they know it will be painful to watch...yet they continue to consume and contribute to the abuse.

Heyy Itsruben : I need to go vegan wow

Zoli : My 13 yrs old cousin went vegan (from omnivore) instantly after watching this. After 3 months of no support from her family whatsoever, she still is a vegan. If she can do it, so can you. ;)