DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

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holisticmaya : If I wasn't already vegan this would make me go vegan instantly

LarryCook333 : If you came here because of a billboard, thumbs up!!!

Emma Olivia : Not to mention a forth of the adult population is lactose intolerant, clearly it’s not something we are biologically intended to drink

wig : Never drinking or eating dairy again

mvyv love : Oh wow I've seen this video a long time ago and just today I saw a billboard for it , crazy

Underground Tech : Well I stopped drinking milk and the one thing I've noticed is that I get less acne now

Alberto Scatto : you're not a baby cow bro!

Vegan In Michigan : lol. I just watched a video trying to debunk your vid. All she did was strengthen your video! love it! ha!

Dog Of Fortune : I regret drinking cow's milk ._.

Evelin Ruiz : I went dairy free a few weeks ago because I’m lactose intolerant, this video just made it easier for me to keep going dairy free. I’m going to go vegan too.

Erin Janus : Thank you so much for 1,000,000 views! Wow! We are really doing this!

P. Luna : This video is the reason I took a step foward from vegetarian to vegan, one year ago. Thanks Erin!

Shanice P : I was a vegetarian before going vegan once I watched this video I went vegan instantly! Almost 3 years now !!

Leonardo Garcia : This is horrible. WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED!

Femkeee Jacobs : You made me go vegan, I never knew this.. I have just turned 14 years old! Thank you very much! x

Monica D : Just heard this video is getting 60 billboards advertising it! Congrats to you!! It convinced me to go vegan a year ago and I haven’t looked back!!

Mandy : Whoever hated on this video must be the dairy industry, or carnivores

Universaldenker : I'm happy to be a vegan and not to support this animal concentration camps.

Metalbeauty : I saw a billboard of this while driving home and decided to watch it... man has this opened my eyes. Thank you for making this!

Lo Pan : I stopped drinking milk recently as I found out it's full of oestrogen, but this industry is disgusting. Oat milk on cereal is really nice.

Lauren Miles : Not even joking this turned me vegan

Judith : I can't believe I finally found a video that will make me stop eating dairy and cheese I've been trying to go vegan for so long and then struggling my prayers are answered in this video thank you

Sheilawisz : Even if cows enjoyed happy lives in beautiful green fields and they were never abused, I would not drink milk anyway... simply because I am not a freaking calf!

236nitro : I don't want dairy ever again. You literally just turn me off of animals for meat and dairy. Wow

name othername : Just want to say the billboards are effective. Got me hear from one

Chigz Tech Reviews : OMG I had no idea this happens. Good job with the video.

80 Slim Shady's : I was eating when i clicked on this and what im eating has milk in it!!! Soy milk 😎

Helen Lopez : I’m here because of a billboard in the middle of the street

Sophiedoodledo Vlogs : I watched this video about half a year ago and it shocked me . Been vegan ever since 🙌🏻

The Bearded Bros : This is such a great explanation! A lot of people, like we used to be, are so blind to this.

Joey Carbstrong : this is the most epic video on dairy I've ever seen :)

MortishaPoppins : truth hidden from the consumer - dairy is wrong on so many levels. This video can not be debunked because it is TRUTH exposed

pray to the DE v il : so glad im vegan, fuck.

Jennie Mckenzie : I remember watching this during the summer of 2017 and I have not knowingly consumed dairy milk at all. I also cut out eggs at the exact same time.

Hold The Bacon : Posted to my FaceBook with 5K flow! Thank you so much for this amazingly pointed argument for our future!!!!! Truly well done!!!!!

Ankh : why would people do this to cows..? This video made me SICK ...Thanks for sharing....I'm definitely cutting dairy of my diet.

Twentyøne Crybabies : I used to try to drink a lot of milk thinking it's making me healthier back when I was nonvegan. I wish I had known sooner that it was all a lie. Even if it was healthy, I wouldn't drink it at the cost of an animals life.

Blac Chyna : Just seen billboard 😭 I’m cutting off dairy

sandra : I'm gonna switch to almond milk!!!!!!!!!

Deanna alexis : I’ve been raised a vegetarian my whole life. I’m 26 and recently took the next step to completely eliminate dairy (cheese) which almost every American product has to make food flavorful. Since being vegan I lost 12 pounds 130 to 118 and I feel better. My acne is gone on my back. No more bloating either...Dairy is scary!

J : Horribly sad. What's worse is a lot of people don't care. I explained this to my sister and mother and they still refuse to give up dairy and eggs. They will not even watch a video that shows the animals' horrific experiences because they know it will be painful to watch...yet they continue to consume and contribute to the abuse.

Lost Soul : Honestly thsi isn’t even worth it, humans love to preach about kindness and empathy yet won’t do the same for another living breathing animal ... it makes me sick to my stomach . I’ve always been taught that if u don’t drink milk ur bones get weaker and u don’t grow and blah blah blah. When my mom comes back in definitely going to ask her to help me through thsi new process of converting into a vegan. Pray it goes well for me

Ralf V K. : I am vegan for over 5 years now, but this video was still shocking for me again. It shows clearly, how perverted, disgusting and brutally the dairy industry really is. You can be proud of it Erin, and that it got over 5 mio. views today! I was a prisoner of all the common society lies, all the years before, too. Even my own grandfather was working in a dairy factory and so I never questioned something about that. There is no such thing as "livestock" - only individuals that want to live in peace. All that humans do to them is a serious crime! We have to STOP that - immediately! GO VEGAN - it's good for your health, the environment and stops that animal abuse.

The Matrix Shatterer : And people wonder where all the cancers are coming from. You want to grow tumors and or explode the ones you already have, just keep consuming cow milk. It damages the lymph system and the adrenal glands, which grinds to a halt the bodies internal river, causing systemic acidosis. Oh yes, the elite knew exactly what they were doing when brainwashing everyone to consume copious amounts of meat and dairy.

Heyy Itsruben : I need to go vegan wow

You probably don’t know who I am : Was a vegan before watching this, mostly for health reasons. Now I guess I’m in it for ethical reasons too.. Humans suck.

Jane Gevorgyan : And vegans are crazy? Dairy is scary. This seems an obvious claim here but it takes me ages to explain this fact to highly-educated people!!

Zoli : My 13 yrs old cousin went vegan (from omnivore) instantly after watching this. After 3 months of no support from her family whatsoever, she still is a vegan. If she can do it, so can you. ;)

Andrew Rayn Lowry : I've never felt more convicted of anything in my entire life...I'm shocked. Utterly speechless.

Emily Galvan : i saw a billboard of this and i came here