[851] I Won $100 By Picking This Lock!

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Comments from Youtube

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : The way he speaks about the pins reminds me of a dentist

Currham : When picking the lock you sound like an orthodontist doing braces...

Strategy Gaming : This should have been called "How I got 100 dollars using my big mouth."

Forum Arcade : I've never seen him slap the tension tool so hard to get the lock open. He really wanted to win this one.

Grant L : Another Example of an honorable yt video. He put the outcome right in the title of the video and got straight to the challenge. A less reputable youtuber might have posted a 10:01 video titled: NEARLY LOST $100 DOLLAR CHALLENGE PICKING A KWIKSET?!? Followed by an 8 minute explanation. Thanks for not doing that

Ian Poe : I love this guy. It's like anti-clickbait. He puts the answer in the title so you don't have to wait the entire video to know if he wins.

The Unknown and Unsolved : Wow 100 bucks.. that should cover shipping these days.

Default Mate : Oh he'll pay you. Probably in Zimbabwe dollars.

Augusto Figueroa : Who bets against LockPickingLawyer when it comes to picking?????

Dave : holy cow what is that knife that cut through that package like butter

A.I.rchist : YouTube: Maybe you like this channel, idk though try it I guess? Me: OK, seems interesting enough. Me: *hasn't stopped watching*

Alpert 1Stein : Part 2: how picking eight locks got me 32 million $ and a place on the FBI listing of bankrobbers.

xXFire ScoreXx : Gotta say, I've no idea how I got here/ found your videos. Nothing I watch is remotely related to picking locks in real life, but I'm enjoying your content. This was one of the first couple of videos I've seen you pick locks and since I have don't know how it exactly works I'm amazed

QB Mac : It took you longer to take it out of the box than it did to pick it.

Kenny Ellis : $100 for a minute of work. That's a wage I'd love to have.

Paul Valenciano : The box says pick resistant...not lockpicklawyer resistant i guess lol

S : Be careful if you make such a bet with AvE. You might receive 100 Canadian doll hairs.

badbadbadkarma12 : You open packages like a psychopath.

Mieterhöhungs Manfred : I "won" 2 used bikes by picking a lock, love those challenges!

awstmann : I don't even care about locks, but oh boy this is the best YouTube channel ever

Mark Arellano : PLOT TWIST: The Lock was a Paid Actor

Julie Waninger : I know nothing about lock picking, so the narration was really cool to listen to.

Drew Perri : Came from the recommended......stayed for the ASMR triggers I got lol

Brenden Ford : “If I can pick it in under 5 mins I win”. Video is 3:28 long😁

Alexandra Marberry : I love how you are the least clickbaity YouTuber. You told us the result in the title of the video, and you showed us the final time in the thumbnail, yet I still clicked and I still watched all the way through. This is the quality YouTube should be.

Steve O : The way you opened that box makes me angry for some reason...

Joel S : “And see if my hands can backup my big mouth”

King Matt : I'm calling this guy next time I lock myself in my car.

Satoru : LPL: HA! I got your lock open in 1 minute pay up Locksmith: fine whatever here's your $100 bucks, grumble.... *A few minutes later* Customer: did you get my lock open? Locksmith: Indeed we did! it was extremely challenging and I had my 'best man' on the job he spent HOURS on it but he didnt want to let you down. That'll be $200 Customer: oh thank you that's wonderful! Here's your $200.

NorthStar Racing : You’re the type of person I want to stay away from my house, cars, and shop 😂 god damn you picked that scary quick

w00tkid : I always thought lock picking scenes in movies were so fake because they did it so fast, but this guy literally picked this lock in a minute.

n!tromy : That’s one way to open a box.... oh right this isn’t a useless unboxing channel - congrats btw that’s impressive

Timothy D : 1 million dollars says I can open that lock quicker. 50 cal should open it right up

metademetra : Watch him pay you in pesos. Or a bucket of pennies.

Azophi : Man I picked a lock and I got some free money

Charlsi : He Was Actually Holding A Gun In His Mouth Pointing To The PadLock SMH

*Good Vibes* : Or you could have just smashed it

Mahadev Pande : The lock was obviously a paid actor. You clearly had a deal to give the lock a portion of the reward. SMH.

Jamie Klein : i got so much anxiety as soon as i heard the alarm beeps

Patrick Sebire : Why does he sound like dentist when he picks the lock?

Mithren : This sounds like thievery by looking at the title

Lewsii : I very much like how you opened the box

Stop : 300 $ worth of equipment for this. Profit? Maybe?

Jonathan Selvyn : "If I open it less than 3 minutes..." *looks at video time left* "Hmmm...."

ReauDog : I have one question.....Can you teach me how to do this!? (I'm in the DMV area also btw)

Wiz Saint 77 : Just subscribed saw your vids several months ago but never subbed but I did now

aurenugeth : Bam! Cool $100 bucks. No sweat. Could have started the timer before opening the box and still would have made it.

PARADOX ! : I picked my neighbours door lock yesterday, so i won 100$

Zero Point : No clickbait and I STILL watched the entire video. Strange.