ukulele girl,

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Mediocre Musician : That was pretty amazing (and unexpected)

KnightMD : "We're gonna take a break".... uh, no. She's gonna take a break because she wants to. You're just a person with a camera phone... which you're holding wrong by the way.

5W4994N : Man, my legs would fall asleep after 30 seconds of sitting like that.

sarcasmo57 : Play a song about picking cotton.

Blake J : Great voice, but I don't like how condescending you are towards her.

Urban Exploration Finland with Janne Flinck : Request: play tip toe through the tulips!, she must know the lyrics, when listening her dad singing it all the time.

Frankie P : Damn, this girl's got some serious talent!

DarkFoxMedia : Great talent, great song, but you ruined the video by shooting portrait. Turn the damn camera sideways.

Urban Exploration Finland with Janne Flinck : Her name is LaCroix Winget 

antylopa96 : She's singing in old style. That's awersome super cool fantasic omG thing!!!<3

Lacroix Winget : I'm actually putting out a new album for the first time in two years in less than a month. That should be more impressive than a Burger King parking lot I do hope.

Benish Augustine : Bethesda needs to hire her and put her on the Fallout radio. Fits perfectly!

Elliott Winget : her names Lacroix Winget just look up the name, youll see more of her singing

reyalpEleluku : Nice work. Sounds like something from the 1920s

Rich Nothnagel : LaCroix is a beautiful soul. Also very funny. So blessed that our paths crossed.

Piggyz 4 ever : They girl behind the cam is a pedo Im calling it now

Andrey Borisov : would be much better if she hold camera right way.

Jon A Baptist : Amazing. A style older than her grandparents. Always love seeing young folks keeping a classic technique alive.

Lego Sexual : Hope you gave her a big tip.

will75j : I wasn't expecting her to sing like that! Outstanding job!

Lank From California : Does anyone know the song's title?


Tim Wayne : Nice video, but thumbs-down for being in vertical format. 

Reddlyon : this song is "they're red hot" by blues legend Robert Johnson 

agleorix : The woman filming sounds like she wants to rape her

spritzer555 : the person recording this sounds so creepy/rapey

Robert Engel : Great sound! Very talented.

J K : No thank you.

J Boy Shyne : Excellent!  So cool seeing such a young modern kid hitting old school Robert Johnson and Blind Boy Fuller the way she does and on a uke no less. Oh, whoever compared this talented gal to Tiny Tim and said it was a compliment, is an idiot!

ikanthelpit : Wow, she whaled on that instrument! Interesting voice, I liked it.

LiveLikeLuke : I did not expect that...

Beatrix Hauth : beautiful!

garydunncolumbus : I didn't know people gave concerts at the Willow Avenue Burger King in Rodeo Ca.

Heavenly : 2017 about to be 2018 i wonder where shes at now.

Kayn : Robert Johnson - they're red hot. Great song

Aaron DeWitt : Very well done. I feel like I need to hit up Rodeo Dr just to meet folks like this. 

Melissa derp : totally not homeless don't give them shit

Napalm Nacey : It seems every young hipster girl picks up a ukulele these days and tries to play and sing with a silly voice.  I am so happy this girl is not one of them. There is pure 20s/30s jazz in her soul, and she is playing that music real.  What an amazing talent!  Good Lord!!  <3

DzekoVelez : le reddit army has arrived xD

attila23 : ZAZ sings in English as well?

Mike Thomas : Too good.

Yann Hallery : Oo her voice is amazing !!!

garydunncolumbus : I absolutely love this! Brilliant! :-)

Yesse Messy : Does anyone know if that is a cover of a song?

Mark B : feminst playing a trolele

Woolfy :'s wonderwall

Andrei Florean : The woman filming must be a teacher!

rabbi8meat : REAL

anita arnott : YES!!!!! FAB YOU no LESS!!    You're wonderful girl! Thank you thank you!!

Julie Blackwelder : Somebody buy her a banjo and send her to Nashville.