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KnightMD : "We're gonna take a break".... uh, no. She's gonna take a break because she wants to. You're just a person with a camera phone... which you're holding wrong by the way.

Lacroix Winget : I'm actually putting out a new album for the first time in two years in less than a month. That should be more impressive than a Burger King parking lot I do hope.

Blake J : Great voice, but I don't like how condescending you are towards her.

5W4994N : Man, my legs would fall asleep after 30 seconds of sitting like that.

Mediocre Musician : That was pretty amazing (and unexpected)

Benish Augustine : Bethesda needs to hire her and put her on the Fallout radio. Fits perfectly!

brett hurst : That woman introduced the girl the same way they do in porn. Wtf

Smiles : Wowza. She sounds just like the ukulele players in the old 1920s jazz records I listen to. The similarity is incredible. It's like she knows about the "musical inside jokes" of the time. 

Elliott Winget : Had no idea my sister would get this much publicity lol I'm proud of her she's been working at this for a long time and I hope she's successful

DarkFoxMedia : Great talent, great song, but you ruined the video by shooting portrait. Turn the damn camera sideways.

Elliott Winget : her names Lacroix Winget just look up the name, youll see more of her singing

Urban Exploration with Janne Flinck : Request: play tip toe through the tulips!, she must know the lyrics, when listening her dad singing it all the time.

Frankie P : Damn, this girl's got some serious talent!

ShadowWhelp : this is me lol if u want to hear my music that isnt 100000 years old its here im touring in Feb around the midwest too. Uhhh ya weird this is trending again. BYE!!!! -lacroix

Piggyz 4 ever : They girl behind the cam is a pedo Im calling it now

Tim Wayne : Nice video, but thumbs-down for being in vertical format. 

antylopa96 : She's singing in old style. That's awersome super cool fantasic omG thing!!!<3

Urban Exploration with Janne Flinck : Her name is LaCroix Winget 

PillCosby : this is 3 years old? I hope she's not still homeless, with all the american idol's we've enriched since then.

Ryuuken24 : I'm pretty sure that I know what happened to her. I watched a black guy playing the ukulele, so we can assume he ate her, because; there is an African custom which says that, in order to gain knowledge you do not possess, you have to eat someone that has the knowledge, alas gaining their power.

soxxycc : Jesus that woman recording the video sounds like a right creep


reyalpEleluku : Nice work. Sounds like something from the 1920s

spritzer555 : the person recording this sounds so creepy/rapey

Aaron DeWitt : Very well done. I feel like I need to hit up Rodeo Dr just to meet folks like this. 

Chris Davies : Remember kids: only morons film in vertical video mode.

Lego Sexual : Hope you gave her a big tip.

will75j : I wasn't expecting her to sing like that! Outstanding job!

Edward Reilly : She's got such a natural musicality! Her voice is infective, kinda reminds of Tiny Tim in a way that I love.

Reddlyon : this song is "they're red hot" by blues legend Robert Johnson 

Jon A Baptist : Amazing. A style older than her grandparents. Always love seeing young folks keeping a classic technique alive.

Tracy Winget : That's my baby girl! :) <3

Rich Nothnagel : LaCroix is a beautiful soul. Also very funny. So blessed that our paths crossed.

DzekoVelez : le reddit army has arrived xD

Andrey Borisov : would be much better if she hold camera right way.

beuhtrix : beautiful!

Andrei Florean : The woman filming must be a teacher!

Maile Aguerre : Someone give this girl a record deal, quick !!! She's amazing!!

garydunncolumbus : I didn't know people gave concerts at the Willow Avenue Burger King in Rodeo Ca.

Woolfy :'s wonderwall

Yann Hallery : Oo her voice is amazing !!!

macarion : Thumbs up if Stormfront sent u here!

tim ma : Imagine if the ukelele was a clit

LiveLikeLuke : I did not expect that...

Robert Engel : Great sound! Very talented.

SlydemonMemes : Robert Johnson - they're red hot. Great song

J Boy Shyne : Excellent!  So cool seeing such a young modern kid hitting old school Robert Johnson and Blind Boy Fuller the way she does and on a uke no less. Oh, whoever compared this talented gal to Tiny Tim and said it was a compliment, is an idiot!

TJ Robertson : I hope to the Almighty you tipped her at least.

Mike Thomas : Too good.

Alfred Banuelos : Holy whiskers you go sisters