The Naked Roast Battle - Keith Carey vs. Connor McSpadden - Exclusive

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Big Fat Man : So much fake laugher. Hilarious.

Nuna HC : Still waiting for the female version

Sarvesh Hajare : When you really run out of ideas ....

OldsqlCr4nk : Why do you have a "UNCENSORED"-Intro, if it's censored, though?

Video Game Sanctuary : Skinny dude won it HANDS DOWN! Not even close, he sucker punched them nutt sacks.

Anthony Morima jr : *This would have been controversial if they were women*

Ricardo Otero : for once I am greatful for youtube censorship

Bakteria : Most censored uncensored shit I've ever seen

Reda Moumni : Rip comedy

jason dirt : The skinny guy won that

Notorius OG : comedy central really fell off

Kenneth rangel : Who else think Anthony gave it to the Keith cause he was low key jealous of Connor?

Fusion Player : They should do it with girls and then see what the outrage is gonna be like

LaElla Dickerson : I thought it was funny but Connor should have won

Lurker Remastered : The skinny guy destroyed that other guy. He should have won

Melinda Virosteck : I'm surprised how many people hated this. I thought it was hilarious

Abraham : I thought they were both way too cocky...

Cornelius Maximilianus : naked body nothing to be ashamed off, chill out

Buckington Hassleshire : This feels like something straight out of idiocracy.

René vH : They look like the Jackass rejects.

Adasha Stewart : I didn't find it funny but I love their personalities and boldness so i'm rooting for em

Crash Landing : Most people are prudes in these comments, seriously guys chill out.

Our Founding Liars : Roast Battle... RB... Reptilian Beings. Taking off their clothes is different but when will they take off their human skin and reveal their reptilian selves. Keep asking questions, investigate roasts

Rubentastique : These guys would sell their soul to the devil. Damn, fame is a crazy thing.

SkepticalContrarian : "Roommate"

Ahmad Halis : This is genius and it takes balls. Literally. LOL

DropMotion : How do I unwatch?

Brent Pella : Holy shit!!! You guys killed it. So good

Trevor Wallace : Amazing.

Louis Graham : I love white people, why they like being naked? So interesting... like in college they were always streaking and carrying on, toga parties and such

BEEDA : don't let this lame shit be a thing that is done ever again

Cyber Nuance : Were they naked during the rehearsal?

BOTTLEDFART TV : What has happened to comedy

ACG Medical : Background check comes back when they apply for a normal job. Denied haha

Andrew Sugono : Comedy in 2018... whats next?

Sergio Rosado : BS...Connor def won.

angrytacos : tf what has this world come to

Hitesh Baadkar : WTF

Seki Deschanel : I'm scarred for life.

Son 7 : First they sprayed silly string on his junk, then he screamed "don't touch me with my D!ck out". Then they strike a jailhouse pose !! ??? I'm so confused.I think they broke my brain ... Wow ... Lmao !! #hilarious #thirst

Jajamadam : Conner looks like Mark Zucaberg

Enlightened Perry : welcome to the United states...


Michael Scott Hertzberg : America and issue with the human body.

MRXNINJAWHO : This is why comedy Central is failing.

Sujin Kc : One of the reasons why you guys deserve Trump

Fo ok : bUT for real tho, are they actually naked? IF they are that is amazing 😂😂😂

A Fleeman : These guys are hilarious! Screw Jeselnik for calling them desperate. I opened at a Roast Battle where the Mean Boys were judging. I wasn't roasting, just doing a tight 5. They had roasted the guy who went up before me, so I was terrified as to what they would say about me, because I don't do roasts and would have zero comebacks. A male comedian was supposed to go up before me and the MC said his name then had me go up once he realized the dude was a no show. So I got thru my set and they were silent the entire time. When I was done they said "Well, Jake was hot." Still not sure whether that was a compliment, since I'm female...but it could have been worse!

Puber T. Snatches : I just want to see Nikki naked,

RedubKiddo 123 : 2:40 *WTH....*