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POPPIN' FRESH FIRST ORIGINAL 2D CARTOON Also the debut of Dr_Steen's voice acting, and the art of many, many talented people :D THANK YOU FOR ENABLING THIS NONSENSE ======= Music used: Kitchen Messed Up 1 - Magnus Ringblom (licensed via Epidemic Sound) Havergal Brian - Gothic Symphony No. 1 (creative commons) 終末ファンタジー by 心々桜月祈 (used with permission) Subscribe! Twitter!

Comments from Youtube

Raxxo : I just want to know where all the cooked Es went

Taste : You can hate anime But you can't hate the Doughman

nick : Of all the videos I’ve ever seen this is one of them

ItalianNinja : lmao wtf

Magnus : she never got a cooked e

Dapper Dog : DoughDough's Bizarre Adventure

BarSoapSoup : What a stunning social commentary on the effects of bigotry against dough people and how it has empowered them to rise above their flesh-formed foes.

TopHat Pyro Man : No matter what you put up, it's always a piece of art omg

ENgeenir : Nice now do porn

Abigail Flynn : Pillsbury Swolboy

Gold N : Love the art style

MrCrazy550 : Well I forgot why I'm subbed but can't say I regret watching this masterpiece

Hacho : Gamers,

Von Louis : 0:00 'The 50s' waw nice

Trollocio : hes back

Gordon Freeman : What in sweet salty Christ have you done

GRUMPY VIKING : A new marketing campaign for Pillsbury

thortimer : Is this an anime?

Tenca : i didnt know i needed this

Chaseuuu : This tastes like UkinoJoe

YPR3D : love this sfm animation

Allen Rider : Sometimes the most simple animations are the ones with the most powerful stories.

Zach M. : Does Doughman have Doughnuts?

someoddball : 1:21 You know he had to dough it to em

antsweaters : holy shit this is fantastic

HUMAN PERSON : Oh hell how am I not subscribed already?!

romain lacroix : Now that's what I call QUALITY CONTENT you Weeb.

digitivortex : i didnt know i was subscribed to this channel until i got notification for this i love it

josh : where will doughman's adventures take him next?

The_Weewoo_Man : I’m going to arrest you. For being too good of a content creator

Secret : "Im no doughboy..ive become DOUGH MaN!"

The holy pootis church : I very loved your hair cute video For me 10/10

Zach M. : This has a very Joe Gran/Danielle Kogan feel to it. I LOVE IT.

FLCLIST : This would make an awesome series

Codename: Xelda : (Betty) which way do I go?! 1:10

Winter Fisher : Please PLEASE make this a full series. I need to watch Doughman find his nemesis, potentially the Keebler Elf

Doot Spoopy : Now I want this as a full fledged anime

Matt Horstman : Damn Mag, these cookies are FRESH

Grambee : You've got to be part of Great: The Show. This kind of work would fit in perfectly. xD

Dee Dee Playz : OMG MAG UPLOADED also 10/10 m8

Zinshin : I almost forgot to watch today

colly407 : He ain’t no dough boy OR dough man... He’s a Dough *N U T*

AC Juice : 1 like for the Pillsbury Doughman

ducken : I can't tell if this is real or if I'm having a fever dream.

yogurttoad : This is wonderful. Never stop.


Allen Rider : Puberty hit Dough Man like a truck.

NerdXZ97 001 : You got a new subscriber

SmallBean : To the subtitles at the end. I appreciate and I love you too.