ski lift accident, gudauri
ski lift accident

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Bade Mantil : American says to Russian: "I was in war in Vietnam". Russian says: "I skied in Georgia".

gecko123 : 10/10 three-men synchronized jumpout at 1:15.

The Guy Who Games : Imagine if those seats locked people in. We’d have a real final destination scene at hand

Jo Po : Wow. The rides at Six Flags in Eastern Europe are hardcore

n kn : Time to ban assault lifts

RA153 : Final destination

Jo Po : People shouldn't be making jokes about this. I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation.

KellyJayneAustralia : That girl in the pink pants is lucky she tripped when she did! 😱 0:26

Mellow : that escalated quickly

hdg 37 : Wow dodged like a pro there 0:16

The Wedge : Not a very uplifting day

Alexandra Hosselet : These winter X games events are getting out of hand. 'Big air freestyle chairlift' seems dangerous.

Legenda 79 : Deadly carousel 😨

REDDOGG 24 : That was one of the craziest things I ever seen. All I can say is holy shit... hope everyone survived especially those that were buried under all them lifts...

Mellow : Imagine being the last people stuck when it finally stopped, they might be up there for hours while everything gets cleared, honestly would have rather been some of the people that had to jump early

moreofawave : Nice to see the helpers, the people screaming to those to jump off and helping those who were thrown off. <3

Human Error : The machine has become self aware.

ACTIVE LILY : Dude I think you save many skier up there man, good job thank for your quick reaction many people bail out in time. Hero.. Dude

Rai : 0:14 the guy who just fell got fast reaction.

Scarecrow7 : 1:18 - anyone see a person jump from their chair way in the distance?

KingNormie52 : Employ : sir. I Think something is wrong with our lift Boss: What? Employ: it is going a little too fast

gj g : Peeps talk sh!+ about Mexico but, this never happens there..😘

mister garcia : 0:32 A perfect 10!

dipesh shah : I am worried about the guy in orange suit @ 01:26 laying flat without any movement. I pray he is alive

Phlex Woo : Tars! Analyze the endurance’s spin! The spin is 67, 68 rpm! - cooper what r u doing - DOCKING INTENSE MUSIC

Flowmasta Flam : Clearly a gravity related cause. It's clearly not being powered.

Bradenator : And that's why we have Wii Sports.. ☑️ Okay i'm done.

Andreas Hoppe : Go skiing in Georgia they said, It's very uplifting they said

Mutt : I am a fellow Georgian and I have been to Gudauri last winter, thank goodness this didn't happen at the time because I'm already traumatized as it is.

chris michaels : skynet is working , thanks arnie :-)

Oliver Hype : Mum: How was your day at school? Me: 0:31

既にチャンネルは登録されています。 : 来年行くのに…見なきゃよかった…

リオロサ : I'm so surprised I hope that many people will be saved by even one person but many many oppai nametai...

فتاه - cutekey : when russian sees ski lift cyka blyat run!!

Robbie Lawson : That machine was evil i tell thiy. mechanical demonic possession is no laughing matter. It gave out an error code that loosely translsted to... "i had enough carryin pasty bourgeois tourists, sort yourself out"

茶番 : 怖ろしい terrible

Vacho Pahlevanyan : tot kto snimaet eta video tak ploxa ya tvoy mamu enal ili narmalna snimay ili lyudey pomogi sukin ti sin

Takaaki/むーにゃー : 日本人です。 日本のニュースでも報道されていました。 大変なことになりましたね。 びっくりしました。 I am Japanese. It was also reported in Japanese news. It became a serious thing. surprised.

Minoute : In France we have a system that blocks totally the lift but it breaks it so you pay millions to fix it

Extra Mental : For those who dont understand safety mechanisms: E-stop - needs to stop both top and both motors at the same time, a break in the electrical circuit in any E-stop button/switch would cut both motors, this would mean you would not be able to operate the lift until the safety circuit is fixed and would not require regular testing. However these dont work when the power is cut all together and gravity will come into play. Emergency breaks: would normally be powered either electrically or through pressure lines like air in order to disengage them. In the event of a fault the energy to disengage them would drop and would then engage by mechanical energy such as powerful springs or magnets. The only reason this would fail is if they are not tested and inspected regularly, which is unfortunately human error.

Ice Wollow-Mike Ock : You:Wanna go skydiving? Me:Not intense enough. You:Skiing? Me: *HELL NAW* 😨

Sipovićka : I feel bad laughing at this.I don't have heart..;-;

FunForSameer : *interstellar music in the background*

Austin DMAN 22 : Cyberdynes first terminator

アンドレス・イニエスタ : 怖い。怖すぎる。巻き込まれた人可哀想。命に別状無さそうで良かったけど絶対トラウマになる。無事でありますように。

Y 1210 : リフト、緊急停止とか、できなかったんですかね…

RЯ Кк : what a day !!! (訳:なんて日だ!!!)

Trent Clinton : Maximum Overdrive 2 *Thunderstruck begins playing*

Anita Gumy : Russian made ski lift lol