ski lift accident, gudauri

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Ronbo710 : If this happened in America it would become a two hour film starring Tom Hanks.

Jo Po : People shouldn't be making jokes about this. I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation.

Jo Po : Wow. The rides at Six Flags in Eastern Europe are hardcore

Bade Mantil : American says to Russian: "I was in war in Vietnam". Russian says: "I skied in Georgia".

KellyJayneAustralia : That girl in the pink pants is lucky she tripped when she did! 😱 0:26

Jason Elder : The machine has become self aware.

Mellow : that escalated quickly

The Wedge : Not a very uplifting day

Mellow : Imagine being the last people stuck when it finally stopped, they might be up there for hours while everything gets cleared, honestly would have rather been some of the people that had to jump early

gecko123 : 10/10 three-men synchronized jumpout at 1:15.

RA153 : Final destination

The Guy Who Games : Imagine if those seats locked people in. We’d have a real final destination scene at hand

Charles C. Albert : A ski without a power kill switch is a bad idea!

Charles C. Albert : "Jump off!" those on the ground yelled. "Jump off? I paid good money to ride this lift to the toooooooop!" yelled a rider as he was thrown off.

Francis Scott Key : Who else laughed when they shouldn’t have?

Alexandra Hosselet : These winter X games events are getting out of hand. 'Big air freestyle chairlift' seems dangerous.

Ryan Sprenkels : Thank you for filming. This defect shouldn't even allowed to be happening.

hdg 37 : Wow dodged like a pro there 0:16

Legenda 79 : Deadly carousel 😨

Andre Nguyen : Isn’t there an emergency button that they can push to turn the lift off in events such as this?

REDDOGG 24 : That was one of the craziest things I ever seen. All I can say is holy shit... hope everyone survived especially those that were buried under all them lifts...

Allison Beaulieu : OMG this is terrifying - I ski with my 6 year old daughter and this always scares the living hell out of me...

moreofawave : Nice to see the helpers, the people screaming to those to jump off and helping those who were thrown off. <3

Takaaki/むーにゃー : 日本人です。 日本のニュースでも報道されていました。 大変なことになりましたね。 びっくりしました。 I am Japanese. It was also reported in Japanese news. It became a serious thing. surprised.

dipesh shah : I am worried about the guy in orange suit @ 01:26 laying flat without any movement. I pray he is alive

n kn : Time to ban assault lifts

Ddro3 : After watching the news these last few days - Would you rather be a Florida bridge builder, A Russian Ski Lift operator or Sean Miller - coach of the Arizona Wildcats?

Rai : 0:14 the guy who just fell got fast reaction.

Aleks Akkerman : ...люди молодцы, хоть подсказали, что делать!

Schlorg : I dont have big knowledge in cable car lifts, but i wonder if there shouldnt be at least 1 electric or hydraulic spring load accumulator which closes the brakes even, or especially when if a total power loss occures? Was there a power loss or could it be possible that the driveshaft or the gearbox break? Maybe someone could explain a little more about the safety systems apllied by doppelmayr. Thank you!

Antonio Seminara : Sull'etna io ho rischiato di morire per la fune dello skylift che si è spezzata ferendomi,tra il burrone è le pietre,ma noto che al peggio non c'è mai fine.

Scarecrow7 : 1:18 - anyone see a person jump from their chair way in the distance?

Taryll Smith : Anybody laughing has issues. Maybe some really bad Karma waiting for them. People could have died. Girl at 1:26 hope she is ok.

Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52 : This guy filming is the only person who had balls to do anything. Come on people. Step up in a time of need. It's your responsibility.

Josiah de Brueys : And somehow this video gets monetised and somehow gets on trending then causing another ad apocalypse then YouTube punishes all the small YT creators again because they think they deserve it.

rich42012 : I was there.That was me in the red flying past the camera at 30 seconds into this clip. I shook it off shot-gunned two pints of cod lager and went on down. Me wife was good as well. It looked worse than it was. We should have dropped where everyone else did but couldn't understand the grunts of these people and what they were saying. But I sure got it when I came around that corner. I actually thought my fly-by was pretty cool. I didn't even have time to shit me trousers because it happened so quick....

morwenna : Ironically, this is a perfect metaphor for the trump administration. Speeding backwards and everyone is either bailing or getting thrown out.....

fantomazer70 : OMG. how many idiots in the comments

ACTIVE LILY : Dude I think you save many skier up there man, good job thank for your quick reaction many people bail out in time. Hero.. Dude

youko tv : You are so sozial you are a hero man

It's bo hoe : Me at the top of the mountain this looks fun let's hop on it and see what happens at the bottom

any name : shit.. that actually looks fun..

Rylie Tucker : Imagine making the turn at the top trying to get off of it

chun : why does the camera say 2013/10/28

Charles C. Albert : Ambulance-chasing lawyers all over the world are getting hard-ons as we speak!

黒レックウザ : 来年行くのに…見なきゃよかった…

Mutt : I am a fellow Georgian and I have been to Gudauri last winter, thank goodness this didn't happen at the time because I'm already traumatized as it is.

ちひろ : 何が起きたの?リフトで振り回された人大丈夫かな?

Flowmasta Flam : Clearly a gravity related cause. It's clearly not being powered.

Donna Leigh : This is horrific for everyone! Please, does anyone know if everyone survived?