How to Win the Mega Millions Jackpot - Strategy Explained

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Here is a discussion of how I am going to Win the Mega Millions Lottery. - Play the Quick Pick for 5 numbers drawn from 1 thru 75. - Play ALL Mega numbers 1 through 15. - Remember, when you hit the jackpot, to take care of your advisor! Lol. Subscribe, Comment, & Thumbs Up! & as always, Thanks for Watching! Mega = $1 Mega +1 = $2 Mega +2 = $5 3 Numbers = $7 Mega +3 = varies (under $50) 4 Numbers = varies (about $700) Mega +4 = varies (thousands!) 5 Numbers = varies (up to Millions) Mega +5 = RETIREMENT!!


Quinton Davis : That's too much. Just play one set of numbers. Trust the universe.

HyperSonicXtreme : No strategy. Just random guessing and pray to god you win.

Gern Blanstead : If this worked the lottery would not be up to 900 million. Duh.

David Clark : I choose numbers just like I chose taking the sat test in h.s.. I guessed!

Zzzzzz... : My strategy is to pick the same number every time. One of these days, they will have to show my numbers.

Antonio DI SALVO : Never believe anyone willing to reveal a way to make money by gambling , there is no way! only luck.

excelsciors : My question to this guy is......."How many times have you won the Mega Lotto"?

Scratcher Heaven : 💰 Will it hit $2 billion!?! 💰

TreasuredHarte : Best way to get alot of views since mega millions is 1.6 billion (10/21/2018)

Robert Forsberg : First of all it's 2 dollars per play plus the numbers are 1 to 70 the mega balls are 1 to 25

Michele Donato : I can't afford to play over $100 a month on gambling.

Aric Wilson : Even if you don't win the jackpot at least you're guaranteed to win a dollar

jetnut89 : "Heres my strategy to winning the mega... play every possible combination." Worst strategy ever.

Jason Hassler : I am going to try this. I will win because I believe I can.

Chandra Price : I never knew u can pick a mega ball when u do quick pick. I thought the quick pick applies to the entire slot

Sherri Wolf : I got all but 5 numbers right!

Erron McSweaney : Im skeptical about this technique as well... But since the upload day and to date the MB numbers have increased and the cost of each ticket has doubled... Stands to reason that at one point it was a viable strategy imo

Bill Schwarberg : Hey, this guarantees that he wins at least $4 of his $30 back every time he plays. If he happens to get a couple of numbers right on the correct powerball picked he may break even. Not a horrible idea but still a longshot.

jimmyfly : “How to win the jackpot” ... so how many times have you got the jackpot?

Zoidze Michael : Do you ever win anything with your Strategy ?

Eddie Arcega : Wait a sec. So it was a buck back them and only 15 mega numbers? Wth. I just joined the world of gambling last week for obvious reasons and I think there were 25 mega numbers.

chaba72 : its luck only my friend, no calculations is ever worked.

Lily Jameson : Lol! What a joke "strategy" you've got there. Please don't bother sharing a strategy unless it's already been proven to be successful in winning you the millions!

Kevin Oliver : This doesn't work on the new lottery cards, with QP changed and the numbers length changed too.

elder scrolls online party house : Buy quick pick tickets idc what the haters will say here in florida a 20 year old won 400 million off a quick pick

Fernando Santos : The only strategy you need is this: YOU GOT TO PLAY THE LOTTERY IN ORDER TO WIN THE LOTTERY

Half Man Half Amazing : There's no strategy... Just luck...

NYCSayy Sayy : my thing is! why haven't you won!

murph murph : Here's the deal, cant win if you dont play, somebody will win, and it wont be you, or me either.

kregg Kittelson : play as much as you want... have Fun... enjoy the sixpence... pick the numbers that your Gut is telling you.

Requiem For Los Muertos : Ask to goku ... Las esferas del dragon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Relics Consignments : Ummmm I see "NO" Strategy in this at all ....

Ben Str : Playing $15 at a time. Now that Mega cost $2, you'll spend $50 to guarantee a $2 win. Brilliant. NOT!

Joseph Guerrero : It's still easier to get hit by lightning... without even trying 🌩️

Capricorn Busa : If this is true why you haven’t won it?

Varinder Singh : I normally don’t play lotto, but when I play I always a winner.

teke tentoes : 25 my powerplay

Court House : I'm going to win the lottery soon!!!!!!! i know it and have my own theory i stay winning 3 numbers! only a matter of time before i hit 4 or 5

James Bruno : Best way to win do nothing


BILL SARGENT : I picked 5 out of 6 numbers in the 550 mil mega but never played

Shawn Toh : U can win prob next life

Prakash prakash : Why can’t you win million of dollars 💵?

Tony Marzano : the lotto is rigged, whenever there is lots of money involved it’s controlled by someone, just sayin

loggjamm123 : This guys strategy for winning the lottery, but how many times has he won?

Melissa Anne : Watch the movie"Lucky Numbers!"

Sarah Adam : my strategies to win the lottery is not to play to win 2$ you about to waste in this paper. Good luck

Wayne Parrott : If he knew he'd never tell YOU !!!!!!!!!!

eddie reynoza : Good idea but you still have to get the other 5 numbers playing all the same 5 numbers its all luck. Many lotto winners said they played the same numbers for 8 to 15 years.