How to Win the Mega Millions Jackpot - Strategy Explained

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Scratcher Heaven : 💰 Will it hit $2 billion!?! 💰

Nico Flihan : Who is watching for the $1.6 billion jackpot?

HyperSonicXtreme : No strategy. Just random guessing and pray to god you win.

Quinton Davis : That's too much. Just play one set of numbers. Trust the universe.

Gern Blanstead : If this worked the lottery would not be up to 900 million. Duh.

Zzzzzz... : My strategy is to pick the same number every time. One of these days, they will have to show my numbers.

TreasuredHarte : Best way to get alot of views since mega millions is 1.6 billion (10/21/2018)

Robert Forsberg : First of all it's 2 dollars per play plus the numbers are 1 to 70 the mega balls are 1 to 25

Antonio DI SALVO : Never believe anyone willing to reveal a way to make money by gambling , there is no way! only luck.

David Clark : I choose numbers just like I chose taking the sat test in h.s.. I guessed!

Aric Wilson : Even if you don't win the jackpot at least you're guaranteed to win a dollar

excelsciors : My question to this guy is......."How many times have you won the Mega Lotto"?

jetnut89 : "Heres my strategy to winning the mega... play every possible combination." Worst strategy ever.

tasha jones : I never knew u can pick a mega ball when u do quick pick. I thought the quick pick applies to the entire slot

Eddie Arcega : Wait a sec. So it was a buck back them and only 15 mega numbers? Wth. I just joined the world of gambling last week for obvious reasons and I think there were 25 mega numbers.

Ada Cotto : The game is 2$ and big number is from 1 to 25 now... update the video.

Scratcher Heaven : Best comment or strategy wins gets all the luck!!!!

Joseph Guerrero : It's still easier to get hit by lightning... without even trying 🌩️

Zoidze Michael : Do you ever win anything with your Strategy ?

B Positive : So you play $15 bucks to be guaranteed at least $1?? No thanks

Lily Jameson : Lol! What a joke "strategy" you've got there. Please don't bother sharing a strategy unless it's already been proven to be successful in winning you the millions!

Kawasaki750cc rider : Buy quick pick tickets idc what the haters will say here in florida a 20 year old won 400 million off a quick pick

Sherri Wolf : I got all but 5 numbers right!

Court house : I'm going to win the lottery soon!!!!!!! i know it and have my own theory i stay winning 3 numbers! only a matter of time before i hit 4 or 5

Cristiano Ronaldo : Luck is everything

Ivan Craz : your chances are still 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000something % to win millions....

Jason Hassler : I am going to try this. I will win because I believe I can.

Kris Rodh : Its hard to believe anyone is hoping for luck. there is no luck because this lottery is controlled by computer and by people working for a lottery. Think about it. With so many millions of people playing daily we have winners once in a while?? Forget about numbers from the system. So many people have the same numbers, you dont even know. If any luck, you better pick your own and hope they are different than system created. After closing they have an hour to decide if and who wins. I agree, if you dont play you never win!!!! LOL!!!!

chaba72 : its luck only my friend, no calculations is ever worked.

Requiem For Los Muertos : Ask to goku ... Las esferas del dragon 🤣🤣🤣🤣


ForeverSeekingTruth : Its $2.00 now....:)

Justine Trueit : The current slip to fill out for the Mega Millions is different now. It costs $2.00 plus another $1.00 to add the Megaplier. The 5 #s are from 1-70 & the Mega ball from 1-25.

Erron McSweaney : Im skeptical about this technique as well... But since the upload day and to date the MB numbers have increased and the cost of each ticket has doubled... Stands to reason that at one point it was a viable strategy imo

Colleen Hamby : theres no guaranty that this works

James Bruno : Best way to win do nothing

petrkrska : How much money did YOU win like that ???? O.o

Prakash prakash : Why can’t you win million of dollars 💵?


Johnny Jackson : That's not a strategy......

Albert Wu : The strategy to win are , spend 600000000 to get every single number

Eric Hudson : Mega millions is 2$ in California

nochill dav : Buy a ticket and trust the world is flat.

Wayne Parrott : If he knew he'd never tell YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Sandy B : This dude win alots of money LOL

dave w : Wow you got it all figured out you must be a millionaire 10 times over correct

Donald Housejr : You will win the mega that way

Leonel Urquijo : Hahaha must win all the time...

Charles Kennedy : A strategy as good as any.

Fernando Santos : The only strategy you need is this: YOU GOT TO PLAY THE LOTTERY IN ORDER TO WIN THE LOTTERY