marker squeak version of the mario theme

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ThatMCGamer : I can’t hear this one unlike the pencil one....

The Lonely Cottonball : Just dropping in before this blows up in the next few hours like the pencil cantina theme

chasing dragons : Lol you hear that mouth breathing?

Zeak Baskele : That's torture my body was cringing to the sound!

Ayylucard : This made me cringe so hard. I hate that noise

OneDo11arBill : This is going to be a trend after it hit r/all won't it

Bigtoe G : Not as good as the pencil one but still pretty okay

em9em9 : The writing songs apocalypse has come

Liz : My favorite part was the heavy breathing

Darth Sidious : That noise sent a great disturbance through my body.

thelbronius : Sorry I tried! But I just can't make it past the squeaking/screeching sound, it's painful!

PeytonGUY360 : Who cringed and got goosebumps

Orion Herrera : i still hear the cantina theme

Bezbot7 : *breathing intensifies*

Lugia2468 : I can just hear everyone doing their math exams to this.

Salad Dressing : I have a feeling this video's going to get crazy views at any moment

Junain Wei : too forced

Bartosz Głód : Amazing

Multeh : this is going to blow up

Jay Y : The first stroke of that marker and shivers shot up my spine. I'm sorry but that squeak is excruciating.

Vanessa Su : Holy crap.

Jorden Tenacious : Bruh. Y U breathin so hard?

Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT : not even close wtf rofl

GALAXY BEAR : Im the 1k likeeee

Torling : I love it

Lion : ITS A me mario

Niksunteri : I hate this sound

Deeznuts -Ology : Gives me anxiety

Sofia Hansell : I can’t hear it

Ded _Yaori : Idk cant tell if it will make it on trending but awsome video although you might want to breath less hard next time

TheDaaziz : Is this a new trend?

Supriya Ale : Doesn't sound like it

Cindy : that was beautiful

Polar Panda : Is No one gonna point out there using an expo marker on paper?

Kevin O'Connell : Yo wow

evilgoodguy : sounds just like it

Overused Name : Why is this even a thing

Timothy Nixon : Why do this with a dry erase marker on paper! That is like playing Beethoven's 5th symphony in D minor using a fork and plate.

Damian Amirault : This is gonna trend like the cantina pencil video

Victor Gonzalez : This makes me uncomfortable

Crystal’s World : Oml it’s lit😂🤟🏻

Dylan Manese : You sir deserve a like

Ulisses Xaxni : I cringed so HARD

SsJ 4 VR19 : It's all psychological

Aj Marygold : Anyone else had chills?

Kim승연 : Who knew alg 1 is so musical?

iSkatz : *Top 10 Maths Formula*

zargug phantom : Doesn't sound like it

Zeon Razer : Lol its funny cuz after the music theres these random equations lol

Squee Wee : 1,000th like