Audi: Clowns TV Advert - Extended Cut
Clown Proof Beautiful advertising yet again from Audi

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Serious technology. Silly situations. You never know what you might encounter when you are out driving. For Audi, this isn't an issue - anticipating the kind of unexpected situations you may find yourself in, through no fault of your own. The clever and intuitive technology in an Audi is on constant look-out, to help keep you safe on the road, . Watch our new advert to see Audi intelligent technology in action, and find out why it’s clown proof. Visit to find out more. Song: 'Send In The Clowns' by Faultline feat. Lisa Hannigan (written by Stephen Sondheim and licensed by Warner Chappell Music Publishing)


Joseph Kuo : The best Audi TV ad. I've ever seen.

Chatta290 : Wow what a great concept

Daniel Venter : Clown proof until IT shows up!

Jacob Mcleod : I could recognised Lisa Hannigan's voice anywhere :)

TheMutherfunkstar : This is a bold statement especially when it's the majority of Audi drivers that are the clowns!

Lee Jones : What happens if the clowns are inside the Audi (as they invariably are). Does it offer other road users similar levels of protection?

Annette Geddes : says it all...EXCELLENT

Laura Robinson : I honestly thought this was some sort of surrealist nightmare i had and then i saw it on TV again today.

Will Ford : One of my all time favourite TV ads. The song is beautiful. 👍👍

Joseph Bleasdale : Clowns = BMW drivers (I.e. the only drivers worse than Audi drivers)

hugh bailey : from my experiance as a daily road user by way of a motorbike....Audi drivers amongst other well known brands tend to be the clowns

Poppy Field : Cannot stand clowns and am not interested in cars, but this is genius! Actually makes me laugh and the soundtrack is awesome!

Barbara Mettle-Olympio : Audi, creative genius... Love this ad

Ara Bozadjian : Great idea, great execution, great potential for parodies. :)

Peter Custance : The very best TV ads tell a story. This is up there amongst the best. A fabulous concept that hooks you in with a great soundtrack.

Angela Anderson's : Such a beautiful advert/song - had to rewind it as my eyes couldnt believe the technology! Vorsprung durch technik- progress through technology indeed!!!!!

Scott Lambert : Pot, kettle Audi

speak freeley : Technology like that is all very good, but when it all malfunctions, be prepared for a mega bill.

Steve Tattersall : Are these features included to protect other road users from Audi drivers?

David Johnson : I really like Audi adverts just because of their simple focus on the car, though I will never use a self-drive car I really enjoyed the point they made with this advert. Overall most car adverts are centred around clown behaviour in or around the car.

Vrex 622 : Love the clown bike gang and the custard pie fight going on in the bus,great ad :)

macclad1001 : Best TV advert since Oranjeboom beer

Steven Hearnden : Oh the irony, Audi suggesting that most 'clowns' don't drive these overpriced Skodas!

REEL : Love the track. The voice has that Grace VanderWaal character. Is it her, does anyone know?

DeadSirius : The irony is that this advert has it all the wrong way round. Either Audi don't realise the driving habits of their own clientele or the company itself is made up of pretentious twats.


Benjamin Igwe : Great advert, very emotional music. Made me cry because the concept could apply to the world in general. Its full of CLOWNS.

Handyjack : That should become the new advert for the British Labour party!

Heat Stress : Ooo yeah baby Lord of The Rings

Conor Sullivan : Really good ad :-)

Nicklaus Deyring : This is in the top ten ads of all time.

SGT Norgan : Yep they're already here driving audi's

Richard Taylor : What about the clown driving the Audi?

Relax Music : 开其他车的都是小丑呗

peter steeley : So people who drive VW, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Bugattis must be the clowns now it makes sense. I suppose you can tell them apart from Audi drivers who are the village idiots. Actually I'm doing village idiots a dis-service they are probably better drivers

Guiseppe D'angelico : Technology will fix the clown problem!

Helen Nunn : I absolutely love it. I also love Clown's.

Sarah Mayhew : Best advert ever. Understated and perfect.

yamm yamm : So true, i could remake this advert every day filming audi drivers doing every one of these stunts, im quite offended by this advert

Heath Huston : Clowns plus Audi’s equals a day driving in the uk , what’s the rush Audi drivers.

Kenneth Gregson : There not really clowns. That's the colour you go after breathing in audi emissions

Hazir Lusha : I LOVE YOU AUDI

Luke P : my friend sent me here

Hillary T Dliwayo : :-) Reminds me of Vettel 1st lap crash at Singapore 2017.... What a clown

Matt : Perfect advert, ‘Going Home’ is amazing too but a totally different meaning

Blythe 5 : Could the scene in the tunnel nearing the end be a dig at the Paparazzi and aimed at Mercedes in the Diana accident?

David Pearson : I drive a Skoda Superb (Lauren & Klement) it’s got all those features on more comfortable and £10 grand cheaper Who’s the clowns !!!!!

Michael O Neill : Now this is an advert worth watching......take note M&S with your sickly looking food ads

Zack : First the RS5 advert, now this. Bravo Audi <3