Audi: Clowns TV Advert - Extended Cut

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Joseph Kuo : The best Audi TV ad. I've ever seen.

Keli K. : That clown face when the all-wheel-steering A8 parked into that tiny space

TheMutherfunkstar : This is a bold statement especially when it's the majority of Audi drivers that are the clowns!

Chatta290 : Wow what a great concept

Daniel Venter : Clown proof until IT shows up!


hugh bailey : from my experiance as a daily road user by way of a motorbike....Audi drivers amongst other well known brands tend to be the clowns

Jim Lee : This is a bit much Audi... your drivers are by far the worst on the roads...

Conor Sullivan : Really good ad :-)

hugh bailey : so the underlying message in this adverts is that either you are a clown if you dont drive and audi OR all drivers and road users are clowns except audi drivers......pretentious bunch of wankers at Audi

Zack : First the RS5 advert, now this. Bravo Audi <3

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ : Many congratulations on this absolutely superb advert. This is surely deserves a recognition award.

Laura Robinson : I honestly thought this was some sort of surrealist nightmare i had and then i saw it on TV again today.

Andrew Bailey : Before calling other road user clowns, look at your own clientele Audi.

Annette Geddes : says it all...EXCELLENT

Lenny : Don't matter how good the adverts are the product is always lacking audi's have a dead electric steering, they understeer and the brakes are rubbish so you should spend a little less on advertising and give out a better car..........ironic as most of the clowns I know drive audi's 😂

Alex G : One of the best commercials I have ever seen

Luke λλ7 : my friend sent me here

VocalTranceUK : Adverts like this are just the start of the predictive programming death spiral for combustion engine cars: necessitating the need to remove the 'dangerous' human element for "safe" driverless cars. With the 263 start up companies "racing towards autonomous cars," the 4th industrial revolution is well under way in the realm of U.N Agenda2030 controlled transportation.

Heat Stress : Ooo yeah baby Lord of The Rings

David Johnson : I really like Audi adverts just because of their simple focus on the car, though I will never use a self-drive car I really enjoyed the point they made with this advert. Overall most car adverts are centred around clown behaviour in or around the car.

sonic7emerald : Heh in a world full of clowns nowadays....this ad and its irony...

DeadSirius : The irony is that this advert has it all the wrong way round. Either Audi don't realise the driving habits of their own clientele or the company itself is made up of pretentious twats.

Jack Barrett : Best ad I’ve ever watched. Audi <3

David Powell : Is that song specifically made for his advert or is it an actual song ? If so , anyone know who made it ?

Scott Lambert : Pot, kettle Audi

Michael Thompson : where wqs this filmed?

Unicorn Z Unicorn poop : I hate adverts

Ann Seedhouse : is it just me that thinks there is a part in this ad that is a reminder of a very sad accident 20 years ago . love the clowns though

AhhChuffinhell : Most of the clowns are driving the Audis

Mark Holcroft : Why aren’t the clowns inside the audi? What sort of driver relies on tech rather than paying attention to the road? (Rhetorical question of course?)

REEL : Love the track. The voice has that Grace VanderWaal character. Is it her, does anyone know?

peter steeley : So people who drive VW, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Bugattis must be the clowns now it makes sense. I suppose you can tell them apart from Audi drivers who are the village idiots. Actually I'm doing village idiots a dis-service they are probably better drivers

Jacob Mcleod : I could recognised Lisa Hannigan's voice anywhere :)

Lee Jones : What happens if the clowns are inside the Audi (as they invariably are). Does it offer other road users similar levels of protection?

Ꮶ Ꭵ ᗹ Ꮢ Ꮆ : ОНО по всюду!

HILARY GIBSON : This advert shows irresponsible dangerous drivers, driving a car while talking on a mobile phone or putting on lipstick almost causing an accident and then clowns on motorcycles chasing a car through a tunnel. This year is the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana in a similar situation.This advert is in seriously poor taste and distracts from the subject.

Katie Fraser : The music if people want to know is from the musical A Little Night Music and its called Send in the Clowns!

Keli K. : Very well thought!

diAMID80 : мало ненависти. надо было про геев снять, что типа одни пидорасы кругом

Kenneth Gregson : There not really clowns. That's the colour you go after breathing in audi emissions

Sam Kent : Audi have got this a big backwards. What about their own clientele? They’re clowns as well. So will this technology mean that they won’t cut me off when I’m on my motorcycle or tailgate me because the car will see both of those things as dangerous? If so I welcome it!

speak freeley : Technology like that is all very good, but when it all malfunctions, be prepared for a mega bill.

kitty lynch : Technology doesn't help avoid accidents. Humans do. Rely on your brain and your eyes. And drive safely.

Joseph Bleasdale : Clowns = BMW drivers (I.e. the only drivers worse than Audi drivers)

perspicaciouscritic : Not being cynical but, as greatly executed as this advert is, it's not exactly an original insight:

Barbara Mettle-Olympio : Audi, creative genius... Love this ad

seno bayu r w : i get it audi

Angela Anderson's : Such a beautiful advert/song - had to rewind it as my eyes couldnt believe the technology! Vorsprung durch technik- progress through technology indeed!!!!!

Katrina Glanville : Cannot stand clowns and am not interested in cars, but this is genius! Actually makes me laugh and the soundtrack is awesome!