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Killatunga : Man, there's a lotta work you guys have to do, so hats off!

Katherine Uribe : I love Kevin & the Lion Whisperer Team!👍🤠

Lt. Dan’s Legs : You’ve gotta have a pair of titanium balls the size of Jupiter to do what he does. Much respect!!!

Katherine Uribe : George and Yame are true success stories, especially poor Georgie who had so many issues that he required surgery. But look at them now! Two of the most handsome and healthy young lions you could ever hope to see! George will always carry the scars of his maltreatment in the form of some deformity to his rear legs, but he really doesn't let that slow him down! He runs, jumps, and plays with Yame! And they are two of the sweetest lions in the sanctuary! Bless you, Kevin & The Lion Whisperer Team for all you've done for them, for all of the animals at the sanctuary, for spreading the word about canned hunting and the plight of wild lions! 👍🤠💖🦁💖

Ollie Duracell : Kevin Richardson = absolute hero

big moe Cosmo : Kevin Richardson = definition of a real man; strong, kind, compassionate, intelligent, respectful, and a love for wildlife and nature. He's an inspiration to humanity and an invaluable teacher. One can only aspire to be as great a human as he is. And for the personnel working with him, they are to be commended for what they do. It doesn't look easy and I'd have to say they are, also, committed to supporting his philosophy which makes them great human beings as well. We as custodians of the Earth can and should do no less. God bless them all.

XtinaMaria : wait!!! Tau is already 21? wow!!!!! i wish to see more of him soon. thank u for taking care of them. lots of love 😉

Kerry Hughes : Where can I get the ‘Poach the poachers’ tshirt? I would like to see canned hunting stopped, Trump’s sons hunt in this way and it needs to stop. I hope Kevin Richardson achieves his goal, I will support him all the way.

Rie Beachn : Thank you for sharing a wonderful video as always❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

o0Avalon0o : It's amazing to get a different perspective sometimes, thanks! And great work properly crediting in the description. This animals deserve our protection

keerthi kurup : I respect you so much as person ! This is so heartwarming to watch 💞

TessieTelevision : Great video. Nice to see the goings on behind the scenes.💜👍🦁

Rocket Raccoon : My favorite human on the planet : Kevin Richardson

Anna D : Great movie Amazing Thank you

FrozenVaIkyrie : And this place, my friends, is Heaven on Earth.

radhika m : Kevin, Your sanctuary is the best sanctuary I've ever seen. It's like a heaven for the Lions, Hyenas and Black Leopards. I really appreciate your work and your efforts to stop the canned lion hunting industry and conserve wild Lions.

Jessica Gonzalez : wow amazing sanctuary! Kevin and team y’all are doing extraordinary work there. 🦁♥️

TAMMY THURLOW : I love how they put name tag on each piece of meat.

anya halevi : It's about time you did a video like this. We don't know the backstory on many of the animals there and we're interested in getting to know them all better. Also nice to see the staff and what goes into the day to day of running your sanctuary. Please introduce us to ALL of the animals. We love them all 😍😍😍. Thank you 🙂🙂

Michael Caplan : I want a poached the poachers t-shirt like that

Paula P : Absolutely fascinating and educational video. Kevin, you and all the folks at the sanctuary are beyond compassionate and wonderful. Thank you!

ComicPhreak : I didn't know lions were having it as bad as the tigers. This is a great labor you're undertaking.

Magdalene Venterez : OLD MAN TAU!!!

HAZMAN THE GREAT : Can you show us more Tau please!! We have not seen that handsome man for a while now. As always, thank you for another fantastic video Lion Whisper team. Take care and spread the word peeps! #SaveLions

kanika saxena : Awwwww my love! The Lions look so healthy and adorable! God bless them! #LandforLions I am so happy that the community has been so dedicated and enthusiastic to bring a change for these beautiful soul. 💕😍 God bless you Kevin and the team !

DEVILS REJECT : 2050 extinction wow hope Kevins work is heard so that this doesn't really happen

Penny for your thoughts McGee : One Great channel love this .😊😊😊😊😁😁👍

Matthew Wood : My Favorite Channel!❤

Akram Sheakh : I wanna be like you some day Kevin I love big Cats 🦁💟

The Artoholic : I have now found my inner appreciation for Lions. They're so cute 💜🦁

favorites me : A beautiful and informative video! Thanks Kevin! 🦁💕

Julia Dugan : Loved another look into your world, a day in the Life! The feeding, the Lavender, Loved this!!! Many thanks and much Love Kevin!!!♥️♥️🦁♥️♥️

Kindness is Beauty : Kevins Lions look so clean! Compared to other lions we see in wild.

Vayetsii : Beautiful. Keep up the awesome work!!! I can't wait to volunteer at there someday!!!!

Sonya B78 : Loved your video Caroline 👍👍💕

Ray 101 : I'm in awe of the details that Kevin and his staff have to go through to care and protect these animals. May you live a healthy and longer life Kevin. The world needs people like you. My respect.

* : It’s not just cats, elephants, giraffes and other beautiful species are being annihilated. It’s nice to see back stage and credit given to the staff that makes this happen..... thank you !

Kindness is Beauty : I wana know about Kevin and his family life. Somebody tell me please. 😃😊

John Palermo : So greatful that the world has Kevin and his team's compassion and commitment to these beautiful creatures! Thanks so much guys. #SaveLions

Big T : You are a real mans man. Honorable and strong. Great respect to you brother.

MultiKarola24 : Thank you all staff for your hard work😊😸

BuddyBontheNet : Absolutely BRILLIANT video! 👍

kitty Shah : Such an informative VIDEO. Short, precise, moving and gives a clear idea. Kevin ! really good job here. This video must be shared . 👍

Nuckin Futs : They are such incredibly beautiful creatures. I'm truly baffled at how anyone can aim a weapon at them and fire. Sending much love and appreciation from the U.S. to Kevin and his entire team. Thank you all. 👍👏💜🦁🐆🐾 *Poach the poachers*

47Sukhoi : What a great job guys. Regards, Ahmad,

hi hoi : I love your lions

Courtney__1998 : Loved this video deserved my like and very interesting to see how your lions are fed ❤️

Shubham Thakur : Hey kevin...go on !! We love you and the work you do for these magnificent animals !!

Sarah Cox : Great video,fantastic very informative, enjoyed it very much,thankyou.

joan kemple : Excellent footage Kevin. Yes it is so very sad how people just murder and never give a second thought. I believe in karma. Thanks for doing what you do and God bless you.