When his ex-girlfriend turns into Samurai
Amazing tattoo cover up

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Cover tattoo by Tadashi Trung


cmontes85 : You were always meant to have a samurai. The ex was just a stepping stone in life for it to get there.

K : I just hope the Samuri doesn't cheat on him. That leg has been through enough.


Honeybee Academy : Anyone who can execute a cover up like this is Freaking AMAZING!!!! Great job!!

Brenda Saavedra : Now he has tattoo of his ex girlfriend wearing a samurai suit lol jk

XXXAMSTERDAMXXX HD : Should’ve left her eyes staring out from behind the face guard.

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' : She probably broke up with him because the tattoo

Bear Fluff : This is why you should NEVER tattoo your significant other or their name onto you. Use a permanent marker instead. Lol.

Julio Marquez : Lol technically its still her under the mask...👹now she's even scarier...!!!

Prasad Raut : Remember there is an ex-girlfriend behind every samurai mask tattoo.

Pussyon thechainwax : Dude tatted her whole face and probably Nick name too smh no wonder she's your ex

Mo Diggady : Tat a woman on your body and it better be yO mama!!! Lesson learned and amazing cover up👀🍻

palimpsestransparent : Ten years later... New GF: Why do you have samurais all over your body?

Purnima Gurung : Wow... A tattoo of your girlfriend. Not the smartes idea mu friend, but that's a great cover up

Beatriz Chavez : Ex girlfriend's portrait, the size, the name, the font.... it's all just plain stupid! 😑

Hi Alex : So what if he starts dating a samurai ?

Andres Colin : Can’t wait for the Samurai cover up video when he gets back with his exgirlfriend

Drunxt : Lesson learned. NEVER get a tattoo of you girlfriend.

Richard Peralez : Now to cover up his ex-samurai Boyfriend.... Episode 2...

kirigaya masato : You can cover it up but you will never forget whos behind it

i Papi : Bruh did she STAB your heart???🤣😂🤣

kookie4nookie : Original tattoo artist: what do you want? “A girl worth fighting foarrrrrrr!!!!” 🎶

Tari Stoudermire : She probably started thinking this weirdo got a tattoo of my face on his body I’m out🤷🏾‍♂️

Hard Boiled : Let's hope that the next one wouldn't be a Ninja.

autotuned duck : holy shit this music is so terrible. good cover up though. a gf portrait tattoo... why? hahah

Julio Marquez : Lol technically its still under the mask... 👹

Benji le : Ming must have given really good Sucky Sucky I guess lol

Manuel Hernandez : Tiene el samuray la misma cara q su ex todavía quedaron cenizas

simple jack : Kick ass cover up! Didnt care for the seizure inducing techno music though lol

Death Dealer : It is never wise to get a relationship-based tattoo.

bano production : And suddenly the ex cameback


LoliOnii-chan Senpai : _Why you get that samurai tattoo?_ *I have a reason for that* _Did you join Yakuza?_ *Yes but actually no*

Tari Stoudermire : And all you did was put a helmet on her😭🤣

Doponese : That is one great selection of music 👍🏻

Norey 1991 : Now it is Ex Girlfriend with Samurai helmet 😂🤦‍♂️

Real831 : heeyyy that's my new gf !! lmao😜😂

Παύλος Κ : Two years after repost When Samurai turns into his new girlfriend

hugoarellano10686 : Lmao! It still looks like his ex 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Badass cover up tho.

Matias Asconeguy Raco : Nice job. It's amazing how you figured it out in only 5 minutes.

dread head garage : The fact that he got a portrait and name on his thigh leads me to believe he doesnt make the smartest of choices🤦🏾‍♂️

Mariichan333 : WOH that looks amazing. I like the black shadow/ghost effect going on at the bottom - great work, very detailed 🙌

Shawn Marco : Nobody: Youtube: ex-girlfriend turn into samurai

Sighrix : Ex: he'll always remember me♡ Him: yeah a BIG samurai head plz.

Diego García Gonzalez : "So how can I help you?" "I need a cover up" "Let's see her..."

Florida Corvette Owners : Going to be tough changing the Samurai if they break up. Jokes aside, damn serious skills 👏🏼

huntrrr gatherrr : Rare item aquired: Shogun headgear +1

Family Over Everything : Let’s hope he doesn’t end up having to get another samurai on the other leg!😁

jordan boyd : I hope they got back together, strictly for comical purposes. "Hey how about that tattoo of me?" "Yeaaaahhhhhhh..."