Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum

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PressTube : Ok, like I said in the video and in the description : I live in Belgium, and when we have a wasp nest that is close to a house or a place where people are (like my children in this case) we need to call the fire department. They will come to exterminate the wasp nest with poison. Wasps are not protected in Belgium. Bees on the other hand are protected here!

alexkg1 : 13k wasps disliked this video. We need to get more aluminum

Bence Molnár : Are you also scrolling through the comments to see the triggered wasps?

『SG』 zєиιχ - Moba Content and More! : It's 35k dislikes my dude. Fetch more aluminum.

David Fouad Winnipeg Realtor DCF Real Estate Inc. : Smart you don’t show your face, otherwise wasps can find you.

Brittany Ramone : I’m still stuck on the ‘we call the fire department and they handle the wasps’ part like.. if I called my fire department and told them we had wasps and need help they’d say “okay.. and..? go buy some pest spray or call a bee keeper”

JKP Animation : ... and the fire nation attacked.

cerebrus prime : Wife Wasp: Hey Baby, How Was Your Day? Husband Wasp: Oh, It Was Great...Thanks For A-Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Trump : *No bees were harmed in the making of this video*

Irish Viking : Wasps, the George Soros' of the insect world!

death-bat Dawber : all your going to make here is a bunch of pissed off T-1000 wasps

plasticman15505 henry : Not even molten aluminum is punishment enough for what wasps deserve.

Oxolotleman : I think it's funny that you can call the fire department on wasps.

Wallace Grommet : I tried this and got attacked by aluminum coated wasps. My local recycling center is really mad at me after the wasp escaped from the container!

Joey Byrne : *Peta wants to know your location*


Driving Crawley : No wasps were harmed in the mak... oh

Dominic Darr : High tech turn a plate from a microwave

Samurai Knight : 34k wasp dislikes it now

Insxne.Beats : Imagine if it hit a gas line lol😂

A Lamp : Don’t press read more! You have been cursed with bad luck for all of 2019 (like to undo)

Jon Cheshire : You know there’s gotta be at least one wasp from that nest that wasn’t home when that went down and when he returned he thought “Wtf?!?”

Andreon Smith : Damn that was satisfying to watch

MT: Gear/Man Stuff/Nature/Etc : This man is doing the Lord’s work! Wish he was around when I grew up, we were getting lit up by wasps in the summers! Wasps have NO REDEEMING QUALITIES, they contribute nothing to the environment. The terror they cause far outweighs the small amount of bugs (lots of good ones too) they kill, frogs/toads/birds do a much better job!

Subha Ranjan Das : 35K wasps disliked this video

Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal : If you look at it at a certain angle it kinda looks like godzilla

Brian Anderson : When you take "kill it with fire" to another level.

luscent3737 : And to no surprise we have 33k vegans disliking this video. Maybe they should have adopted ur wasp nest if they cared so much.

Winnie Taplin : When you have to much free

Henry Flores : That hen was curious af looking at your massacre.

TheOtakuComrade : Kill it with fire gone literal, _on wasps_ *_Magnificent_*

roxycat : How would you like it if I came and. Burn

Connor Bukowski : 6:00 using a microwave plate. Very smart

Mark Cross : 3:36 Returning wasp coming in hot! Hit the convective heat and crash-landed at the bottom-left of the camera view.

Daz Burnside : 4:46 looks like you’ve just dug up a cow skull

Will Edwards : *Goes to store "I need a block of aluminum" Clerk: "Wasps?" "Wasps"

David Pak : Great video. Very interesting

Roger Lareau : I found this oddly satisfying, why so much hate on this? Are there actually 35K members of PAKAWI? (People Against Killing Angry Winged Insects)

Ethan Richards : He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly, he sting wasp bacc

Ulrich Willems : That looks like an elephant doodoo

rp hales : just imagine being a wasp chillin in your home and then next thing you know you’re burning alive from molten metal.

Sir Tomaz : If it was possible to cast some aluminum in the thumbs down icon to see how the gender vegans nest looks like..

Nicole Garcia : I must point out the way you set up the trampoline is awesome!!!

Firewood Hobbyist : The wasps got nuked!

Richard Madden : I'm an east coast American. I've used "smoke bombs" to eliminate fire ant, yellow-jacket and bumble bee nests... Just give the smoke bomb (a smoky, non-explovive "cherry bomb" a few seconds to eliminate the explosive combustion, and place the discharge over the hole. The smoke kills everything. I've dealt with above ground living wasps. Bald faced Hornets??? cut down the tree and use a Molatov Cocktail Other hornets???? Pressure washer.

Doki Doki Literature Club is Garbage : Oooh that must've stung!

stephi475 : whats funny is some millionaire schmuck will buy that sculpture.

OldHickory Jackson : I see the chickens all in the bush, so I bet the heat is running various insects out of the soil :)

Prank Girl : So was there dead wasp bodies stuck outside and inside the metal??

Lane : 5:57, looks like an old man shooting the middle finger.