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That's TUFF : Cant get more american than this

Retrovertigo : You know damn well we'd all use that thing too if we had one...

JTaters : Murica!

Grip Limit : Not possible without his disability check...

Adam Adan : quick question if a driver was placed in the last row before the race begins does that driver have a way to win

Splitty : Damn so many ignorant people in the comments. Guarantee most of them can’t even drive a stick shift and get cramps when they drive for an hour. It’s an endurance sport, don’t hate when you can’t even do it

Almighty Sosa : Rednecks😂

Da Mobb : i bet if you check in their car, you'd find kkklan robe, swastika patch, bible, guns and confederate flags

Long Gahn : Christ

BlockChainDP : Nothing special in 'Murica

blank awx : Wtf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

eva •vogel : 1.

Kevin Thompson2387 : Plolol

Jay Salazar : That's a win.

Guarenteed Money : #I'm Not Mad At Him!!

Javale McGee : America is such a beautiful country

BAD : Carry on my wayward sonnnnn...😂😂😂

NorCalSupercharger : Does Jeff Gordon still race?

Jimmy Reagan : I'm from Florida this sounds about right

Moise Nash : Typical base Edomites Caucasians idumeans cavedwellers

All.trumptards Are.racist : Hey look it's the American racist favorite pastime.

Julio El Chavez : On his way to plow his cousin

Andrew Gabriel : You misspelled America!!

savage t Aesthetic Knight : Living the dream.

OGMillyMillz : I don’t care what you say, NASCAR isn’t a sport. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Dustin Holness : Florida is the best

Ed Wu : Needs a cooler installed

РАЗМЫШЛИСТ : Vanomas number one

Games Bond128 : If you ain’t first you’re last

John Washington : Daytona squad we in here

scorpionz982 : Yeee buddy. All he needs is a fat dip of vagisil

bromandude : Can’t deny it looks comfortable

Cameron Hughes : This can't be America, where are the guns?

Nig Nog : Sub

Ashton Voss : Good thing is he only needs one button “left turn”!

Super Saiyen Jedi : Better put a roll cage on that....just in case Maybe an umbrella, also a stereo with some speakers and 250 shot of nitrous!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

AlBeasto 36 : What a god

Arjan Luhar : What kind of lap times does he get on one those lol

Ali T : He’s living in 3018

autumn void : Ваномас намба ван на Руси.

Osullivan : God bless these United States of America.

Trolley The Troll : no wonder these people lost the civil war.....bunch of idiots

YZER83MAN : What a cool dude, that's awesome!!!🎈🎈🎈

Jax Brown : Looks fun. And comfortable

Apex Gaming : 1 of the 12 NASCAR fans😱

mikeatc33 : good one...

idonotcollectstamps : Reddit's r/KoonTown/ sent me here

Brock Page Productions : Ain’t enough Budweisers to go around!