Leon Valley Entrapment: False Press Release

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Tom Zebra : This has got to be the dumbest cop I have seen all week. Stooopid.

News Now Colorado : We need to go there and continue doing this until that chief gets fired.

Judo Johnny : So if your a witness to a crime you get arrested and your rights violated? Is live streaming illegal in Texas? This is corruption to the core.

Texas Jack : This is the best thing that could have happened. Leon Valley just destoyed itself.

Mikey Webb : Turner Vs Leon Valley? Ding Ding Ding .....................can we get a some new case law

Constitutional Corner : Scumbag chief

Mikey Webb : I just cant imagine the chief is acting on his own, he is likely being advised by the judge and or city attorneys, but just let me say I hope he did this on his own because watching him go down is going to be fun

Darryl Giffin : So they arrested media at a media conference, small town sheriff, with a small town mind I can make up the law and arrest everyone why doesn’t he arrest YouTube

Randy J : This will not hold up in court and they know it. It’s just a way to steal more shit and get y’all outta his hair for the time being. People make threats on many platforms, the platforms are never held responsible. Let’s arrest the CEO of google while we’re at it.

P Rex : This chief and judge have just cost the taxpayer's a lot of money. This is why qualified immunity must end.

Gunk 'The Katzenberg Kid' Googer : Wow! So, basically, the Leon, Texas police department is like a mafia organization? That's pretty freaking weird. So, what happens now? The entire town goes bankrupt or just the police department? Will the citizens have to foot the bill of the ensuing, inevitable massive lawsuit that will go down in history? This is unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime.

Michael Belardo : I used to be a police supporter 6 months ago, but thanks to the auditors exposing how stupid and crooked the police really are, I’m just as furious as everyone else is tonight. This is an absolute disgraceful abuse of power that cannot be defended.

stan huckleberry : You don't sieze and then obtain a warrant.

captain porkie : Update and correction to my error this is the code in its entirety CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE TITLE 4. LIABILITY IN TORT CHAPTER 73.

WhereMyChicken : I have a feeling everyone arrested will be very rich soon and citizens in Leon Valley are in an unsafe town.

Aidan Umpherson : 3:32 Denying medical attention. Add that to the list of civil rights violations the chief has committed.

citizen of the republic of texas : Worthless tyrants

The Weyldman : These asshats need to be taken down. It's obvious that the city government won't do anything so it's time for the Governor, Attorney General of Texas, Bexar County Sheriff... Hell the Texas Rangers if they can do something. Maybe they need to take this federally.

Paul Edwards : This has to be the sloppiest use of an agent provocateur ever. So obv.

Bugdriver49 : BS...How can you be "witness to a crime" when there's NO CRIME??!!!!

nebukanezzar x : the implication here is that live streaming is now effectively illegal if you can be arrested for what other people say in your live stream

D. Neal : Jack booted Nazi tyrant thugs operating in Texas.... God save our country.


North Idaho Exposed : Yup, it was a trap like we a figured. What a bunch of..

Juan Hernandez : Fire the chief!

joseph pelham : YES , they themselves called it a press conference .

Jon Doe : C'mon man bring in the lawyers now, these guys have no idea about the law, you're not gonna get any results. Take their money and take their jobs.

Gustavo Guallar : This guy thinks he is Napoleon, he has the midget complex, that city is in an state of dictatorship. Did they suspended civil rights in Leon Valley?

Paddy Casey : Unbelievable how he is a chief of police when normal members of the public understand basic law and the 1st amendment and are not being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of taxpayers money

Tony Silva : Wonder how many of those pigs said "this is wrong chief!" Ha! Not a single one I'm sure.

Jo Remondini : chief is a LIER..!!

andrea wade : just a bunch of crooks put them in the jails they put you in

Constitutional Corner : I sent him a Walmart job application on Facebook LOL I think he's going to need it very soon

Charles New : wow total bullcrap,they do not want the truth out about their own dirt ,and are hoping this stops anyone from showing up,to protset in my opinion

Frank Kintz : Can he prove in court that what was on a live stream was witnessed by each and every person there? Wittiness to a crime won't fly. No RAS or PC that anyone saw the stream. False arrest and illegal seizure of property. He would need a warrant to seize. If he so much as views the content he has really stepped ass deep in it. No one is legally responsible for what another says on any form of social media. If someone post on Twitter "Kill the President" does everyone that viewed that go to jail?

M85 Explorations : bury these pigs in court

Tyler James : I respect your first admendment rights but I'm gonna steal everyone's phone and make up laws

J Mighty : This needs to stop!! At this point the state should be held accountable for this!

andrea wade : he is pure evil an I hope he get what is coming to him under the law sue the city till they are all homeless an without jobs

angrychappaz : I think someone needs to remove him from his post as soon as possible as he doesn't seem to have a clue about the law!

Arizona Auditor : So.....Is he gonna go after all of us that watched it live for being witnesses??? This chief needs to be demoted to dog catcher.

Derick Smith : What is Leon valley going to do after the lawsuits? The new name will likely be Auditors Valley. Chief will just move and run and hide his 2 pensions. These auditors are going to own this town. Can a town declare bankruptcy?

mjkmojofool : What does this chief of police think the results of his actions will be? Does he really think his lawlessness will be backed by the courts? Does he think he's going to increase his reputation? This chief of police and his lackeys are criminals, recorded committing crimes. Here's a promise chief - not a threat - you will be held responsible in a court of law and will suffer the legal consequences of your folly.

d s : Now chief, I do not care what happens. Bet it was the chief that made the threats.

GreenLittleRobot : The people will not stand for this. His career is over and Leon valley will be very poor in the coming months due to lawsuits. Ignorance of the law is not a defense even for police chiefs.

Ken Ridley : "Ma'am you're not in charge here." The chief isn't in charge either. You just can't go around handcuffing peaceful people filming, who are bystanders in a crowd. Police can ask for their cooperation, however they are not required to say anything, especially under duress. The chief doesn't know the law and expects his prosecutor friends and a judge to cover for his ignorance.

The stigs Australian cousin : So one cop does something wrong but that dosen't reflect on all officers, yet one citizen makes a threat and suddenly everyones at fault. #earnthehate

Jenn Schue : This guy is worthless!! Abuse of power!!!!😡

Steve Middaugh : The only way to stop this piece of shit police chief is lawsuits against Leon Valley. Complaints don't work. Leon Valley needs to know that their is monetary consequences to their chiefs behavior.. No city likes losing lawsuits.

702Ghost : This is “Law Enforcement” in America in 2018. The honor is long gone.