Nations of the World

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Gareth Cole Pratt : See you on the front page boys and girls

Razzle Dazzle : so am I the only one who actually got scared when I heard the gun shot?

Glitzbog : Yeah, that seems about right.

BizarreWords : This is good.

Sean Vosler : geez did not expect that lol

Pro Meliora : Caught Yakko slippin now

princely nettles : *good meme*

Danny DeVito : Category: Gaming

MrCrazy550 : Now this a meme

p0rq : Great job

trahnettilhcs : I'm in awe

Santiago sas : This is gold

Eli : Well, part of America at least

Deathmule Yes Andrew Orozco Sucks UTTP No : 0:10 Hahahaha you had just jumpscared me XD