Stealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film

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William Pereira Gomes : how can a person who created time travel be so stupid?

That Guy Magnum! : This is just amazing! Too bad Howard is an idiot...

Josaph : Following the film logic here are the instructions to build the time machine: 1. Collect a lot of electronic equipment. 2. Connect the equipment randomly until the future you visits you and tells you that the machine is working and you should use it to tell the past you that is working. 3. Profit.

gilki[] : absolutely love the scarf. Its trapped in an endless loop. That simple exchange made each of the infinite scarves shift ownership one over to the previous version.

Michael House : As long as the rotation of the Earth is being taken into account, so does the movement of the solar system and the movement of the galaxy. Time travelers would end up out in space :)

YaYa Inspired : Ok, cool... but there's still a dead body in the garage, and how long will it take for the police to make the guy who stole the device the prime suspect?

sio eati : I dont know if I can trust myself if I ever could face my clone trough travel time.. I believe that any white cheep can change into a dark wolf if the atmosphere was influential enough to manipulate yourself.. my conclusion.. I think I won't trust myself

Homar Murillo : here's my take on untangling the causation loop and timeline mess of this short film. there were actually five timelines. 1st timeline -- James1 received a frantic phone call from Howard4 at around 12:00 noon. James1 and Howard1 had a confrontation in the garage. Howard1 made his first time jump. 2nd timeline -- Howard2 materialized in the bathroom of neighbor1 at around 11:59. he ran to his garage but it took 8 minutes to get there, arriving at 12:07 pm. he saw the dead body of Howard4 and tried to destroy the machine but James2 convinced him to go back in time to prevent the unfortunate event. Howard2 entered the time machine box and made the second time jump. 3rd timeline -- Howard3 materialized in the swimming pool of neighbor2 at around 12:02 and ran to his garage and arrived at 12:05 pm. he saw Howard1 just closed the lid of the time machine box and disappeared into the past (timeline 2). the now paranoid and nervous Howard3 confronted the confused James1 as Howard4 burst into the door. Howard3 panicked and accidentally shot Howard4. Howard3 made the third time jump to prevent himself from shooting Howard4. 4th timeline -- Howard4 materialized in the bedroom of neighbor3 at exactly 12:00 noon. he ran outside and made a frantic call to James1 (of timeline1). he burst into the door of his garage but was accidentally shot by the paranoid Howard3. James1 stole the time machine power device and while he was leaving in his car, he was confronted by James2 saying that they should re-insert the power device and wait for the arrival of Howard2. James1 hid behind the time machine control panel while James2 reenacted his conversation with Howard2 who now saw the dead body of Howard4 on the floor, thus repeating the scenes in the 2nd timeline. James1 entered the time machine box at around 12:08 pm to make the fourth time jump. James2 stole the time machine power device and left. 5th timeline -- This was not seen in the film but this was the timeline where James2 materialized and confronted James1. this was also the timeline wherein he convinced Howard2 to go back in time for the second time, thereby triggering the events.

Jonas Polsky : The least plausible part is that someone in Southern California would be wearing a jacket and scarf in the daytime.

Dylan Walker Photography : This must have been confusing to edit. Great film.

hoyah hayoh : I struggle to believe that someone who was clever enough to invent a time machine would be stupid enough to do that. That was still awesome though :D

kijanailis : Been on a short film frenzy the last week, must have watched hundreds so far...this was excellent! I shared it and subscribed.

mutilator97 : The biggest problem with this short, and time travel in general, is not the multiples of one's self, nor the reference point for where you end up, but the fact that it creates paradoxes by it's very nature. If you go into the past, the very fact that you are now there creates a paradox due to you not having been there before. anything and everything you could possibly do would simply crate more paradoxes due to them being able to interfere with what you were doing to travel back in time in the first place. Then there's the fact that you can't change anything you want to(barring all else), because doing so removes the reason you went back in time in the first place. In summary, backwards time travel is impossible, and even if it were, too dangerous to even try due to paradoxes and universe destruction as consequence.

Haleigh : If you watch Doctor Who, all the feelings your feeling like your head hurting have become more severe and you've adapted to it; basically whovians watch this without their brains exploding because it's normal to them

Igor Freitas : If he moves through time but not space, how the hell he ends up in his own neighborhood when earth spins around the sun at a speed of 30 km/s? And this is without considering that the sun is also constantly moving along with everything else through the universe.

░KenLinx░ : This was GENIUS! Sad that it didn't get more views.

Corporal Treyian : Perfectly done! Though I think I have the right to sue you for making my head hurt

DeeDah : I'm an old sci-fi fan. This is quite nice. Especially if I don't think about it too much. Except that I think there should be 2 Mollys on the couch. They would get along fine.

Mark Johnston : why is this not a netflix original series?

ScottySquatch : To the people who keep arguing that "time traveling to the past is impossible" and "this is unrealistic" and stuff like that. I say to you sir/mam it's just a film. It's supposed to be like that.

Supperhero : Masterwork....... why so few views? I love it.

true love : Hats off to creativity of person. Appreciates your thinking. You are the winner of yourself.💚💛💙💜💛💙💙💚💜

David Duarte : The really important question is: how come the scarf guy have a suitcase for the important part of the time machine? The second is how he knows which part is the important?(maybe he just is that smart)

kalucky0 : So... What time is it?

First_Comes_Rock : This is literally the perfect time traveling movie

dashcam Dog : one of the best time travel films i have seen for a long time.

Wakane : So far, the most consisent time travel movie.

Alley Cat : So I think I've figured out the (possible) looped timeline, I used to think that James 2 is the one who supposedly orchestrates the entire thing. Which is strange- how is it possible for James 1 and James 2 to be equally scheming and machiavellian and yet James 1 to naively trust in and be betrayed by his very clone? Putting that character inconsistency aside.... timeline-wise we are still left with an anomaly (I mean aside from the paradox backwards time travel creates by its very nature, see other comments). James 2 has to exist near the beginning because there are two Jameses in the room when Howard's first clone returns. Therefore the James clone must have been created at some point before Howard 2 gets home but also after (logically) the time machine was invented. In that specific timeframe we see a James trying to escape with the machine. It is easy to assume that this is James 1 as it's the clone who would "appear" somewhere outside. But if it is James 1, James 1 is surprised to see James 2 implying they are meeting for the first time. So James must have cloned himself unconsciously at some point. The only alternative to fix these is that it was actually James 1 (the original James) who was behind everything. This fits: he tricks the clone, (who knows relatively less because he is at least unaware of being a clone and of what is happening near Howard's home sometime after Howard is first cloned). And it would again have to be James 1 who runs to the car, lies to Howard and eventually kills the other James... but it would have to mean that James 1 shot the original Howard and then was somehow cloned himself, got out of the box, and ran outside to lay in wait for the clone.. who he knew would probably go for the machine. The prepared breifcase is harder to explain without allowing for the possibility of having a single same James before 12:00 knowing something he will only learn after 12:00.. and here come the paradoxes.. but symbolically it is a nice touch emphasizing the extent of his devious intentions..

CreativeCartoonist : I must say this is most definitely one of the best short sci-fi films that I have seen on YouTube. I must thank two of the commentators for giving details about the chain of events. When I watched the second time I saw how the storyline made perfect sense even down to the note on the brief case that you can see something was written by the guy to himself so that he had it in place. On what the guy that stole invention did was not to prevent the chain of events from coming to past by taking the invention prematurely because the inventor had to arrive, see his own body and go back in time. The inventor thought that he was going to prevent his own demise but was doing everything that was going to cause it unwittingly. His competitor comes back as well and makes sure the invention is in place to be used. Once the inventor went back which was the latest time chronologically but not the earliest time, since he had to go back earlier to try to prevent it but really was doing everything that would cause his demise. A very well thought out plot. Of course I would have to concur with previous comments that with the theory of moving through time and not space that he would more than likely end up in space. Never the less given poetic and creative license it still was a brilliant story with a twist on the time travel paradoxes that theorists have debated about through the decades. Great job man and I look forward to other projects that you will do with your future self, time travel pun intended! lol

Valelacerte : Someone was influenced by _Primer_.

Kat : I wonder what happened to the other scarf though, the _"original"..._

LeoValdez945 : somebody help me understand... Howard had this time machine, and accidentally killed the other Howard, so he kept going back to try to fix it, creating a time loop? then James wants to steal it, but James 2 shows up and acts as James 1 in order to keep the loop going. then James 2 sends James 1 back in time, therefore causing him to become the James 2. now all the James 2's steal the time machine while Howard is stuck in a time loop forever, none the wiser. is this right?

Flashee : I literally don't have words to describe my feelings about this. Like... It's so amazing and mind boggling how it's done. It's so well done and just makes me so happy for some odd reason. Please do me a favor and make another one in the future because this is one of many Time Travel videos that is actually extremely well done.

Luke Allan : this is extremely well done! bravo! I am truly impressed by the detail and timing and the overall attention to detail and logic surrounding the story!!

Linnen Carrot : My brain hurts........

Valentin Koscheyev : Problem not addressed in film - pretty obvious: The traveler would have be contained inside of a resonating time field inhibitor. Otherwise, there could be drift or energy tides that displace the arrival could appear in the past, yet with molecules merging with concrete floor or steel sheeting of a refrigerator. Instant death is no scientific victory in a such a case. As evidenced in the study of quantum physic (incl. String Theory, M-Theory, Quantum Foam, etc.) TIME IS NOT NECESSARILY RELEVANT TO SPACE....everything can be everywhere & nowhere, everything & nothing. Distance can largely be negate or enforce 2 objects occupying the same space.

ideamaker : There's one flaw... how does the bad guy know to bring a box with the exact size hole for the device???

Salim Maharjan : That guy is such an idiot!!! After seeing himself dead, why would he go back in time to save himself while he could have easily avoided that by not traveling through time the second time.

Desmond DJ DDT Travis : Fantastic!

Taylor Bowman : Very well done!👏👏👏👏

CinemaTech Media : Felt Like I was watching Inception good work man.

michaeljameskerrigan : Taking all previous comments into account, in my opinion, this is a wonderfully good science fiction short. Well written, well produced, directed AND edited with all the bells and whistles deserving of a full blown production. Yes, the time travel theme and all the paradoxes it throws up is a well-worn path populated by countless others but nevertheless, this production is an extremely good piece of entertainment that holds the attention of the viewer to its conclusion - whatever the 'armchair si fi critics' might try to level at its paradoxical storyline. And the film's 'timing' is spot on too! All participants should be applauded for their efforts; special effects, sound, music composition and not least of all, the actors who performed their parts extremely well. Congratulations to all concerned in producing such a professional film. I, for one, will look forward to further productions you may produce.

Oce Gaming : Honestly one of the best short films I've ever seen. Why can't there be more like this on YouTube?

Random Nobody : Automatic upvote for featuring a miniature dachshund.

Peter Addison : amazing fun film

Film News Report : That is one well written time travel short. Probably the best I have ever seen. This one should have won Best Short Screenplay for a Tier 1 festival.

DalekSupremeWithCheese : This is incredible! The temporal causality loop is my favorite kind of paradox, because it seems to be the only logical kind. I'm glad you didn't use the BTTF kind of paradox, where everything slowly changes. A timeline this complex takes tact and intelligence to conceive, so bravo to you!

sciencefictionfantasy : This is the standard of film that should be on at the local cinema as an added short to the programme - great stuff.

jetpaq : ok... OUT OF THE PARK!!!   loved it! wow. mind bending!lol

muslimin karben : fantastic movie. paradox time