The Definitive 11Foot8 Bridge Crash Compilation

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Willem Hebbe : If you like this bridge you'll love his evil little brother

Bobby Cigarillo : I want a relationship as strong as that bridge

A Person : That truck repair business must be doing pretty well

R M : I like that part where the truck crashes into the bridge.

James Ryan : i'm opening a truck repair garage on the other side of the bridge.

A Person : 0:33 that one was actually satisfying

Prince Tae : *When you tell your barber to take a little off the top*

Bobby Digital : I really wanna go to this intersection in this town pull out a lawn chair and watch the carnage.....this should be on a tourism brochure.

Rotoped64 : It's not a bridge, but tin opener. :D

Pompeu : Someday the trucks will win. I still believe.

Ronan Bell : My favorites are when it perfectly shaves off the top and they take off looking like an open can.

demonstructie : Do Penske even have trucks left at this point?

Bustin Jieber : Teacher: Why didn't you get the assignment done? What were you doing? Me:

The Hypest : I love how confidently pretty much every truck driver went straight into the bridge

Cableguy818 : That city should be charging for all those free sun roofs they’re giving away.

H Bot : Props to the bridge for withstanding all the trucks smashing into it on the daily

The Scheming Skeleton : There's something satisfying about watching those AC units get cleanly cut off the top of the RV's.

Scribbles s : Ah yes, the 11 ft 8 bridge. Or as I like to call it: The Can Opener

H Koizumi : I bet that town has lot of convertible boxed trucks for sale.

SparklingGarbage l-/ ! : 9:17 he went back lmaooo

Fatboy 626 : 911 what's your emergency! I got my damn truck stuck under the bridge again! Damnit Cletus! This is your 3rd truck this week!

GeoPlayer123 : are we all just going to ignore how fast the people behind them stopped?

noes noes : Oh all the top rated comments are 1 year old, at least I can be at the bottom of the comment section

xMerius 2k18 : New channel : what's inside the truck By 11 foot 8

xMerius 2k18 : This is how to get a convertible car

Deccadeo Youtube : Who wants to bet it's the same person driving all those Penske trucks?

Voktan again : Why is there even a warning sign when everybody just ignores it

Rob J : There’s either something mentally wrong with the drivers, or they have no situational awareness and cannot clearly see the warnings and the low height of the bridge.

Millersaur 1 : 3.2 thousand trucks and trailers disliked this video

tyler bonser : thats just a recommended height right? like speed limits for corners

J T : That bridge has the death sentence in 12 systems...for murdering trucks.

SprayWayCustoms : These folks about to run Penske out of business

WanderingCoconut •Jewelry & Crafts : Omg I’ve never laughed so hard at a YouTube video 😂😂

Fullmetal Norik . : I have no idea why, but I'm just over here dying laughing . *Dying*

SoldierOST : No one is going to talk about the yellow trucks? They crashed like 8 times LMAO🤣🤣🤣

Piece of Eyelash : Open up shop right next to that bridge

A.L.E. pcktacular : 11 foot 8 is known as the can opener. This video proves this.

fatmanlittlecoat88 : Drinking game: Take a shot whenever it's a Penske truck.

Levi Ojeda : I wish we can see the drivers faces 😂

Boi Mad : Somebody gotta open a shop “trucks tops & roofs fix” slogan “don’t worry, we got your back ;)”

SparklingGarbage l-/ ! : Seeing the tops of the trucks just kinda shred off is kinda fun

Experimental Fun : The trick is you have to hit the gas real hard and you will fit

Dan Ross : You're not Penske material.

QCM : 🔴🔴How many idiots did you see hit the bridge??🔴🔴

CornCod1 : Back to making fries at McDonalds for a lot young truckers here.

101Crock : This reminds me of some of my classmates. No matter how many times you tell them something, they still won't get it.

Tech Showdown : Is it just me or is this really relaxing to watch?

VITA kyo : They should dig the road under the bridge ...

Christina Cormier : Guess the company that own the trucks that say budget on it not going to be on a budget anymore.

Gah Fawkes : why so many trucks get wrecked by the bridge? is there something wrong or misleading about the plaque that's supposed to tell the drivers what the height is?