The Definitive 11Foot8 Bridge Crash Compilation

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Willem Hebbe : If you like this bridge you'll love his evil little brother

Prince Tae : *When you tell your barber to take a little off the top*

Ronan Bell : My favorites are when it perfectly shaves off the top and they take off looking like an open can.

James Ryan : i'm opening a truck repair garage on the other side of the bridge.

Bobby Digital : I really wanna go to this intersection in this town pull out a lawn chair and watch the carnage.....this should be on a tourism brochure.

The Hypest : I love how confidently pretty much every truck driver went straight into the bridge

Bobby Cigarillo : I want a relationship as strong as that bridge

Rotoped64 : It's not a bridge, but tin opener. :D

Bustin Jieber : Teacher: Why didn't you get the assignment done? What were you doing? Me:

Cableguy818 : That city should be charging for all those free sun roofs they’re giving away.

H Koizumi : I bet that town has lot of convertible boxed trucks for sale.

demonstructie : Do Penske even have trucks left at this point?

fatmanlittlecoat88 : Drinking game: Take a shot whenever it's a Penske truck.

Fatboy 626 : 911 what's your emergency! I got my damn truck stuck under the bridge again! Damnit Cletus! This is your 3rd truck this week!

noes noes : Oh all the top rated comments are 1 year old, at least I can be at the bottom of the comment section

Deccadeo Youtube : Who wants to bet it's the same person driving all those Penske trucks?

The Scheming Skeleton : There's something satisfying about watching those AC units get cleanly cut off the top of the RV's.

SparklingGarbage l-/ ! : 9:17 he went back lmaooo

WanderingCoconut •Jewelry & Crafts : Omg I’ve never laughed so hard at a YouTube video 😂😂

J T : That bridge has the death sentence in 12 systems...for murdering trucks.

Fullmetal Norik . : I have no idea why, but I'm just over here dying laughing . *Dying*

GeoPlayer123 : are we all just going to ignore how fast the people behind them stopped?

Little Pinch of Ginger : I have no idea why but this is so friggin satisfying to watch. I am just sitting here munching popcorn watching dozens of truckdrivers have a terrible day

Rob J : There’s either something mentally wrong with the drivers, or they have no situational awareness and cannot clearly see the warnings and the low height of the bridge.

tyler bonser : thats just a recommended height right? like speed limits for corners

Millersaur 1 : 3.2 thousand trucks and trailers disliked this video

Experimental Fun : The trick is you have to hit the gas real hard and you will fit

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz : When you're a bridge designer and your buddy has a car repair shop...

Piece of Eyelash : Open up shop right next to that bridge

SoldierOST : No one is going to talk about the yellow trucks? They crashed like 8 times LMAO🤣🤣🤣

SparklingGarbage l-/ ! : Seeing the tops of the trucks just kinda shred off is kinda fun

Tech Showdown : Is it just me or is this really relaxing to watch?

Boi Mad : Somebody gotta open a shop “trucks tops & roofs fix” slogan “don’t worry, we got your back ;)”

101Crock : This reminds me of some of my classmates. No matter how many times you tell them something, they still won't get it.

FokkeWulfe : If memory serves, tbis bridge is called the Guillotine by the locals. That yellow strip.of metal was installed after it was built to protect the bridge from damage after so many incidents where large box trucks drove into it. The city was paying a small fortune for near constant repairs and placed the sacrificial piece of thick steel in the way. The steel is no lower then the bridge itself as some have claimed. It does make for some satisfying peeling. Now, back to the video.

CornCod1 : Back to making fries at McDonalds for a lot young truckers here.

Voktan again : Why is there even a warning sign when everybody just ignores it

VITA kyo : They should dig the road under the bridge ...

calito44 : The last one was epic....The guy was " Nah.... we can not pass, let me find anothr route...- No, you can do it, give it a chance, trust in youself!! " the guy go in reverse, think again.... "Come on man1! go for it!!! " and get stuck :P :P

QCM : 🔴🔴How many idiots did you see hit the bridge??🔴🔴

OnlyOneJeree : Dude at 1:11-1:16 shouldn't be able to walk on planet Earth with his titanium balls

A.L.E. pcktacular : 11 foot 8 is known as the can opener. This video proves this.

Netizen Capet : The poster's review of excuses for no change of signage is uncompelling. It is overwhelmingly clear that the brute factual approach at present is totally ineffective in averting flatbed truck drivers to the danger of the low clearance overpass. The following inexpensive measures would eliminate 100 percent of all crashes: install 2 foam or light rubber, chain-swinging bars in the 3 blocks ahead that hit the oncoming vehicle and then bounce up top of the vehicle without causing any damage. After each of these 2 foam warning bars in very LARGE, ALL CAPS LETTERS, with exclamation points, place the following bright yellow sign on the approaching side of the road and then again in giant letters on the bridge itself: "CAUTION! ALL *TRUCK DRIVERS*": TURN RIGHT FOR DETOUR!!- Low clearance bridge (Feet/Inches; Meters/Centimeters). Using this simple, tacky language with tacky, double exclamation points would work, as its jarring informality would grab sleepy drivers' attention. In tandem with the foam warning thuds, the former accident magnet would be accident free, all for a marginal expense. Unfortunately, multiple municipal and statewide boards of professionals lacked this common sense.

Mr. Uremashi : 5:33 satisfaction

The Mad Atheist : 9:00, and we thought we were going to be trolled....... lol. Beep beep beep beep......

OrBital VoRtex : Its amazing how many trucks hit it

GavinM91 : I would grab a seat and just watch all day 😂

Ruddxd : I'm sorry but I laughed for the rv air units get knocked off easily.. :3

Gah Fawkes : why so many trucks get wrecked by the bridge? is there something wrong or misleading about the plaque that's supposed to tell the drivers what the height is?

Mia Davis : They need to alter the Requirements to obtain a drivers license. Sending in 5 bar codes from cereal boxes isn’t enough these days.