The Real Mighty Thirsty

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Internet Anarchist™ : I want some PVA

Zyrox ! : I'm weak asf xD

Angel Hermosillo : *1:13*

Fanny musta : Why aren't commercials like THIS???

Psykhosaurus : "Scientists agree that drinking without a mouth can lead to massive spills"

Internet Anarchist™ : They should air this as a Super Bowl commerical

SFGD : "Scientists agree that drinking without a mouth will lead to a huge mess" xDD

KingThrillgore : I'd buy a dozen of these if Critikal actually did this narration on tv

Josiah Orm : your ad makes me want 80 dollars worth of mighty thirstys.

Twist3r Official : did the mighty thirsty factory in California have a spill or something? all the water is gone

Vectrex28 : "Let's trick this mighty thirsty into sipping up my piss" XD

Slime God : Satisfying 🔥

Dank Beauty : "That's right you get your own ARMY of Mighty Thristies." This guy would make a great salesmen, I'll take twenty.

Ghost Pyro : I found this ages ago on Facebook and I laughed my ass off! Yes! I've found the channel behind this amazing video.

Nomad2001 : *G E T T H I R S T Y B I T C H*

João Lucas : "Aquaman just ejaculated on your granite countertop? You just earned yourself the Jumbo Mighty Thirsty"

Amialythis : sponges live in the ocean, that kills me. imagine how much deeper the ocean would be if that didn't happen.

GamerX6500 : "Toothpaste on the windows no problem"

Luca_ _Yeet : " imagine what you can do with $10"😂 You thought I was done, you must be shitting!

KakashiLee's Mind Temple : now i want a mighty thirsty

xMurkNx : Got shit stains on your desk? It's probably time to find a new job.

The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV : I can't choose my fav line in this omg

derpyyandere : I keep imaging sans I don't know why

Jaxx : Go to 1:50 notice that this person missed a bit of that liquid? Then it suddenly disappeared??

Link : "Ordinarily you'd just have to get rid of the entire carpet, maybe even sell the house."

Nicolas Martinez : pva = pure vagina action

Spectrum : Charlie’s sales tactics are unusually impressive. I kinda want a mighty thirsty now.

Jabroni : 1:16 he turned into Voldemort.

Cat and Grouper : I've actually met this man Pretty nice dude

The Steele : Thank goodness I can't tell u how many houses I've had to sell because of people coming over and spilling on my carpet

abortion : quote

Imnizan Ismail : Is this for real?

SnowBall : If only they have mighty thirsty in Louisiana

Nathan Lang : stay thirsty my friends

Dead Aleks : Note to self: don't drink anything while watching these

deadlypapercut , : Where has this been my whole life

Eddsworld Trash : so addicted to these

Packeira Boyce : *Pure* *Vagina* *Action* Me:Bruh I’m done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Scripted Spontaneity : I’m sold

Tina von Rotter : "Got shit stains on your desk? Then it's probably time to find a new job" hahahaha xD

Derprower1v10 : Bwahaha...amazing 👍

Lill' SnowMan : Shamwow is better

Starfire but as a horse : With an extra $10 you can buy a second family of Mighty Thirsties

Unraveled Gaming : At about 1:52 you can see where they messed up photoshopping out the spill 😂

RobotYoshimis : I love how so many people are incorrectly quoting the video down here.

jo // : This is what Texas needs

BloodyCHEEZ : 1:16 he looks like Voldemort

Hussein Abbas : scientists agree that drinking without a mouth will lead to a huge mess

Elihu Lopez : Get rid of the ocean

Nikko D7 : my friend showed me this and OMG its the funniest thing ever