The Real Mighty Thirsty

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Internet Anarchist™ : They should air this as a Super Bowl commerical

Zyrox ! : I'm weak asf xD

Angel Hermosillo : *1:13*

Nomad2001 : *G E T T H I R S T Y B I T C H*

Jabroni : 1:16 he turned into Voldemort.

Internet Anarchist™ : I want some PVA

the cup RM throws in the Run MV : I can't choose my fav line in this omg

J374338 : “Aquaman ejaculated...” I died

Emmabrine : Hold the ENTIRE OCEAN in your hands.

KakashiLee : now i want a mighty thirsty

Kyle Barbalic : Why don't they just use a might thirsty to clean up Houston from hurricane Harvey

HaleyHalcyon (FIZZYn8r) : In all seriousness, 10 super absorbent sponges for $1.00 each on average? I get an 8-pack of cheap sponges for $1 at Daiso, but they look like they can each absorb more than 8 times than those bottom-tier sponges. Count me in. *This analysis does not consider sales tax, paperwork fees, shipping, and other costs.

GamerX6500 : "Toothpaste on the windows no problem"

Spectrum : Charlie’s sales tactics are unusually impressive. I kinda want a mighty thirsty now.

Its Satan : No need for condoms when you got mighty thirsty!

Christopher King : this is it ive found the answer to global warming and sea levels rising

Cat and Grouper : I've actually met this man Pretty nice dude

Jack Hinds : Go to 1:50 notice that this person missed a bit of that liquid? Then it suddenly disappeared??

Yamikumo : Note to self: don't drink anything while watching these

Slime God : Satisfying 🔥

Mike K : Lol I watched the original commercial and Charlie's makes me actually WANT the product. WTF?

abortion : quote

oo f : We'll send you two minis to clean your tittys.

Link : "Ordinarily you'd just have to get rid of the entire carpet, maybe even sell the house."

YØツ : *w e ' l l g I v e u 2 m i n i s t o c l e a n u r t i t t i e s*

suckysucky 10dollar : 1:05 is me in the bathroom

Packeira Boyce : *Pure* *Vagina* *Action* Me:Bruh I’m done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Parsa F. Kondori : Anthony Sullivan gave me an email saying he wants you to put lego star wars on the moist meter

Split Frostpane : Zoinks! You invited me over to your house and i poured soda on your carpet!

SavageSluggie : *zoinks!*

Tanksquid26 : 1:16 voldemort confirmed

Most Furious Fawful : With an extra $10 you can buy a second family of Mighty Thirsties

95TurboSol : "Drinking without a mouth" ROFL

Alcat Smore : I think he Hurd you at 1:19

It's ya boy, Chips Ahoy. : *whoops a daisy a spilled my beverage."

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : But can it clean up my nut busts?

Earth Is A Donut : you can actually see the stains evaporate into thin air...honest commercials people

The Steele : Thank goodness I can't tell u how many houses I've had to sell because of people coming over and spilling on my carpet


SHF // ShadowHunterFi : 1:52 you can see that the spot the sponge misses vanishes, therefore original commercial is an edited scam.

dara assassin : not even 1k dislikes wow what a god

Q- Ball : pva can cause cancer

Psykhosaurus : "Scientists agree that drinking without a mouth can lead to massive spills"

Gabriella Longa : Hahahahahaha I'm weak

Aliya McLamb : I went to check the date and it said 2012 and I said ewee

lily happy : Thicc thirsties

That guy who always make strange noises at night : The total worth is 40$ not 80$

Vectrex28 : "Let's trick this mighty thirsty into sipping up my piss" XD

BushToWin 69 : 0:49

Grape Daily : *I upload Grape Daily* *-I don’t know how I have 667 subscribers-*