DefunctTV: The History of Zoboomafoo

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BeneficialStar : PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE TO REMEMBER, "Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman" I used to watch Zoboomafoo, Cyber Chase, and Between the Lions all of the time as a kid along with Fetch. My goodness, how time flies...

Timothy McLean : The way you introduced the sponsor at the beginning of the video was _almost_ perfect. It punched me right in the nostalgia, and then punched me again when "Thank you" didn't follow "...from viewers like you" like they did in all the old PBS shows and stuff. I mean, you don't _need_ to thank me for watching your videos; I shouldn't _expect_ you to. It's just...I didn't expect that bit to be left out.

Elaine Harbin : I almost cried at the end. The house where Chris and Martin used to be, all dark, depressing and abandoned and zaboomafoos spirit jumping through the trees :'(

Glass Wolf : When I saw the title: Oh I remember this show! I loved it as a kid, but I don't remember too much about it... Watching the video: *Suddenly remembers everything right when they bring it up and able to mentally sing along with the songs* After the video: ... *wiping away tears* I really should re-watch this sometime...

Hipochacco : Defunctland, if you ever do an episode of Between the Lions is there a way I can contact you? My parents both worked on the show, my father was the musical director. Let me know :) my mother and father are Paul Jacobs and Sarah Durkee. I’m sure they would LOVE to talk about it.

FireRose720 : I am so glad I didn't hallucinate this whole show because my parents seemed to have no memory of it and I only remember bits and pieces but I watched it all the time.... Also remember having a crush on Chris despite him probably being old enough to be my dad.

Speriodically Stupid : Does anyone remember the PBS show “zoom”?

Monroe Harmon : i just realized the amount of meme potential zaboomafoo has

Gabby Shows : why am I crying about a lemur

Cooper Minion : Please do an episode about WISHBONE

In My Honest Opinion : You forgot to say "Thank You!" After "Viewers Like You..."

alisande : I had no idea Zabu had died... This show and Go Diego Go are what fueled my lifelong love of animals, so it's sad to hear that a part of my childhood is now gone.

HorizonCrosser 128 : Man, the PBS kids shows during late 90s to early 2000s were some of the best kid shows I've seen as a kid (same thing with Playhouse Disney). While PBS Kids' current shows aren't terrible, they are just nowhere near as good as the old days.

vince gredo : 6:25 yes! The snack machine. That was my favorite, definitely the most memorable part of the show for me

Maggie Bellant : one of the few kids shows my mom could stand when I was little because she thought the Kratt Brothers were hot 😅

GenerationWest : It's been nearly 20 years, and still remember every line from the Zaboomafoo songs. I had to see that abandoned Zaboomafoo set... That cut deep...That cut REAL deep.

Marjorie C : I got emotional with this video, I forgot the name of the program, but in the back of my mind I knew that this show existed and now that I found it I remembered telling to my parents that when I grew up I wanted to work with wild animals and get to know Zaboo. I'm from Peru and here this program was by cable. I'm glad to had my best memories in my childhood watching this show. plus (I didn't know they went to Peru to film :O )

AshleyPureHeart : I have a request: VeggieTales! I know it was technically a direct-to-video series, but it would make a cool episode!

Iron Man98 : *I actually live in the area and I was able to see him in person about 4 or 5 years ago. It was really cool be able to see him in person. I did not know he actually passed away. Very sad, as I grew up with this show. This show was a major part of my television time back then. I miss the show, and I miss that character. I'm 20 now, but I'm telling you, that last scene at the end though, really did it for me. :"( R.I.P. Zobb, my old friend. You will be missed.*

Dakota Cabana : You literally didn't have to do that thing at the end. Why would you do that thing at the end? I didn't think I'd be a grown ass man crying this morning.

Sara You : Zaboomafoo was one of my favorite tv shows as a kid and most people I talk to don’t even remember it

Jason Dembowski Jr : What kinda people don’t say “thank you” after “viewers like you”?

ChronicleDBZ : I never realized it was a puppet when i was a kid

Lightwood Films : I loved Playhouse disney. I also loved Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman, Zoboomafoo, Cyber Chase, and Between the Lions. Also my top favorite was a show called Martha speaks.

hankster112 : Well I just got hit with a nostalgia train

AlternateHistoryHub : *Cough* Between the Lions *Cough*

OtakuEllie : Dude this was so much more sad than I was prepared for...

Theresa Dyson : Ughh... I can't watch that CG animation of a rotting, abandoned Creature Junction without crying, especially Jovian's death in 2014. Just keep on bouncing along, Jovian. *I'm not crying, your crying!* :'( :'(

Mighty Wolf One : R.I.P zoboomafoo you may be gone but not forgotten you always live in our hearts and all I know you are still leaping in the sky’s right now and you will always be remembered forever. Keep on leaping lemur!😇😌🤗

PumpkinSpiceHedgie : THAT WASN’T FUNNY, making me cry at the end, simply uncalled for... great video. I loved this show and I wish it had run for longer. My little brother breaks it out sometimes and I still smile at how corny it is. 😊


The Psychic Cell Phones : rest in peace jovian 1994-2014 :,(

Random Guy : 3:23, Damn, that inspired me to take a fake-typing course!

Taylor Pickartz : Leap, leap, leap

Kristina Lynn : Aww, I love this show so much. Must have worked as an inspiration to kids - as I am a wildlife biologist today!

Sharp Design : To know how effective this show was, look at how many people were sad when they heard Jovian, who played the animal version of Zoboomafoo died. Also, I remember as a kid keeping looking for new episodes after the last new ones and just seeing reruns.

ButterSoil 2.0 : I rember see8ng this as a kid, and forgot about it til I watched this video. Never even realized jovain died between the last time I watched a episode of this til the part of the video where it said he died. RIP Jovain, will still remember in all of our hearts

ivy Octo : Oh how I will always remember that closet

Victoria : “Tú, y yo, y Zaboomafoo" Todavía puedo escuchar esa canción a pesar de que hayan pasado años. Solía verlo en inglés por KPBS Kids y en español por Once Niños XD

Metal Sonic : I wouldn’t want to say this but. The most missed show in my data is Fetch with Ruff Ruffman: the most Dramatic kid show in PBS history.

Avocado_Birb : I ADORED Zoboomafoo. it taught me about rust n wild cat toes :((

Hanna Edstrom : now I feel old.....I still know the intro

strange dog : why am i crying in the club rn

Starfire1511 : Yoooooo shout out from Durham North Carolina where I ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET ZABU! He’s dead now... ouch...

Kyra G. the cat : Wait a minute chris Kratt and chris Pratt “Coincidence I think not”

DingDongBells : You monster... reminding me of a lemur I forgot even existed for the past two decades and then telling me that he passed away 😢

Benjamin Greenwood : Am I the only one who thinks these sets from the shows featured on DefunTV should show up in Defunctland in their own dedicated world in VR? It could be cool, like jumping into a TV and suddenly you're in The Big Blue House! I'd love that! Pipe dream, maybe, but a fun idea to toss around.

Sam Nimba : This overcomes me with nostalgia

Megan McGuire : I suddenly remember the first fanfiction I ever wrote when I was like eight or nine was a Zoboomafoo crossover with The Secret Garden...

Bananonymous Supreme : This show is directly responsible, along with Steve Irwin, for my love for animals and wildlife. As an adult, I actively make efforts towards conservation (and I wanted to go into biology but college tuition kills you dreams) and work towards preserving the beautiful planet that these folks showed me as a kid. These shows absolutely make a difference, which is why Wild Kratts is so important to me. Thank you PBS. Thank you, Kratt Brothers.