Making It - Amy and Nick Play "Smell That Wood!" (Digital Exclusive)

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Chris L : Millennial pine lolz I'm dead!

StudioJLT : Now I need to go lick all my wood.

Tiana Tampico : I could listen to Nick Offerman talk about wood all day. All of them. All the woods.

pixel girl : Pawnee's _really_ hurtin' for quality local TV, huh?

Mark Beck : I once watched a really long video of Nick Offerman building a canoe. It was incredibly entertaining, and I remember at the time wishing that he had a show where he just built stuff. Dreams do come true.

ManCraftingTM : I might have gotten 2 or 3. Maybe. That’s pretty good. Nick knows his wood.

Aba Log : I hope this show experiment takes off. Kudos and points for trying something odd. hehe.

Mujtaba Ibrahim : Amy is the most lovable celebrity ever.

sentx : Reminds me of Home Improvment Tim - Al Borland smell that wood. (Tim places sock on wood) Al - Tim I think this one has some kind of fungus.

Abraham Martin : "Millenial pine" new band name, i call it!


starlet parts : Amy & Nick have way way better chemistry than Jimmy. They are hilarious together.. "It's been a wet year.. that's what she said" Haha.

Justin Timmons : To be fair. The three woods he guessed have very unique distinguishable smells, mahogany and teak don't have much of an odor, so it would be hard for anyone to guess them.

Laura Hansen : "This is a deciduous" DEAD lol

Sophie Wolfson : Does it smell wood? (you're welcome)

Pat Tanackered : Wish I could sniff wood that good but don't think I should

Anna Redd : very funny, love your little segments, you two are awesome together!

Robert O'Connell : I never would have got teak... probably not mahogany either.

U Do It : Awesome!

Corbato : Well, at least Jimmy’s sign made it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brian Harmon : Man, Nick is great! Quite the inspiration.

ewizzle1978 : anybody else getting Great British Baking show vibes with glue and paper stuff?

sewardt : Damn, i miss Parks & Rec so much ! Makes me nostalgic... :) Leslie and Ron forever !!

Color Me Influenced : “SENSE OF A WOODMAN”! would be a good name for this because of his sense of smell...but you knew that.

Lizzie Booth : Nick! Got given a beautiful piece of timber for a shelf, have no idea what it you smell on commission?

Subhadip Sengupta : Nothing like the smell of morning wood

LesbianWomanOver40s : Millennial pine I like that one

TreeDee71to75 : Unguents. He really is Ron Swanson. Also, Amy will always be funny & cute as all get out.

Comic Sans : It's weird seeing that man with a smile for longer than 6 seconds after seeing Parks and Rec

108 : I love both of you on parks and recreation ! My favourite show ever ! And now I started watching interviews of you and I like you even more ! You're awesome !

What In Tarnation : CGI Amy Poehler

this charming woman : up next is suck that wood

Dylan's DIY Workshop : Nick is hilarious

CrypticWorks : I see his signs, but #wheresjimmy ? This is a funny gag, but Tim and Al did it better on Home Improvement #piratedjokes

Jarrod V : Does anyone else ask "Do you know where you're going to?" when talking about mahogany?

THE 808 : I must admit I am slightly disappointed the you didn't get the mahogany, but then again the majority of people wouldn't know the difference between pine and cedar... I build custom cabinetry for a living...

Michael D'Silva : Is that Amy Poehler?

Kino : Yeeeeesh

Michael Boland : Since Nick is an avid woodworker, I really thought he would get Mahogany. But props to him for getting more right than wrong, I wouldn’t be able to do that

ConductorRyan : #BringBackAlBorland

bodhisattva99 : I love the smell of cedar wood...

starcrossedlovers24 : “MILLENNIAL PINE” amazing

Infinite Craftsman : #bringbackjimmy

Gerald Brooks : #wheresjimmy

ExNotes Records : Get Jimmy to do this with Nick!

KlohsCalls : I just watched Nick Offerman sniff wood for 4 minutes, time to go!

GOD : fake

h w : this is better quality content than 99% of the crap available today.

Myron Hornschwage : Hey I remember this old joke, you dogs. There is a bit of the set up missing but as I recall, the punchline was "it's a piece of pine from the shithouse door of an old tuna boat." Hahahahaha.

beast strick : This is actually an old Home Improvement bit