Rick Miller sings "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Rick Miller sings Bohemian Rhapsody in the 25 most annoying voices in music

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Canadian performer Rick Miller sings Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" using 25 of the most annoying voices in the music industry. Recorded in 2000 at Theatre St Denis in Montreal during a gala performance for the Just for Laughs festival.


Jason G. Clauß : His Axl is so good it almost makes up for that dismal Ozzy impression. Also, AC/DC isn't a person.

Scoobomination : "Nothing really matters... except me" Genius😂

Eric Mackrodt : Old but gold.

classykaren27 : Wonderful esp the Opera you are one talented dude.

alanamercedes : The Barney impression had me cracking up!

Jessie Kelly : This is first time in long time laughing this hard! lol

Link Jones : Easily one of the best comedy acts I've ever seen! Thank you Rick Miller!

ariba1888 : Absolutely Hilarious haha

Ryan Loring : It was uploaded 3 years after the other one...


GrinderGuy : It's not only the voices he's trying to mimic for most of them, but their mannerisms as well. All together I think he does a great job!

awesomeguy5167 : This guy is incredible

awesomeguy5167 : I love this!

Joe R. : COOL!

villegas24 : fucking epic!

EPrimeify : Seen this in 2000 and it still never gets old. I salute you, Rick.

Daniel González : I don't feel he actually hits the spot on any of the voices.

LVA : it never gets old <3

newsntexas : Bravo Bocelli~!

Dundana Firth : its really good

resty lising : great performer...salute!

Tobias Fuchsberger : bobby mcferrin xD

Svarte Per : This is Rick miller's channel! This video should be the one with all the views!

Anvilshock : Unmatched classic, criminally underwatched.

resty lising : he you should in American/Canadian got talent!

RamiDopeVlogs : Lol I got confuse when I started the video cuz I thought that was his voice😂🤣😂 I was like *mmm ok*

Haru cosplay90 : Es increíble! No me canso de verlo! ¿Podrían escribir los cantantes? Algunos no los entiendo- Gracias!!

dafon222 : Żałosne.

Abdel : 0:14 It sounds like G0Z the clown.

Afeli Fels : Still the best

Sean Wilkinson : Rick, if you're there, I love your entire performance, but I especially like to tap the YouTube time bar at the bottom and listen to you sing the Crash Test Dummies and AC/DC bits over and over, and let my brain soak in the pure dopaminergic pleasure they give me. I can't really explain why they're so much fun to listen to...they just tickle my neurons the right way.

Brendan Rojas : His Axl Rose impression is spot on

Aaron Smith : He’s molking queen

Esther Barbero : The Andrea Bocelli impression doesn't annoy me much.

resty lising : 5 Million Views for me!

mrbrockpeters : This guy would win America’s Got Talent in one shot.

Deku : Still better than kanye west

JL K : I first saw this gorgeous video about 7 years ago. And I saw the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' two days ago. So I search and watch this video again and again!

Kendolah : Genius.

Comrade General : Fun fact, Rick Miller is the voice actor for the Dark Prince in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. I know that this might be common knowledge but there are some who did not know of it so I'm going to mention it here. If you do know about this fact, then you can disregard this comment.

Watching News : genius!!!!

이다훈 : OMG my 6 minute is gone

Kai Huber : Schäm dich