Rick Miller sings "Bohemian Rhapsody"

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in.ex.posed : One of those videos you come back to - again and again - even after years. Awesome performance. So hilarious.

Jason G. Clauß : His Axl is so good it almost makes up for that dismal Ozzy impression. Also, AC/DC isn't a person.

Scoobomination : "Nothing really matters... except me" Genius😂

Eric Mackrodt : Old but gold.

classykaren27 : Wonderful esp the Opera you are one talented dude.

Anvilshock : Unmatched classic, criminally underwatched.

Sean Wilkinson : Rick, if you're there, I love your entire performance, but I especially like to tap the YouTube time bar at the bottom and listen to you sing the Crash Test Dummies and AC/DC bits over and over, and let my brain soak in the pure dopaminergic pleasure they give me. I can't really explain why they're so much fun to listen to...they just tickle my neurons the right way.

alanamercedes : The Barney impression had me cracking up!

mrbrockpeters : This guy would win America’s Got Talent in one shot.

Afeli Fels : Still the best

Jessie Kelly : This is first time in long time laughing this hard! lol

Watching News : genius!!!!

이다훈 : OMG my 6 minute is gone

Brendan Rojas : His Axl Rose impression is spot on

Aaron Smith : He’s molking queen

RamiDopeVlogs : Lol I got confuse when I started the video cuz I thought that was his voice😂🤣😂 I was like *mmm ok*

Deku : Still better than kanye west

김정락 : I first saw this gorgeous video about 7 years ago. And I saw the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' two days ago. So I search and watch this video again and again!

Esther Barbero : The Andrea Bocelli impression doesn't annoy me much.

Haru cosplay90 : Es increíble! No me canso de verlo! ¿Podrían escribir los cantantes? Algunos no los entiendo- Gracias!!

dafon222 : Żałosne.

resty lising : he you should in American/Canadian got talent!

resty lising : 5 Million Views for me!

ariba1888 : Absolutely Hilarious haha

Ryan Loring : It was uploaded 3 years after the other one...


GrinderGuy : It's not only the voices he's trying to mimic for most of them, but their mannerisms as well. All together I think he does a great job!

awesomeguy5167 : This guy is incredible

awesomeguy5167 : I love this!

Joe R. : COOL!

villegas24 : fucking epic!

EPrimeify : Seen this in 2000 and it still never gets old. I salute you, Rick.

Daniel González : I don't feel he actually hits the spot on any of the voices.

LVA : it never gets old <3

newsntexas : Bravo Bocelli~!

Dundana Firth : its really good

resty lising : great performer...salute!

Tobias Fuchsberger : bobby mcferrin xD

Svarte Per : This is Rick miller's channel! This video should be the one with all the views!