Trip Report - Shrooms Defeated My Depression

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Insta - sarahhrich WARNING - Please do not take shrooms while taking SSRIS or MAOIS as its a dangerous combination that may cause serotonin syndrome. Do the research!!! Be very safe! UPDATE JULY 8th Been very busy with summer so sorry for not replying to comments!! I'm exponentially improving and am so happy, stable and healthy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I got my life back, my routine back and my friends back. So happy and grateful 😊 UPDATE MAY 21! So currently in Japan, happier and more calm of mind than I have been in nearly a year! Everything's been going up since the trip. I'm off all drugs, don't even feel the desire to drink, and I have not only not cried severely since - but I actually get up and go out everyday I'm here for about 10 hours a day of just walking!! Compared to before when I couldn't even put on shoes. It's helped tremendously in my recovery and funny enough I booked my trip to Japan while coming down, and here I am happier than I have been in so long. Very thankful. DISCLAIMER - do not recommend for anyone and everyone - please make wise decisions, do research, talk to those experienced. If you have a severe mental disorder I can not recommend shrooms, as I am NOT an expert. But knowledge and research needs to be done, the benefits need to be addressed. MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is an organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of psychedelics to light. Here's their link - Studies on Shrooms and depression - (various other studies, google shrooms studies)


Ron Lambert : cute red head and mushrooms... that's a win win!!

Ivan Rodriguez : YESβ€”after my first time (3.5 grams, 20 years of being a serious drug virgin), I was ineffably excited to share this wonder and at the same time so angered by the illegality, misinformation, and stigma surrounding this and other similar powerful substances. It's embarrassing. I'm shooting for grad school to study psilocybin further; I know there's something meaningful here. Happy birthday!

Phillip Schneider : You rock!! Pharmaceutical drugs are the devil.

Isa Baker : Exactly! Psilocybin is literally the best anti anxiety/depressent! I took only 1 gram of psilocybin and for about 6-8 months my anxiety and depression was non existent. If the United States legalized 1 gram of psilocybin every 5 months for medical uses depression and anxiety would be practicaly non existent!

Gunnar Hauge : It's beyond time for this stupid greedy close minded country to wake up and legalize low micro dose forms of all psychedelics, rather than filling us with a multitude of pills, but it's ALL money in this world, not any empathy or understanding for the smaller percentage of people who have issues that really need this positive boost in life.

Ron Thunders : It's a sin that shrooms are illegal!!! I'm not religious but it's a SIN!!!

Share : Mushrooms changed my life - depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, psychosis all gone! A year ago I started experimenting with different modalities - practiced Transcendental Meditation, daily gratitude lists, and went on an ayahuasca retreat. All delivered results and helped with symptoms, but big break through came with my first mushroom trip three weeks ago. I did about 3g and never felt better. I have since been experimenting with microdosing and plan to do few more large dose trips (3-4g). Feel so alive and just normal and happy. I started wearing and craving colors whereas before I wore grey and black. Today I walked through the park alone and admired the beauty and thought of how good life is. Every day is a good day.

Metcraft : Mushrooms and Acid have both been shown to be the only known way to stop Cluster Headache Cycles. If you dont know what a Cluster Headache is be thankful.

Bagelstorm : think about how much money a dose of shrooms costs compared to a year of getting prescribed some shitty antidepressants.. That's why doctors always prescribe them!! Money...

hazybrain7 : Bravo ! In my opinion, it's not a chemical problem in the brain.. it's a spiritual thing. Shrooms make you step right outside of yourself and connect with something deeper, if you're not too scared ! These plants and mushrooms need to be incorporated into modern society methinks if we're ever going to solve war, hunger and division.. just my 2 cents.. Depression is a spiritual crisis.

John Dozier : "Psilocybin Project" Psilocybin and Depression" They have been doing studies for years. It is so ridiculous that after all the studies revealing 75 to 95% success in major relief to next to a cure and long lasting therapeutic effects. Our stupid government has to still spend years more studies to make sure they can control it and squeeze as much money from it as possible first. All under the guise of protecting us the consumer. What a crock.

KUNAIUCHICHA : oh man, you're beautyful

37Dionysos : Good for you! Brava! To hell with the "doctors," live!

John : You should really continue making videos like this, your channel would be sure to grow from it

Trevor Brubaker : lol gotta love the "I could get higher" mentality !

Jared Benton : about 2 weeks ago i ate magic mushrooms and i felt unspeakably better, unfoggy, and and just all together better with my ECDD and depression and anxiety

Shevaugn Johnson : Thank you for sharing your story. I recently started treating my severe depression and BDD with mushrooms and it has drastically changed my life. Amazing and beautiful.

NebularCactis : As a person that suffers from clinical depression and social anxiety, this video really did give me hope. I have had depression and anxiety ever since my freshman year in high school and it has really steered me in the wrong direction. I am now a senior and since then my life has really gone down hill. I am really happy to see that there is actually something that works for depression and anxiety. Thank you for this :)

hellpked : youre beautiful and have a wonderful soul. what a great inspirational video. thank you

mondoraptor : Thanxs, the TRUTH is out there! Speaking from experience... Depression sux! Benzos suck! Self medicate! Corporate Pharma. is strictly a business. They dont care about healing... only profits!

Jose : Very true. I grow my own mush and microdose helps a lot. Nice video and very pretty btw.

Writers United : πŸ™ŒπŸΌkeep making people aware

SharynJanssen : Sarah you've helped me today, more than you could imagine. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly. I'm under the cloud but going to shroom next week. 40 years of this shit. Enough. Blessings galoreπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹πŸŒΏπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸŒΏπŸ¬πŸ’œ

joseph zeidler : My truffles arrive on Friday. Effexor is poison

DMT Infinity : !!!Nice camera and background choices!!! And good word choices for describing your experience. *Thumbs Up*

Shaun Brydon : I was on citilopram for 2 years and it made my depression up and down, on the days I was up iwas happy, days Iwas down violent and suicidal. Magic mushrooms brought me out of my self pity and let me view the world outside of myself, its like taking the red pill from the matrix your brain wakes up to new heights and deeper appreciation for life, magic mushrooms are the ultimate anti depressent and for taking a peek behind societies illlusions, probably the main reason government bans it, not because they concerned for your own safety but because it opens your minds eye to the truth, fyi magic mushrooms has no detremental health side effects.

Blade Cando : Your cute

Kiel Portis : Great video. Thank you for sharing your experience. What you say is true. Especially regarding empathy and how we see others.

Purple Dragon Prosperity : I'm so glad you're feeling better and off all big pharma for the better!!! That's so great!

Kregg Kittelson : I've been on Paxil for 24 years and now I am 63 days without it completely and I'm going through a horrible withdrawals. will this help me at all? And if so where do I get it st ?

Hero Jason : Try DMT, it will change your life.

Matt South : I tried several different pharmaceuticals after some challenging life events with very minimal benefit and actually some detrimental effects. Natural plant medicines and psilocybin have such potential, it really is infuriating that this information is kept from people who could use it. Enjoyed the video, keep up the forward momentum and let us know how it goes!

lilniggurshyyboyy jr : **reset button**

Jaybee : I took shrooms once. 3.5 grams and it cured my mind.

Johnny Zeus : This is proof of all the stuff about "make consumers" of our products, not the once from the mother earth, that actually heal you and its almost free. Be stong :)

Neil deGrasse Tyson : i tried it a few days ago. Sadly puked it out after some time but still got some effects. Since taking it i haven't felt the 24/7 chesttightness that gives me a kinda depressing/anxiety feeling. Sadly still feel sad but it is much better, it isn't the whole day. At work however i actually had a worse mood while i normally feel less of my depression when working. I also felt upset in a way that i haven't felt for years so that is intresting. I am gonna do it again in a few days in the hopes it will work better.

Laura S : THANK YOU SO MUCH You are brave, a scientist and a fighter. Best wishes from Germany

lilniggurshyyboyy jr : #Fuckbigpharma

Joshua Richardson : This is amazing! So happy for you!! Shrooms have helped me and my friends tremendous amounts. It's amazing western medicine is finally catching up with these old treatments.

techd - : how often would you use for good results against depression/anxiety. once a week ?

thatdankcat : Wow that's amazing but Tripp g still freaks me out I'm depressed have been on antidepressants for years axiety and feel so alone and feel unloved

Joey Max Media : Hey Sarah! I fought with our Canadian health care system for so long dealing with c-ptsd and depression and cured it with an lsd trip , plus a lot of YouTube education before hand. I am completely healed as of 9 days ago. I'm sure if I told the health care system they would just say "how do you know you are healed?" good on you for being so strong and I am proud of you. Now you can go out and be the prettiest actress I've ever seen. Goodness you're stunning. Xo much love.

isaac parker : How soon after your trip ending did you start to feel better? I've recently come to what felt like a dead end with my depression and decided to have a strong mushroom trip. It was a very difficult trip though I do feel like it has adjusted my limited perceptions in some way. I'm just concerned that this challenging experience hasn't been worthwhile as I'm not feeling much better yet. If you could share any of your experience I'd really appreciate it.

Michael Princeton : Articulate, insightful, moving and spot on. You speak from the heart and with a clarity that is admirable.

MrFibonacci : I lost a girlfriend on an SRRI. It drove me mad. I almost died too. I've read so many similar horror stories on losing boyfriends/girlfriends. Now I'm free, and slowly getting better. Thank you mushies! Great video. <3

hitchhiker42 : 2:58 that's great you have been going for walks every day. Walking really helps me clear my head. It amazes me that something so simple as walking can have such a positive effect on my mood. Cheers! :)

Jake Fruman : Great video. I tried doing the same thing with LSD a few weeks ago and since then my depression was gone

mercurialmagictrees : wow very interesting discussion Im really impressed by your intelligence and bravery I believe you, others plus psychiatrists can help with sharing the insight about this nonlethal astonishing helpfull substance

Joseph Gregory : You have a very natural charisma. Hope to see more videos! We need more well spoken psychedelic oriented youtubers.