Trip Report - Shrooms Defeated My Depression

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Felix T-Rex : It makes me so happy to see people getting positive benefits from hallucinogens. Its all about rewiring your brain. In depression the wiring has become fixed and your thoughts are trapped in loops.

Ron Lambert : cute red head and mushrooms... that's a win win!!

Ivan Rodriguez : YES—after my first time (3.5 grams, 20 years of being a serious drug virgin), I was ineffably excited to share this wonder and at the same time so angered by the illegality, misinformation, and stigma surrounding this and other similar powerful substances. It's embarrassing. I'm shooting for grad school to study psilocybin further; I know there's something meaningful here. Happy birthday!

Gunnar Hauge : It's beyond time for this stupid greedy close minded country to wake up and legalize low micro dose forms of all psychedelics, rather than filling us with a multitude of pills, but it's ALL money in this world, not any empathy or understanding for the smaller percentage of people who have issues that really need this positive boost in life.

Phillip Schneider : You rock!! Pharmaceutical drugs are the devil.

Metcraft : Mushrooms and Acid have both been shown to be the only known way to stop Cluster Headache Cycles. If you dont know what a Cluster Headache is be thankful.

Isa Baker : Exactly! Psilocybin is literally the best anti anxiety/depressent! I took only 1 gram of psilocybin and for about 6-8 months my anxiety and depression was non existent. If the United States legalized 1 gram of psilocybin every 5 months for medical uses depression and anxiety would be practicaly non existent!

Share : Mushrooms changed my life - depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, psychosis all gone! A year ago I started experimenting with different modalities - practiced Transcendental Meditation, daily gratitude lists, and went on an ayahuasca retreat. All delivered results and helped with symptoms, but big break through came with my first mushroom trip three weeks ago. I did about 3g and never felt better. I have since been experimenting with microdosing and plan to do few more large dose trips (3-4g). Feel so alive and just normal and happy. I started wearing and craving colors whereas before I wore grey and black. Today I walked through the park alone and admired the beauty and thought of how good life is. Every day is a good day.

Bagelstorm : think about how much money a dose of shrooms costs compared to a year of getting prescribed some shitty antidepressants.. That's why doctors always prescribe them!! Money...

John : You should really continue making videos like this, your channel would be sure to grow from it

Jose : Very true. I grow my own mush and microdose helps a lot. Nice video and very pretty btw.

Trevor Brubaker : lol gotta love the "I could get higher" mentality !

hazybrain7 : Bravo ! In my opinion, it's not a chemical problem in the brain.. it's a spiritual thing. Shrooms make you step right outside of yourself and connect with something deeper, if you're not too scared ! These plants and mushrooms need to be incorporated into modern society methinks if we're ever going to solve war, hunger and division.. just my 2 cents.. Depression is a spiritual crisis.

KUNAIUCHICHA : oh man, you're beautyful

REAL SPIRIT DYNAMICS : great video thanks for sharing this has the potential to help many people

Hero Jason : Try DMT, it will change your life.

Shevaugn Johnson : Thank you for sharing your story. I recently started treating my severe depression and BDD with mushrooms and it has drastically changed my life. Amazing and beautiful.

Joseph Gregory : You have a very natural charisma. Hope to see more videos! We need more well spoken psychedelic oriented youtubers.

Batman : I was on citilopram for 2 years and it made my depression up and down, on the days I was up iwas happy, days Iwas down violent and suicidal. Magic mushrooms brought me out of my self pity and let me view the world outside of myself, its like taking the red pill from the matrix your brain wakes up to new heights and deeper appreciation for life, magic mushrooms are the ultimate anti depressent and for taking a peek behind societies illlusions, probably the main reason government bans it, not because they concerned for your own safety but because it opens your minds eye to the truth, fyi magic mushrooms has no detremental health side effects.

tinkywinky : It's cool to see the proof. I just did MDMA (not E it was pure. I have a trusted friend that supplies) and for the first time in YEARS I don't have any anxiety and I feel like the hallucinogens helped me work through all of my shit. I will most def try shrooms next

hellpked : youre beautiful and have a wonderful soul. what a great inspirational video. thank you

Blade Cando : Your cute

NebularCacti : As a person that suffers from clinical depression and social anxiety, this video really did give me hope. I have had depression and anxiety ever since my freshman year in high school and it has really steered me in the wrong direction. I am now a senior and since then my life has really gone down hill. I am really happy to see that there is actually something that works for depression and anxiety. Thank you for this :)

Douglas Barnes : I'm glad to hear you escaped depression. A few years ago, I came out of 6 years of moderate to severe depression in about three hours with a 32.59 gram dose of fresh cubies. It was shocking not only the change, but how rapidly it occurred.

LILLYLILLITH : I ate nothing but butterflys for an entire year and now have voices in my head and feel like acting up in the evening.

Andy_K : You are likely understanding now, that prescribed "mental health" drugs are probably the most dangerous ones out there for your state of mind! Magic truffles did the same for me - got me off of 10 years+ of anti D's without a hint of withdrawals. For myself, I call them "shut up and go away" pills that the medical profession gives us when they are unable to help us in a positive way. As hard as our species tries to hold itself above it and separate itself from it, we are all a part of nature. And nature will "provide". Be that food, water, building materials or medicines. I hope you progress well with everything, Sarah. Good luck from the UK :)

John Dozier : "Psilocybin Project" Psilocybin and Depression" They have been doing studies for years. It is so ridiculous that after all the studies revealing 75 to 95% success in major relief to next to a cure and long lasting therapeutic effects. Our stupid government has to still spend years more studies to make sure they can control it and squeeze as much money from it as possible first. All under the guise of protecting us the consumer. What a crock.

Jared Benton : about 2 weeks ago i ate magic mushrooms and i felt unspeakably better, unfoggy, and and just all together better with my ECDD and depression and anxiety

mercurialmagictrees : wow very interesting discussion Im really impressed by your intelligence and bravery I believe you, others plus psychiatrists can help with sharing the insight about this nonlethal astonishing helpfull substance

37Dionysos : Good for you! Brava! To hell with the "doctors," live!

Joey Max TV : Hey Sarah! I fought with our Canadian health care system for so long dealing with c-ptsd and depression and cured it with an lsd trip , plus a lot of YouTube education before hand. I am completely healed as of 9 days ago. I'm sure if I told the health care system they would just say "how do you know you are healed?" good on you for being so strong and I am proud of you. Now you can go out and be the prettiest actress I've ever seen. Goodness you're stunning. Xo much love.

jimii jimii : Psychiatrist and psychologist is all good and dandy but the true answer to most personal rooted problems lies within. To completely understand and internalize the answer one almost always need to go under the influence of these chemicals. Then comes the integration process and living and creating a life worth your meaning.

Writers United : 🙌🏼keep making people aware

MrFibonacci : I lost a girlfriend on an SRRI. It drove me mad. I almost died too. I've read so many similar horror stories on losing boyfriends/girlfriends. Now I'm free, and slowly getting better. Thank you mushies! Great video. <3

Kregg Kittelson : I've been on Paxil for 24 years and now I am 63 days without it completely and I'm going through a horrible withdrawals. will this help me at all? And if so where do I get it st ?

MrSerpent89 : wow...I have anxiety and depression...I have smoked weed, but it only makes my anxiety worse depending on strain of cousin actually hates weed yet he tried shrooms and loved it. helped his depression. ..3 months later he says he feels 30% better than before

Johnny Zeus : This is proof of all the stuff about "make consumers" of our products, not the once from the mother earth, that actually heal you and its almost free. Be stong :)

Michael Thomas : Inspired me to go in deeeeeeeeeep. It's been way too long since I've tripped properly, and I feel worse for it.

motherlover kidmen : yeah i was on ssris and benzos in my teens. literally dont even know why haha my family therapist put me on them for no reason! all i said is i had trouble sleeping once every blue moon and she was like yeah u have anxiety. my life completely flipped they kept putting me on different stuff and i could never sleep, couldnt smoke weed without panicking, had to drop out of college three times because i wouldnt sleep enough for class, so one day i just stopped taking ssris cold turkey never to take them again because i was borderline psychotic, i mean i was up all night til like 6 am for like 2 fucking years and i swear seeing a behavioral therapist while on ssris is like hypnosis to get worse... like not even kidding everything he told me to do was driving me crazy, he was like planting suggestions in my brain while i was not fully conscious!. then i started not caring and taking painkillers this past year (which is not like me at all.) and after like 2 weeks of taking them daily just to sleep this one friend of mine said he had shrooms. the timing was perfect because i literally was getting addicted to fucking pain killers at 20 years old just so i could sleep to go to class and not fail again, plus i literally havent felt real emotion in years i was a robot. knowing i was kind of crazy i was dead scared of shrooms... what if they kept me from sleeping for days or something? so i took 1 gram with my idiot roommate who i love but we were both idiots on pills when we took em (that was like the only way i was gonna take shrooms at this point because i was living in so much fear). i basically meditated for hours listening to music so when i came down i was ecstatic about em. next day i took 3.5 with the coolest friend of mine, and WOW WTF? we walked next to a river near campus at milwaukee, it was beautiful, got to this old garden and i lit a bowl of weed right by the river. on the way back home while we were talking i started laughing really hard and next thing i knew i was sobbing tears of joy. all my friends were back at the apartment and i couldnt hold the tears so i went on a walk to a secluded area. i just kept crying and talking to the sky. i realized all the pain i felt was love i was pushing away and my world flipped. went back and got the best sleep of my life. so i bought 2 ounces the next day. ate like a bunch every day for a little over a week, i got really good sleep in bed by 9 pm everyday and wake up early to trip, it was a great autumn. all i can say is they changed my life and god is real. im fixing myself every single day. i just got some more recently, this time golden teacher. took 7 grams, cant even tell anyone what happened there hahaha this is a long post. wasnt planning on making a long post. just got excited and the memories were flooding back.

Mik Milman : 100% and this is just one of the many things we accept as truth that is complete nonsense. You should be angry.

mondoraptor : Thanxs, the TRUTH is out there! Speaking from experience... Depression sux! Benzos suck! Self medicate! Corporate Pharma. is strictly a business. They dont care about healing... only profits!

Ralf Nuggs : This is dope...... same shit happened to me...

Joshua Richardson : This is amazing! So happy for you!! Shrooms have helped me and my friends tremendous amounts. It's amazing western medicine is finally catching up with these old treatments.

009Daft600 : what a cute girl...

Vape Tape : Hmu on snapchat for a deep convo anytime. Open Invite! Shane1Burke

Jack La : you explain it in such a relate able way

Ron Thunders : It's a sin that shrooms are illegal!!! I'm not religious but it's a SIN!!!

videoschmo : Hey Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I would also like to try mushrooms/truffles for depression related reasons. It's been almost 2 months since you posted this video, are you still feeling as positive? Also, how many grams do you think you took? And while you were tripping, did you feel like you were still in control of yourself (like you still knew it would be a bad idea to go and run in to traffic or something) Thanks again! :)

skysurfer : That was awesome, I find it incredibly inspiring when someone takes back their life like in your example. It sounds like in your case, your intentions going in made a huge difference, especially how you ended up with that reboot/rewire taking place at 4:26. Thanks for mentioning MAPS, I've been a supporter for some time. They are really on the forefront of helping people with psychedelics more than any pharmaceutical could ever dream of doing.

Johnny Patrick : @Sarah Richardson. Big pharma isn't interested in using psilocybin to treat depression,addiction,anxiety because at the right dosage you only need to take them medicinally 1x yearly. Although since they're not habit forming or addictive whats the harm anyways. I really enjoyed this video it's honest and I hope it helps a lot of people who are hurting. Here is a video you might really enjoy, it's some medical professionals and scientists doing psilocybin studies @ Johns Hopkins University. I hope you see this. Sincerly a human who loves muchrooms and their conciousness!!!