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Dramatic rero. Now with subtitles. ©Kakyoin Noriaki


Clipzz : My dad literally thought i was gay after he cought me watching this

sayori the cinnamon bun : Girl: how are you so good at kissing?! Me: *shows this video*

?????????????? : His girlfriend must be really lucky.

Katharin S. : fake kakyoin's hair noodle wiggles when he reros

island doll : who needs a vibrator if kakyion can rero rero your 🐱 anyday of the week. ;)

ArculCarpatic : This tongue can stop and remove article 13

Waffle Paws : Guys the voice actor is not the issue here The animator has more guts

Justin Y. Revelation : I would *_P A Y_* just to see Kakyoin in DiU with Josuke's mom coming out her house when Jotaro rang the bell

z a y e d : Jotaro : ZA WARUDO Kakyoin : rero rero rero rero (stops) Jotaro : finally Kakyoin : RURURURURURU

Chaos : *Hey guys today I'm teaching you how to clean your dog in 5 minutes* 0:41

Hi Im Jill : Imagine Kakyoin show this video to Holly Jotaro: Hey Kakyoin Kakyoin: Yes son? Jotaro: Nani? Kakyoin: Nani? Joseph: OOOOHHH MYYYYY GODDDD!

† Mel † : *_R E R O R E R O R E R O_*

Tarik360 : Kenshiro: *ATATATATATATATATATATATATA...* Jotaro: *ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA...* DIO: *MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA...* Kakyoin: *rerorerorerorerorerorerorerorerorerorerorerorero...* What repetative hilarity will Japan produce next?

Rajveer Jadeja : Indian remember this ad 😂 Centerfruit 😂 😂 😂

RoyalCrystal : 0:36 I can see "C'était une blague,Johora". IM FRENCH.

Soundwave Superior : Phantom Gun Vito: Are you picking a fight with me? ~rero

[Elihki The Tomato] : I think I just felt some spit fly onto my face-

hackerp49 : The audition for Kakyoin voice actor must be really awkward..

DELETE SANS : Вот у меня вопрос...нахрена он это делает?!

* Shard * : Episode 3 of: *Why was this in my recommended?*

Пантафирочи : У меня времени 3:59, а я смотрю это

Ебать, а я Кизуна АИ : *Как стать геем за одну минуту*

Dragonslayer2016 : I feel so ... uncomfortable with my brain rn

Next Stop Is Death : ,,So how many times do i have to say rero?'' Cherry: *Yes*

uarwhl : Me: i should probably sleep Me at 12 am:

oof oof2 : how the hell does the voice actor keep up with this

Marley Teed : Is this Jojo's Bizarre adventure?

party foxy 6 : Now i know that kaykoin likes cherries!🍒

Junko Enoshima : Even Nakiri Erina s god tongue can t compare to this God like thing

oh no : Caption options: Japanese *_Spanish (auto-generated)_*

blackblackblackblackblackblack : Best hentai ever...

VanReiley : subs please, I can't understand this advanced form of Japanese. edit: oh silly me, I forgot to click on closed captions, thank you so much! now it all makes sense.

King Crimson Works : Yare yare daze

Dr.Lunar Poison : This is why he is the best milf hunter existed

R3D-N3PP3R / 407_NeVΛ : It seem like you got this kind of fetish

Rando Numba 9 : Kakyoins tongue game is on point

HUNTER : I eat cherries like this now and I don't regret it

ALkerYT : I will use this with my girlfriend

Otaku Gamer : Ready for a *tongue's boxing* ?

no quality Videos : I want him in my bed tonight

Fat Cat : That tongue action though.

Muniz Andrade : I could watch this forever

Dupstedboy : A few episodes later... SHINEI KAKYOIN

StrudelDaddi : My bussy is *w e t*

hi hi : Welcome back to a game of *_Why is this in my recommended_*

Ryuko Matoi : her:*moaning Where did you learn to use your tongue like that? me:*showing her that video

Crusader #2736 : What am I wasting my life on?

Newby Ton : _if Kakyoin didn't die_ Star Platinum: *ORA ORA ORA ORA* Dio: *MUDA MURA MUDA MUDA* Kakyoin: rero rero rero rero rero rero

FendiWang : thanks for the subtitles *but I can't speak Japanese or Spain*