How I got my first job after code bootcamp.

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David K : What in God's name is going on with your window blinds?

Vampiire Codes : this is incredibly inspiring man. thanks for sharing a raw story

MakenBaccon : Dude, I've been going through this for 2 years. I was about to give up. You just gave me the strength to carry on. Thank you so much man. I'm on the edge of tears right now.

Gustavo Salgado : impostor syndrome keeps happening to me all the time after 6 years of experience :)

javy torres : I'm 38 going to coding boot camp.. Is it worth it at my age?

Google User : My two cents: I'm a grad from a boot camp, I had to privilege to network and get feedback from VP's of big companies. One thing was certain for them, they wouldn't hire a bootcamp student. They see it as a diploma mill and not worth their time and effort to interview someone from it. I spent over a year applying and getting rejected for hundreds upon hundreds of positions. I had enough and decided to enroll in computer science at 26 years old, and I'm glad I did. Because of the knowledge I already have, I'm passing all my semesters with a 4.0 GPA, and not only that, employers look at me more seriously.

Dane : Man I don't even know how I stumbled on your channel but I'm glad I did, it's so motivating hearing about you trying so hard and it finally paying off. Really inspired me to keep trying and working hard. Thanks man.

Mike Otis : This is exactly where I am at in my life right now. I am a factory worker and hate my job. For the last 3 years I have done courses on treehouse freecodecamp and various other bootcamps. I am gonna go through the lambda bootcamp that is one of your links. All your videos are great and nobody is doing anything like it. Do you have a sample resume and cover letter that people can look at? Im not sure what I could put in my resume. I do have a github repo and a codepen. I also built a portfolio website but just don't know how to incorparate it into a resume. Any sugestions would greatly be appriciated.

Alexander Ingram : I’m getting started with freecodecamp and I looked up for tutorial videos because I’m having problems and it was a little discouraging seeing most videos talk down on being self taught but this was the first video that wasn’t purely pessimistic. I like that you gave your own realistic and helpful insight into what to expect. Keep on man, you’re one of the reasons I’m gunna keep hammering. Thank you :).

sigmiami : I decided to get back into code late in life, im tired of network administration and audio/visual installs. I used to code as a kid, so i started learning Python now. I wrote a program within 4 hours of watching some howto videos. I have a lot more to learn and have no idea if this will go anywhere, but im hoping it does. My program lets me schedule jobs save them to a file and print them out in a formatted way. Nothing amazing, but it felt good to produce code again.

mer _ : Thank you for being so honest in all of your videos man! ✌️

Lucas S. : Dude, your video is awesome. I never went to college and I started to teach myself python, them when the exercises started to get tough I dropped, just like a did with java as well. After this video it give so much hope, bc I questioned myself so many times if "this thing' was for me, imposter syndrome. You story is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing and honest, most youtubers are very "artificial" e dont share what is really going on in their heads! +Follower!!

KyleGG : Congratulations! I took the more traditional route, but got a degree in Electrical Engineering, which a lot of the curriculum deals with programming. I knew I wanted to write software but I also wanted to be an engineer. Software engineers are not recognized as engineers in a lot of places. Software development is all experience. There is only going to be a few very productive developers at any company. People who will deliver code exponentially faster and with less bugs. The code they write is also clean and maintainable. Where does this leave everyone else? Gaining knowledge. Every problem they encounter will be new to them. They are starting from the beginning a lot of the time. Its the experience that teaches you how to find an adequate solution and implement it. If you don't have a degree you need to either a) apply to every job you can b) get some formal experience (bootcamp, training course), c) release your own software. Or more likely a combination. Get a degree though it will save you a ton of hassle. The degree is basically a shit filter.

Julie Moore : Thanks so much Josh! I'm going through the same killer job search. I graduated with an Associate Degree in IT Development in May with a 4.0 GPA. I was the school's honor student, but I feel it doesn't even matter. The rejection is really tough to deal with so I appreciate your encouraging advice!

Andrew Berumen : Hey Joshua, thanks for this. I'm going through a really tough job search at the moment as well. I graduated with a degree in computer science, went straight into sales after school, and now that I want to go back to software engineering I feel like I'm permanently a "sales" roles. It really sucks because employers don't even give me a chance. After 6 months of unemployment and not one call back it gets really degrading, but hopefully with a little persistence it'll work out.

Joshua Lee : What coding boot camp did you do? I work full time and am looking to brush up on programming (I got my masters and took several coding courses with the dream of getting into software dev), but all the boot camps I look at are for those people who don’t work full time and can go to a classroom from 8-5 every day for 6+ weeks.

Sam the Man : Thank you Joshua, I'm in a similar situation, trying to get into software and out of a minimum wage job. How did learning Ruby go? I think it's a beautiful language.

skeche : This was a great story, but it really came down to how you solved that tech challenge. Tell us how you learnt how to solve that tech challenge? You said it wasn't anything you learnt from the bootcamp so how did you solve it? Anyone can get a shot at an interview, but not anyone can just solve a tech challenge overnight by miraculous luck.

Mr Wolf : My hero of the day. Thanks for all the down-to-earth honesty.

K A : what boot camp did you attend. Im looking to do same career move.

Andrew Nichols : Very inspiring story, I started out my academic career as an actor and finished with a information science degree. I've been in corporate America for 5 years and the way you've felt is exactly how I've felt this whole time. "I have no idea what I'm doing" "What if I fail, lots of people depend on me?" "I'm totally going to get fired because I suck" But over the years I've learned that my drive and passion for tech is what keeps me happily employed and well desired by my company and others. Imposter Syndrome is real, but we can't let it be more than that nagging voice that we hear every day

human151 : Awesome story. So would you consider yourself proficient in ruby now?

Andrés Giraldo : What about your window?

Snow Man : Thank you for sharing man. I couldn't even start because of my loan. I already faced the worst feeling before i can get started. Man you have inspired me to give it my all

Paul D : If you're a good programmer you don't need a job with a company. Learn how to work for yourself

Bryan Castleman : I'm a Bootcamp grad sending out applications and modified cover letters into the void. This is an honest video. Glad you made it. Whenever I get my first yes, I'll probably do the same.

Val Young : Love this video!! Thank you ........ What's going on with your blinds lol!

thug life : truly inspirational... thank you

Andy Liao : Guys this video is good.. it shows us the realistic and sometimes disappointing side of bootcamps. Bootcamps aren't a magical wand that you can wave and expect a high paying job, or a job at all. Josh makes it clear that his expectations were broken a little, and that he even took a 28% risk which shows how "real" his situation was. I mean, think about how you guys would feel given those stats going into and staying focused at camp.

Ky Nguyen : i just put this video on my favorite playlist so inspiring story man especially the part "doing side project go look it up then suddenly boom overwatch is on my screen 10 minutes of side project, 3 hours of overwatch"

Pinkiepieluv67 : You are such a great vulnerable inspiration to me! Thank you SO much for making this video!

Toxodos : good for you, passion can go a long way, even if skill is lacking (for now)

Tom Messig : thanks for sharing. I find it fascinating to hear stories of how people got into the industry. I took a self study route. spent 9 months teaching myself and then got a low paying job for a bit less than a year. after that i moved into a much higher salary programming job. all this after many years being in a different industry altogether.

Clive Noonan : That's an amazing story man thank you

Jemimah O. : Thanks for sharing this!

Shawn Walker : I can relate. I have a similar story

Kevitivity : This video is so true.

Jonathan Luchow : love your story dude!! SUBBEDDD!!!!

Ms. A : Thank you Josh! I needed this now! I was feeling frustrated, angry and tricked that I spent...wait..WASTED THOUSANDS on an online bootcamp program that advertised like I would become this voltron, transformer programmer armed with many language stacks, if I graduated from their program! Instead, I couldn't do a basic Hacker Rank algorithm and I had to learn what each programming stack had built-in all over again because they cut a lot of corners. Although, I'm in debt and experienced rejection after many close calls, I feel hopeful. Your video reminded me there are different ways to get in the field. I thought because I had some kind of previous experience that I could land a job after this program. Not! Thanks again for the motivation! This is a dope beat by the way! Lol

Rosilio Roman : Wow.. really good video. Subbed.

Ty Mansfield : Great story man. Thanks so much for sharing.

Abubakr Alhaj : that is amazing, after all of this struggle and suffering and people keep rejecting you, you didn't gave up, you deserve it, love the video it's very inspiring , thank you so much for that.

ahmer9800 : Joshua, I am going through the growing pains of obtaining my first job. Thanks for all the knowledge and wisdom you're posting on Facebook!

Zeze Andjr : I agree with some of the comments here, you come across as very genuine, real, and of this world (if you know what I mean), I appreciate your candor and honest story, congrats and I'm happy that you've succeeded.

Vicky Jagdev : Thanks bro , real motivation .. i need ..

DL Beaven : Whoa. I live and work in downtown SLC. I'm talking with Helio and was accepted into the October full stack program in Draper. What are your thoughts on Helio?

Aaron Duley : Hey man you're not alone I feel the same way, I'm new on your channel I love the videos you've done and stay humble dude and keep them coming. You're motivating people like me, I'm learning bootstrap atm

sophie m : Thank you for your story.

Konstantin felsher : damn! Cool music! Ofc pretty good story, I expirienced the same emotions when I got my first job also at startup :D

Isaac Lucas : Thank you Dude............. that was a great story. Feeling like a ROCK, Feeling like a ROCKSTAR!!!! YEAAAAAAHHH