How I got my first job after code bootcamp.

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Vampiire Codes : this is incredibly inspiring man. thanks for sharing a raw story

MakenBaccon : Dude, I've been going through this for 2 years. I was about to give up. You just gave me the strength to carry on. Thank you so much man. I'm on the edge of tears right now.

Andrew Berumen : Hey Joshua, thanks for this. I'm going through a really tough job search at the moment as well. I graduated with a degree in computer science, went straight into sales after school, and now that I want to go back to software engineering I feel like I'm permanently a "sales" roles. It really sucks because employers don't even give me a chance. After 6 months of unemployment and not one call back it gets really degrading, but hopefully with a little persistence it'll work out.

mer mer : Thank you for being so honest in all of your videos man! ✌️

TAIWAN NUMBER 1 : what's the backgound on your montiors? It's awesome!

Shawn Walker : I can relate. I have a similar story

KyleGG : Congratulations! I took the more traditional route, but got a degree in Electrical Engineering, which a lot of the curriculum deals with programming. I knew I wanted to write software but I also wanted to be an engineer. Software engineers are not recognized as engineers in a lot of places. Software development is all experience. There is only going to be a few very productive developers at any company. People who will deliver code exponentially faster and with less bugs. The code they write is also clean and maintainable. Where does this leave everyone else? Gaining knowledge. Every problem they encounter will be new to them. They are starting from the beginning a lot of the time. Its the experience that teaches you how to find an adequate solution and implement it. If you don't have a degree you need to either a) apply to every job you can b) get some formal experience (bootcamp, training course), c) release your own software. Or more likely a combination. Get a degree though it will save you a ton of hassle. The degree is basically a shit filter.

Jemimah O. : Thanks for sharing this!

Kevitivity : This video is so true.

David K : What in God's name is going on with your window blinds?

Matt Palen : Good video. I have a couple friends going through this exact struggle and this kind of perspective might help them fight through the low periods. Going to pass it along.

Will Crayons : I'm planning on getting into a very competitive field as my career for my dream. and I will probably watch this video multiple times to remind myself that work is the only limiting factor between me and my dream. amazing video, subscribed

mousers21 피카추 : This was a great video. Your worth is in your ability to dive into something you're not 100% sure how to do and figure it out. Great video.

Carver : Congratulations, you're not cut out to be a developer. Everything thinks they can just learn to code in a week and then make tons of money working at Google or Facebook and get free food from a chef. The reality is that it's not easy and some people aren't cut out for it just like some people aren't cut out to be a mechanic or teacher. If the basics don't come pretty easy to you then you're likely in the wrong field.

Andrew Nichols : Very inspiring story, I started out my academic career as an actor and finished with a information science degree. I've been in corporate America for 5 years and the way you've felt is exactly how I've felt this whole time. "I have no idea what I'm doing" "What if I fail, lots of people depend on me?" "I'm totally going to get fired because I suck" But over the years I've learned that my drive and passion for tech is what keeps me happily employed and well desired by my company and others. Imposter Syndrome is real, but we can't let it be more than that nagging voice that we hear every day

Ty Mansfield : Great story man. Thanks so much for sharing.

human151 : Awesome story. So would you consider yourself proficient in ruby now?

Mb Videos : Thank you so much for sharing this story. As 2nd-3rd year computer science student, that still doesn't feel all too sure about his abilities or direction, I needed that.

Toxodos : good for you, passion can go a long way, even if skill is lacking (for now)

Carrie Mussett : Been needing something to motivate me to just put in the work and learn to code. Thanks for making this!

Lorenzo Lopez Villalobos : <3 exactly the video that I needed, thanks man :)

Mr Wolf : My hero of the day. Thanks for all the down-to-earth honesty.

daebat : spot on bro, it's hard out there and it takes a lot of work. you have the right mindset and a lot of others don't.

dtPlaythroughs : What do you mean by an algorithm challenge that "tests code"? Can you elaborate or show an example? I couldn't find anything by Googling and I'd like to know for future interviews!

SilkSatin Paradise : Continuous deployment is great if you're a software engineer, but really shitty if you're in the military.

Red : Nice video,I am glad for you.

INVICTUS : I'm in my 4th year of Teaching at Uni and the "Impostor Syndrome" you mentioned really struck a chord with me. I am GREAT with kids and get glowing reports from the school I work at, and yet I still feel like I'm inadequate. This is a totally unrelated field to yours and I have never coded in my life; this video was truly inspiring to me. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks a bunch for sharing your story. I've got this.

Anon : Kudos to you for sticking thru it to the end man. i wanted to go into software development in college, but once i got past the intro course I felt I was in waaay over my head and ended up going a different route. Good luck to you and great video. I wish I had seen this a few years ago lol.

xxxxx222 : Thanks for the video man!

Mariusz Heyda : What's the outro track name?

Billy D : Amazing story man, thanks for sharing. Also, I really dig the music in your videos. Do you have a spotify or youtube playlist?

samfortunato : What languages did you learn in boot camp? Did you end up feeling really proficient in the languages, or did your knowledge still feel basic or anything?

paraglide01 : No Katy Foster :-(

Murray Nguyen : Good stuff, Joshua. Keep it up!

Kimberly Ceralde : yeah but do you get to work remotely?

lawlzomgffs : Yoo, i have to do a presentation about data acquisition tools today, i've been shit scared for weeks standing infront of people talking. Seeing this video gave me hope! Cheers from sweden.

Jesse Green : You just described almost my exact situation. I haven't started into coding yet, but I did make the jump from corporate America over to a start-up. It got WAY too real when you described the office and then got even more crazy when you said Salt Lake.