'everywhere' - fleetwood mac cover | Orla Gartland
everywhere fleetwood mac cover Orla Gartland

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me singing one of my favourite ever songs beside a little stream. support me on Patreon: (my secret demo club): https://www.patreon.com/orlagartland ........ me on *other parts* of the web: twitaaaa: http://www.twitter.com/orlagartland facey-b: http://www.facebook.com/orlagartland insta: @orlagartland LOVE YOU you know i do OG xxxxx


Carly Kaste : This song was actually written for you to sing

Rosianna Halse Rojas : this is so freaking beautiful in every way

Molly Knight : Please cover every song by fleetwood mac, I bloody love them and you!x

CharlesSo : If I was walking by the road, and heard someone singing that, I'd have to find them through the fields, and give applause.

Axavar Osoria : Orla Gartland > Sliced Bread

Fionnuala O'Hare : I'd love to have been a passer-by in that wood <3 A wild Orla, in her natural habitat

Naomi Fitzgerald : I love the end when you blow the hair out of your face, lol. Such a good cover! I love your content, Orla.

Leo Kelly : Orla’s production value is always through the damn roof. Great song, great visuals, great everything. 🙌

Kendra France : fleetwood mac is my favourite :(((( the fact you did a cover actually kills me its so good. PAUL SIMON NEXT PLEASE AHAHAHA YOU’RE SO TALENTED

nicoleponesyou : *whisper yells* please release inevitable

FootofaFerret : Everything about this is stellar! I can already tell that this cover is gonna be on repeat for awhile :P

Catherine Pham : Honestly, you're such an inspiration. The musicality and the creativity and everything. It's overwhelming and wonderful and I love it.

Anonymous Jeff : Laying in bed and had a little wiggle because it's so hard to not dance to this cover 😂😍

Embly : it’s been so long since i last heard this song and yasss you did it fucking justice !!!! love it

Logan Doiron : For the love of god PLEASE do more Fleetwood Mac covers!!

helga k : holy damn your guitar sounds like magic, how'd you do that outdoors?


Cine Pile Podcast : Such a delightful early 90s feel.

elina a. : i love the expressiveness u display in every cover and the lil quirks in ur voice and ur guitar skills nvr cease to amaze me !!! thanks orla !! I hope u have a lovely week! ❤❤❤

Aya M : Orla, I just wanted you to know that you helped me through hard times, you are saving me every time, thank you so much for everything please never stop making music, because you play guitar with your heart rather than your hands, and you write your lyrics out of your soul, your songs feels like home, you make me feel safe. ORLA GARTLAND, I LOVE YOU.

Sis : what a dern legend

Giannah Noelle : why are you so good at everything i just don't understand. also how do you not get embarrassed TEACH ME YOUR WAYS ORLA

Julianne Richard : I'm living for the vocals and the jacket and that location gosh you're just so cool

Lee c: : I never really commend on videos but ITS SO GOOD I JUST HAVE TO

Lex Croucher : YYYYYEEEEEEeeeEEEEEEssssss

Nxdia : I wish I could play guitar like her ngl, this is BRILLIANT

Wouter Weggelaar : AKAI samplers in the wild! awesome ;) You are looking energetic and happy Orla. Good to see that! And this cover is LIFE! one of the best songs EVER

OhClaire : Going out to beautiful places and singing beautiful songs. You are living a dream, Orla!

FabMusicFlow : Amazin Cover! you look so radiant and shiny!

Gabriella Reads : after watching this once i can tell i'm gonna be coming back to this a lot

daniela : your voice is wonderful, it makes me love everything you sing.

Emma Melanson : GAHHHH THIS IS SICKKKK!!! what an amazing cover, flawless

Kristina Parsons : Every single damn time I hear your voice I tear up because it's so beautiful and you're so talented.

ironic-comicsans : god this is such a fun cover i couldn't stop smiling the entire video

Qwerty qwerty : Damn man there wasnt a single second i could pause/skip. Excellent from start to end.

Zoe Carovano : With Orla, you can tell how much she loves making music just from her facial expressions. It's honestly the best thing ever and makes me love her even more 💕

Eva McDermott : This is too bloody good. Not sure if you have heard Come On Petunia by The Blow, but it would be super cool to hear you cover it

Barry Ronchetti : Awesome! I thought this intro had a bit of I Want To Break Free about it but your FM cover is spot on. Classic Orla expressions and bolder & bolder Oh Ahhh’s! 👍🏼

seaepy : orla! i notice in this and some of your other songs/covers, your strumming is more percussive- i'm trying to figure out how to do it myself but i cant seem to manage, would you be able to explain how you do that?

Lloyd : That was so infectious, smiled all the way through it. Thank you

The Lane Down : Orla! My goodness you are just such a beautiful musician in every way. You can tell by your expressions that you love what you are doing, and I love your voice so much! I wish I could play guitar like you! Keep on keeping on! I love your content!💕

Laurence Pavitt London United Kingdom : Beautiful Cover Of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere Your The Best

Juliet Boardman : stop being so damn perfect I love your music I love this cover and this video is so AUTUMN AESTHETIC just yes

Sheila Babadi : this is AMAZING! I love that you're outside, it brings such a happy energy. Well, I should say, it complements the happy energy you already have

jam hanif : well this made my day better didn't it

Chloé Bsrd. : Love that cover ! ♥

Tara Swicicki : Great job!! Subbed. I love your voice <3

radcoppartner : thank you for this wonderful video cool bean!

Lucy Smith : NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT. Totally here for this 10/10