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We luv Terry https://www.moloqmusic.com https://moloq.bandcamp.com Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/712fxLnBnplTNvcL28rFn7?si=hnSNSRogSNGcc2sAVo9aLA Instagram/Twitter: moloqmusic Moloq is Jake Aron and Paul Stevens Directed by Andrew Schwab Director of Photography: Joey Kopanski Additional Team Terry Members: Ethan Brasseaux, Valerie Louis, Shari Purnell & Jordan Slaton Puppeters: Annie Peterle & Therese Aun Puppet Designer: Terry Rooney (http://www.terryrooneysculptor.com) Assistant Camera: Danielle Sexton Gaffer: Brad McGaughey Key Grip: Adam Patterson Swings: Chloe Chon & Bryan C. Lee Editor: Andrew Schwab Colorist: Joey Kopanski Film Processing & Scanning: Pro8mm Special Thanks: Cinder Lighting & Grip, United Collab, Carlos Rojas, Lauren McCracken, Jessica Thompson, EAV Print Shop, Emma Rooney, Terry Rooney, Melissa Dojcsak & Terry Gross


Loony Lauren : Philip DeFranco brought me here ....

Mikerphone : Well, isn't this song just a breath of Fresh Air.

Neha Sam : why is the production value of this SO HIGH ?! I love this so much

10000Mistakes : Please hold a class on Terry Gross puppet making ASAP. I'm in Atlanta and will pay you with MORE THAN ONE WABE coffee mugs.

Lance Blair Voice Overs : Y'all were great talking with Lois Reitzes on WABE today! Top tune!

Tierney May : I was literally just listening to her interviewing Randy Rainbow in the car

The Planning Mimzy : Listened to some of your interview on City Lights!

MissLilyputt : Philip DeFranco bringing us only the best in secret links of the day! 👍

theNomad : Australian here. Don't know what I just watched, but it was banging.

Will Pass : I'm pretty sure I love Moloq in that same special and sincere way. Can't wait to finally catch one of your shows!

Daniel Smith : NPR rock, that's a new one. I love it!

Seth Christenfeld : Where can I get my own TEAM TERRY shirt?

josephjinx : This is amazing. Terry is amazing. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

qimover45 : Congrats! Thank Phil for the feature SL! Subbed for the next one

Jacob Barlow : I kept thinking it would be Terry from Reno 911

Literal Wizard : Those Edgar Wright quick zooms were incredible

elgoz13 : Love Team Terry! (and the low-key shade they threw at Dave Davies and David Bianculli) ♥️♥️♥️

FrozenColress : Well that was interesting! Thanks Phil! 😂

jahosaphat : This is silly, thanks Philip DeFranco

demona6662 : you won me over with the puppet

Julianna Smaltz : this is so cute guys

cierrablue : We love you Terry!!!! <3 You really are the best!

Cedar L'Amour : Haha, that got trippy real quick!

Marc Biagi : Hilarious. Well done! (Great puppet of Terry too...)

TheGreiMatters : Yes! Skoodoo into that picture

Baffled BumbleBee : Need u to make TG puppets for sale. Also shirts. Thx. Fantastic video. (Great suggestion from phillyd.) ❤️

Elizabeth Cox : Some day you guys might have kids and those kids will find this video.

Cassi Warren : I was all ready to exit outta this but then I saw the puppet....

Terrence James : Why didn't Little Paul start eating his breakfast when Fresh Air came on????? Thank you for bringing JOY into our days full of so much miserable news. And you guys are super handsome too!!!!

Noxn : Secret Link of the day

Rex Roganblat : Super creative ensemble. Genial!

Lord Dice X : Holy Moley 😆

Jessica Thompson : TERRY!!!

spadesshadow : How does Phil find these things

IchabodNyx : Now do Lakshmi Singh.

Self-conscious mess : Is this what acid is like

sedg : We love you Terry!

royalstaircase : I feel personally attacked lmao

ChrissiTea : 10/10

Philip Bene : So good!

MCmuss : please make more

Cherish Ireland : Umm... YES!

Mr Marshfellow : Phil brought me here

Krystal Dragons : Team Terry!!! 😍

MoreAmerican : F’yeah!

Andrew Stevens : KAG!!!

Domestic Goddess : Magical

Luke Buffardi : lol

EmpatheticOne : NPR!!!