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Comments from Youtube

ToxicCyc : 2:36 when no nut November is over

Athana Panagiotou : 3:03 thank me later

Sonic Empire : 1 like = 1 saved item

Super Teun : “Don’t Try This at Home” Yeah because I Just have a hidrolic pres lying around🧐

My Channel Has Nothing : 3:58 yah haha *ITS REWIND TIME*

6,458,971 Views : I thought the Coca Cola was gonna turn into a big chungus I really need a life 😂😂

Alexander Dunn : 3:50 in 0.25x

Roboclops : Hey who here thinks that coke bottle is going to pop.

Thodoris Kambouris : "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME". Right, because everyone has a hydraulic press lying around somewhere in the house.

Alexander Dunn : This is jack, he had no friends 1 like =I friend for jack

Filip Służewski : The Apple one How to make Apple Juice

tacoburrito Swanson : I find it hilarious they just crush shit with a hydrolic press and call it an experiment.

Hurjastelia ! : Saatanan nulikka vittu ei sille kokikselle nuin perkele tehä

Lillian Adkins : 3:23 *_fear_*

ArialFeedBack : 3:28 10/10 the sticker is gone xd 3:30 EXPLOSION OVERLOAD (SODA VERSION)

Eivan20251 GTA 4 : Я уже подумал что кола выиграет

abdou G.T.D.S : يتبل تستخف بنعمة الله

mizu mizu : apple…I thought that it was a waste.

Sumi S : Why the bottle is Flatt ended ??

puppypielovesyour 432 dr : Thats one way to make apple sauce

Leche : pense q la cocacola resistiria

Googlebox : doubt it's really 100 ton. I mean, that's like over 16 elephants!

WL mega21 : the coke is at 3:02

The Twisted Dimensions : Just out of plain curiosity, it said at the beginning, 'We are trained proffesionals ' just a curious question? Why do you need to squish things? And what is so important that you have to squish?

ツAndrej : Balkanci imali vas?

Andrej Obradovic : i used dragon balls to wish coca cola back to life #3:55

Uma arte Qualquer : Não tente isso em casa kkkkk. Como se fosse qualquer pessoa que tivesse uma prensadeira hidráulica em casa

Marcos Lofrano : 1 Like = 1% Of Power For A Time Machine To Avoid All This Stuff Ended In The Hands Of This Man

Lola and friends / in gacha life : Guy: **breaks cocoa cola** Me: NOOO MY FAVORITE SODA!!!

Muhteşem KANAL 6264 star KLON : 03:43 Kavonoz gibi wdıxıwofp

Yousaf Sumbal : I thought the thumbnail was fake 😂

Jack John Brown : The coke bottle lasted longer than I thought

Marcelo Ferraz : Loved it! Btw, which song plays in the background? Cool tune!

Matheus Rj : Ae o vidro dava para fazer Cerol kkkk

Dragon gamer 101 : I will never think of apples the same way again and I just went apple picking today!

Leonel Gonzalez : estupido mucos quieren tene u n gugete como ese y vos lo aplastas

MetooWhale55900 : 2:35 My brain in school

Vladislav Belov : The explosion of Coke was awesome for me! XD

Jasematey 007 : Oddly satisfying to watch, a new apple juicer 😂😂😂👍

Can we get 1 thousand sub without any viral vids? : But I can try this at my friends house right?

はてかつみ : コーラ凄いなあ。 コーラはギリギリの所で一回止めて欲しかったなあ。

ProZ Nebula : Why the poor elephant 😫

Paramedic Man : Watching someone Destroy a perfectly good bottle of cola is Soda pressing.

Furry ASMR : 30 seconds in and THATS when it pops

Experiment Crash Satisfying Tv : Wow very satisfying to watch...

jeffy paul I HATE GREEN BEANS : When Coca-Cola bottle explodes:BOOM!! Me:DESTRUCTION😎😎😤😤

David Shyrmang : Then we will try in factory then if not at home

M&A : The newest way of capital pinishment - squashing.

Fonteneau Nicolas : Le coca je croyais qu'il allait exploser au début bizarre , je suis français , the is franch , manem is in nationaliti France . Franch très bonne vidéo très très très bien bien cool France😁😁😁😊