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Piotr Choptiany : Don't try this at home? Who the hell has hydraulic press at home? XD

Iam Bwalya : So sad how you waste resources when there are so many poor people out there 1like - 1 poor person saved if you like you have a heart

Michalis Lekkas : 2:15 “Do you like your new toy?”

WALT3R : 3:51 the pressure when you shit after eating a Taco Bell meal

Emerson Zackyieck : 1:25 so that’s how they make applesauce😱

WL mega21 : the coke is at 3:02

Volteez : These how coca colas were made 3:58 - 4:25

TinyPaul101 : Talk about a flat coke..... I'll just leave now.....

ツAndrej : Balkanci imali vas?

Simon 09ph : 2:13 - And this kids! How you do a yellow elephant Pancake! 3:30 - *_ Omae Wa Mou shindeiru_* Edit: 3:30 - This Kids,Is how Heart Attacks work!

Delicious Pear : At 4:01 it looks like a coke commercial 😂

MihailoProNinja : Ko je dosao od messyourself ili Or Who Came From MessYourSelf

The Twisted Dimensions : Just out of plain curiosity, it said at the beginning, 'We are trained proffesionals ' just a curious question? Why do you need to squish things? And what is so important that you have to squish?

ATOMIX187 : 2:36 when you watching porn

Vicenta Salanic Puac : 2:36 After Fap 😂😂😂

Eye lash : 1 Like = 1 Saved Coke

Bilinmeyen Adam : Türkler

PzPlayz : 1:46 *OMG THAT POOR TOY D:*

makailee is Awesome : Video (don't try this at home) me (ok ill try it at the park) XD

Dolphin Lover : 1:47 I Cried When I See That That Cute Little Elephant :( Even Tho Its Just A Toy But I Am Still Saddddd ;-;

kim laffredi : New way to make apple juice :P

salsa agustin : let"s try slime

Shark Super Films : That’s what you do when you want Apple juice

Mira Abramović : Desi serbo

Artic the cat : 2:14 the cartoon vibes

Frank Romero : dont try this at home... who has a hydraulic press at home

Xxxtentacion fan : I thought that was a apple :/

ANGEL OFFICIAL : 3:07 coca cola soda

gurjant whatsapp status : Kaint👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

Daja Kangal : Y do you show all those things Before the actual think in the title

Lets Hit 1500 Subs No Videos : I thought that coke in thumbnail was fake lol

SHAHNAZ MOHAMMAD : Who wants an apple juice😛

Edward Rabchenyuk : Puase the video click 2:19

Aeyen The Lobster : 3:30 BOOM

JIkness 182728 : The start of the apple was so satisfying

MetooWhale55900 : 2:35 My brain in school

Oscar Antonio Vega Ochoa : Es muy gracioso

Mateja Ristic : Kralj si serbo

hacked : -RIP- apple XD

maclain c : This is soda pressing

Stella Luna Gamer : The future: Hi would you like your peaches cut or hydrolic pressed?

T McCoy : 1:20. Juicing with force!

Edward Rabchenyuk : Final part 3:03

zeyad hashem : رائع جدا جدا جدا

ScarMan Pro : 😥😥😥 coca cola

Roger V : 3:24 when your're too fat for your clothes

Tolitoli44 : It's so nice👍👍!


GamingHunter Dakin Booker : Hunter: Ugh