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Eye lash : 1 Like = 1 Saved Coke

Dragon King : 1 like = 1 saved item

TinyPaul101 : Talk about a flat coke..... I'll just leave now.....

Alexander Dunn : This is jack, he had no friends 1 like =I friend for jack

_Carrie Togashi_ : *t h a t s a l o t o f  d a m a g e*

kim laffredi : New way to make apple juice :P

ATOMIX187 : 2:36 when you watching porn

The Twisted Dimensions : Just out of plain curiosity, it said at the beginning, 'We are trained proffesionals ' just a curious question? Why do you need to squish things? And what is so important that you have to squish?

Emerson Zackyieck : 1:25 so that’s how they make applesauce😱

ツAndrej : Balkanci imali vas?

Stella Luna Gamer : The future: Hi would you like your peaches cut or hydrolic pressed?

Jully : 1:46 *OMG THAT POOR TOY D:*

Randomized : These how coca colas were made 3:58 - 4:25

Simon 09ph : 2:13 - And this kids! How you do a yellow elephant Pancake! 3:30 - *_ Omae Wa Mou shindeiru_* Edit: 3:30 - This Kids,Is how Heart Attacks work!

Bilinmeyen Adam : Türkler

Frank Romero : dont try this at home... who has a hydraulic press at home

Vicenta Salanic Puac : 2:36 After Fap 😂😂😂

Alexander Dunn : 3:50 in 0.25x

Super kawaii : 1:20 lol i feel like i am at the dentist 😂😂

T mccoy : 1:20. Juicing with force!

Eminem Prabes : Future is near its like Hey you want apple Sorry I have no teeth Don't worry I have hydraulyc press

Thodoris Kambouris : "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME". Right, because everyone has a hydraulic press lying around somewhere in the house.


zainab Javed : Shame on you wasting apple

Hacker Ninja : Ko je dosao od messyourself ili Or Who Came From MessYourSelf

WL mega21 : the coke is at 3:02

VJoyo Games : 3.26 😂😂😂😂😂

malone dulas : The vidéo is good like the vidéo

Mitchell Keil : If it said don’t try this at hom than why are u doing it sunshine

Athana Panagiotou : 3:03 thank me later

Piotr Choptiany : Don't try this at home? Who the hell has hydraulic press at home? XD

Playstation1 : What is the song??

VJoyo Games : 3:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dragon gamer 101 : I will never think of apples the same way again and I just went apple picking today!

Renan oliveira : Tem um br ai

Delicious Pear : At 4:01 it looks like a coke commercial 😂

salsa agustin : let"s try slime

Hasret Dev : Like

iivvaann : Ono kad svrsim 2:37

İşinize Yaramayanlar : Ulan En Sevdiğim Kolayı Niye Eziyon Bee

Drink Water : 1:15 Oh, so that's how they make apple juices.

Llama Guy : 1:04 dumbass


Furkan Ege Göktaş : Yazık lan elmaya

SHAHNAZ MOHAMMAD : Who wants an apple juice😛

Darron Kirkwood : Talk about a flat coke...

nolan OM : Gâchis alimentaire bonjour


Artic the suicidal cat : 2:14 the cartoon vibes

Shark Super Films : That’s what you do when you want Apple juice