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Golden red freddy : the coca cola is a hulk 3:28

Toy Racing : The video lived up to the thumbnail 🙌🙌😃

KDingo81 : What kind of pressure was necessary on the coke to burst? Looked like it could quite take some.

Ilona Suruna : Yeah, the best joke, don't try this at home

Raxader : "trained professionals" mhm

Natutale Natura : 3:57 and this kids. This is how cola was made

Meme Genarator : Thumbnail at 3:02

cyberjoker : mom: son you need a diet, lay off the fast food and eat some fruit and vedgies me: 1:09

spidermangreatone1 : Do your hand next!

Drink Water : 1:15 Oh, so that's how they make apple juices.

VaporPalkia : Thumbnail at 3:27

Dunno mah Name : 3:30 my brain when a hard math problem is shown

Robogabriel : The toy elephant getting crushed was really sad.

Henrik Persson : A diamond would be interesting! 😁 Ruin the machine!🤘💥

Retro Hitops : That's one way to make some juice 😄

Eric Mezenberg : When the thumbnail is legit o_o

Paja Bro : Ljudi like ako ste iz srbije

brett robbins : Warning do not try this at home, let me just put my common everyday household 100 ton hydraulic press away then.

Adio Aurel : Some ppl are scared of CERN creating a black hole... I'd rather be scared of him compressing everything to max density. Could turn into a black hole and swallow earth! 3:50 was pretty close ;)

kim laffredi : New way to make apple juice :P

Nuriko DB : Waiting for that bottle to burst was like waiting for an orgasm almost xD

TedTiger 17 : 2:36 *CUM*

The Official SBG : “No coca cola bottles were harmed in the making of this video”


Stella Luna Gamer : The future: Hi would you like your peaches cut or hydrolic pressed?

Amerikiwi808 : 3:02 You're Welcome :)

GoldenTHUNDER : So this is not clickbait... For the first time in forever....

Sinan Poyraz : Türk yokmu la

Mr_Lighty : 1:21 Apple Pumpkin

Eminem Prabes : Future is near its like Hey you want apple Sorry I have no teeth Don't worry I have hydraulyc press

archit Gupta : U r very g person

Mel : Is...is this a new meme/trend?

Ms RebelPizza : 1:45 is just sad.

Raff : I Could have drank that coke.

ZephrOli : Hydraulic press graphene or graphite and see if it makes diamond

LunaticLab : 3:30 When you are drinking water and your friend cracks a joke

Empity11 : Vrati se serbo

The epic People! : Other people in the world don’t get things and this is how you treat it!

Beats : Don't try this at home? Ok lemme put my haludric press away then😂😂 common household item

MetooWhale55900 : 2:35 My brain in school

Ephraim Dawson : You should have left the coke how it was at 3:51 and try to open it

mrgw982 : 3:03 is what you are here for. You're welcome.

Warren Fleischer : Pause at 3:29 and look at the coke bottle. He just has a hydraulic press in the middle of his living room.

Just Another Dinosaur : LMAO I GOT A COKE AD BEFORE

Aidan265 Gaming : 3:51 when no nut november ends

Jackson Bennett : I loved it!

ATCraft01 : On my Birthday!

Jackson Bennett : That was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Greig : 0:00 yeah because everyone has a hydraulic press laying around

Vinegar Gamer : The coke is at 3:02