Boating on Acid

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Nihilist : Don´t be on Acid when you´re Boating on Acid.

Rant Machine : I legit came here because I wanted to see a sulfuric acid lake. was not disappointed

MrVestido : 2:48 Man needs to learn how to row.

THOTH : "next, im going to stick my balls into the lake and see what happens"

Cee Jay : Hahahaha why did I think there would just be a guy Boating and high on Acid??? 😂😂

Denn Bay : They knew what they were doing when they named this video.

James Harvey : Im suprised that the the boat didnt sink under the weight of his balls

Mike Fagan : It's not clear how the acid got inside the boat; did it eat through the bottom, or was he just a poor boatsman - insufficiently careful with his paddles? Or maybe he leaned over a bit too much when he was taking the sample and got acid in his boat that way? If I was going to do that, I'd have had my sample container on the end of a stick, I'd have gone real slow and I'd have brought along a spare set of clothes and plenty of soap and fresh water. Cutting your pants off with a knife is stupid. He should have immediately dropped his pants, and gotten hosed down with soapy water, then changed into fresh clothes. And that's assuming he couldn't have worn protective clothing to begin with.

Free Form Jazz : "What could possibly go wrong?" *Puts gas mask on*

Flamingo Bill : lmao I thought this dude would be trippin on a lake just havin a blast

TheDerpyWarrior : *Grabs items from acid lake with no gloves while explaining how acidic the lake is* logic

Ominous Entity : Wow, people only have drugs on their mind when they see the word acid? I knew exactly what I was clicking on.

Kyle Simpson : Guy: now if u remember your high school chemistry Me: now let me stop u right there😂

Squalits : i've been there and it was super acidic i cant believe this guy boating on the most acidic crater lake in the world.

Ugandan knucklez : I boated on acid for 3 days straight and then realized I never left my house

Black Scythe : A boat a day keeps the acid lake away

Dan Odden : I read the title the wrong way.

Skippy Jones : I thought he was going to go boating while tripping on acid lol

MrMudNugget : too many burn out drug addicts

Isaiah Santiago : Who else came here thinking he was going to trip on acid while boating in the lake, was disappointed, then stayed to watch the video anyway? Lol

bro idk : why was everyone expecting someone to be boating on drugs....

Kyle Roskell : This is not what I thought it meant

Lukio Robinson : Who else wasn't expecting a guy on high acid, inside a boat. And expected a guy floating in top of acid inside a boat. Am I like the only one?

Vevxo : T O X I C

jagrcantakeyou : I totally misread the title. lol

corgidog : That's alot of sulphuric acid.

Plxton : Seems we've all been tricked

Poseyboii Z : The one time I wanted to venture off into the depths of the YouTube loop just to be cucked by sulfuric acid. :'(

Marcus Phillips : im disappointed

Hubert Applebaum : We should put corrupt politicians on a rubber boat in that lake. Then allow people to shoot at the boat with bb guns.

Happy Apple : Okay youtube i watched it are you happy now

Ficco Clivano Ikhsan : i wonder if we can find archaebacteria there

Dmitry Vasyanin : Whay if you wear a full latex suit. Could you go diving in it?

erik dee : 2:40 I hope this brain is more acid-resistant than the last one was!!

Christian Jk : Not what i expected😤😤

Cam77891 : Why not just you know take the pants off

Hugh kenfokov : haha this title is very misleading guarantee half of us clicked this cause we wanted to see a guy tripping on the lake I'm not even going to watch the rest now

WATERYxWATERMELON : Welp thats not what I expected when i clicked on this video... Now try boating on acid while on acid

sean wetherell : I thought he was going to do acid on a boat......

Alex_ Nodal : Misleading title

Red Shiren : It look's fun

Nate Higgers : Next video : Boating on Crystal Meth

TexasTea 713 : Dude that is false advertising

Coleman Lambrecht : Misleading title

Gabzz : why is this on my recommended list

gfy everyone : This guy is not on Acid,Where does it show him laughing at the littlest things and getting a sore jaw from smiling like a Cheshire cat?

Devan Harripersad : Wow alot of drug users in this comments .

Hero A : What a nice hobby.

RANDOM AF : i came here to see someone boating on drugs, im leaving a very unsatisfied customer.

Aș putea spune : White people...