twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]

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Angsty Camera Woman : 4:11 *all of us after listening*

Freestyle Dance Hits : I can't stop watching this video and Xavier White - How Deep 🕯🕯

The Heathen : OMG This is sooooooooo good!! No sophomore jinx for TOP bc they're so confident and comfortable in their own skin. Dudes, welcome back a million times!!

destiny love : I can't stop looking at this video

[prod.sabishi] : Okay so here's my theory on this; the car in the video is from heavydirtysoul, while it is burning it symbolizes the end of the Blurryface Era, hence Tyler wearing the jumpsuit and then walking to something new, which is the Trench Era (also it fits in terms of time because Tyler has a shaved head there, while in the part where he is in the jumpsuit, his hair has grown) he seems to be quite unaware of where he's going, so the man on the horse (symbolizm from The Bible's four horsemen) who is definetely Blurryface, gets a chance to come at Tyler and fill him with insecurities (note how he touches his neck and it slowly becomes black just how it was in the Blurryface Era). After that Tyler slowly follows him, because he thinks that his insecurities will forever find him no matter what. Then the people from on top of the mountains start throwing yellow pedals down on them, yellow the theme of this Era, also the colour of sunshine and happiness, plays a significant role to all this. Tyler gets a chance to run away from Blurryface as fast as he possibly can but in the end he trips, later on he is on the ground, probably asleep or unconsious holding a yellow flower, but Blurryface hasn't done anything to him yet. We just see him staring at another yellow themed man who is on the top of the mountain. That man is Josh, protecting Tyler from Blurryface. Now the video ends there, so I cannot stretch it out anymore, but I hope they drop a few more videos to continue the storyline

• shōriness • : YES FINALLY THANK GOD

MegaTODOMUSICA : Live the music !!

Drop Nation : I have a remix of this song Hope you guys enjoy it :)🙏🙏👍✌😸🔥

AИGELHѺRSЄ : Anyone seen the new journal entry from Clancy? -Spoilers!- It describes the scenes from the music video, meaning Clancy was there, witnessing that. Or the exact same thing happened twice...

Talk less. Smile more! : I wasn't sleeping tho... Like I don't think I slept at all during the hiatus.

Rachel Parker : #1 on trending! I AM SO PROUD

Twinsfaces Twinsfaces : Twenty one pilots never disappoints!!!!!!🤯🙌😍🙏😎 I can't stop watching this video this song is Awesome!!!!! 🙌😍🙏😎🙌

Nontree11 : Holy shit that distorted bass tone. This is a really cool sound.

Leopold Valdez : Wow huge inspiration.. one of the reasons i started to make music.. i still wanna get there so I NEED ur help ♥️ my whole life I wanted to make music. But when I was younger I thought I wasn't good enough, or that I'll never be able to get the equipment. But one day I decided to just do it. I make EDM music with a twist. I want it to sound like the trippiest/best evening of ur life, or the coolest night drive of all time, I really think I can get somewhere with this.. and ONLY with ur help I can get there. I have some different sounding music that I'm trying to get out to the world, I wanna make music that isn't just music, I wanna make music that creates time markers in people's lifes. Pretty much just positive energy, this is NOT about me at all. this is about easing you're soul (Sorry for bad English just had to get this out there) sending blessings to YOU🙏♥️

Tetrini : Love it! Totally gonna remix this

TutorialsByHugo : Was looking forward to some rest after Pray For The Wicked. Well...

NSPLG : TØP usually capitalise the first letter when they talk about God (apart from when they use "father"). For example "I began to understand why *God* died" from A Car A Torch A Death & " *His* time, we're wasting" + " *He* is waiting" from Isle of Flightless Birds & " I sing of a Greater *Love* " from Clear. It's been pointed out that on the band's YouTube videos for Nico and the Niners and Jumpsuit, the word Jumpsuit is always captalised so this tells me that Tyler and Josh could be talking about God.

N3KLAZ : I love the bridge sooo much!!! 😍😍❤️❤️🔥

Becky_ G : And this is still trending after a week... Who cares, it's a fricken masterpiece (can't wait to October 5)


Mr. Taco Bell : I already can see Josh Dun's going to get on the crowd for a Drum solo meanwhile Tyler Screaming

Goth Boi Clique Til My Soul Take : Can we appreciate *Joseph moves above the car* ?

braucoze23 corona : Y josh ???


Noor noor : They NEVER disappoint me.. NEVER 💗

Rachel Parker : Is that the same car from heavydirtysoul?? I NEED AN EXPLANATION

BLOODY POPPY : Hi from Russia! I can't belive how much I waited for this song and clip!

Iqbal Daffa : Like this song. I from Indonesia

Kendyl Bowerss : I think the hooded figure could possibly be blurry face.

Dragon Gamer : Just love how much there music has progressed. They have always been amazing, but i think there is gonna be something fantastic about the new album. The fact that they are telling a story with everything just makes it so much better. If you ask me they are so underrated and more people should know about them. You guys are so amazing keep it up!

Depression Talks With Immanuel : "If you need anyone." That part is too beautiful

Ariel Treherne : OMG can't stop listening to this song great work

Śatrcndr : This is the next of heavydirtysoul

creator s : Loved it.just awesome

Javi el Sucio : ||-//

Radio Killed Music : I'm so happy you guys are back! this song is great

Katrina Larivee : 19,000+ people disliked this 💔... how is that possible, it's literally perfect! 😍

SavUnlimted : Jumpsuit jumpsuit cover me........ I'm in FREAKING LOVE!!

Jimmy Segura Ramírez : Yes, they're back in business

ГГ Гаремника : Как же я люблю этих ребят. Единственная группа которая даёт ощущение того, что понимают твои чувства, и дают силы и способы для борьбы с одиночеством

Meme City : *Twenty one Pilots back at it again*

Gogo08 : ||-//

martyna rave : 📂Documents └📁Music └📁twenty one pilots └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

Amberly Solorzano : This is crazy!!! I love it!!!

AJplayz : Thank you 21 pilots your back!!!! So happy

namjoons dimples : legends are back we missed you

Teresa Mayne : 3:42

RAFFNEX DEX : Great bang came back!) 👏😎

princess tej : THEY'RE BACK BOIS😂😂❤

Gustavo Sousa : Holy shit I love this