The Spider-Man Trilogy But With Only Mary Jane Screaming & Being Angry

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Matt Lee : Random girl: it’s Spider-Man! MJ: *screams*

Catastrophe Cause : _That moment when the video is 11 minutes long_

VidDuality : "It's Spider-Man!" **SHRIEKS LOUDER** 🤣

Zant : I’m gonna ask DR CONNORS :D to marry me

Marvelmania360 : "I'll peel the flesh of her bones" "ok" "aaahhh!!!" Lol

Shiv R : With all this screaming I’m surprised venom didn’t die because of her screaming when he captured her

Eric S : Not a single person on that school bus looks like they are in highschool.

Muhammad Hafiz : I’m getting married Peter : whatever I’m getting married in a church Peter : whatever Lol i’m dying 😂

Cryji Itou : "The woman I loved since before I loved boys"

Amber Nicole : According to IMDb, her screams in Spider-Man 3 were recycled from Spider-Man 2. Somehow, that makes this video funnier

Noel Yanez : MJ: "Try to understand how I feel" Pizza Parker: "No Thanks" Oscar winning moment

[NQZATR] : This hoe really did scream the most in all three movies.

Lavisha Sharma : I've never laughed at someone screaming until now.

JackyNoTouchy : I'm getting married "Whatever" xD

applekaramela : Mary Jane : Whats wrong with you? Peter: You.

Les Carpio : Her screaming should have cause Venom great pain Haha

rohan : 9:43 I've fallen in love with someone else Whoooooo hooooooo yeaaaaah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ahithana’s Dormant Penis : I can’t believe there’s an entire YouTube Channel dedicated to memeing the original Spider-Man trilogy

cogstok : STOP s c rEaming

Tracke : 4:43 *internal screaming*

Kaylin A : This is why I was so surprised everyone looked like babies when I started high school.

Spooky Jim : "I'll peel the flesh off her bone." "Okay." *watches her get carried off and eats hotdog*

kittypie : This type of editing should be currency, it’s so good

Amazing Guy : That's very annoying actually.

Tyler Drainville : 4:06 has got to be my favourite moment in the entire thing. Masterfully edited.

Ayaan Durrani : “Kiss me.” “No.”

Sky Sucker : "Pizza Time, Whatever" sounds like a band name.

Venom Wolf : "The woman I've loved since before I even liked *boys* My eyes widened so much ahaha

JackyNoTouchy : Most of these movies were Mary Jane Screaming

Egg Plant : 2:16 I’m dead, that’s pure ART.

Ti Richardson : Kidnap Mary Jay. Literally the ending of EVERY Spider man Tobey Maguire movie.- BTW- Parker watches Doc Oc carry Mary Jay up a building......promptly eats hot dog and walks away. LOL. That was awesome.

Momo Kanjaki : 8:49-9:21 Is pure gold. I'd like this video a thousand times over just for this editing masterpiece. (God Mary Jane urked me in that scene so damn much)

Chief : What keeps me coming back to this video is not only that it’s HILARIOUS but that it has a storyline, characters that evolve over time, and a heartwarming ending. Absolutely 10/10

mick cv : Lol who sits down and makes this shit. Idk if this caught me in a goofy mood but I couldn’t stop laughing

ThePrincx : "Pizza time" "The review" "Whatever" 😂😂


Dave Nagy : Spider-man knows how to deal with an abusive relationship

When Grapes Pop : 2:55 best moment Never mind, 3:48

Rohan Hordern : Presenting Sam Raimi's new movie franchise: The Screamer Girl Trilogy!

TheRexster : Mom: what the hell you watching? All those screaming?? Me: ...... Porn Mom: (turn of wifi)

ButtonGravy : 9:38 "I don't want to see you anymore." "That's great MJ!" lmaooooo

DuskyHaddock : Just noticed Gwen was Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire in Jurassic World) pretty cool.....

Mike Litoris : That whole 4:00 sequence was absolutely beautiful

Alexander Coleman : idk why, but practical effects looks a whole lot better than some CGI today

FullMetal 112 : Everything TRIGGERS her.

Emma : No one is talking about 5:58... “awe don’t cry” shit had me rolling I actually cried

virusyete : I was expecting Mary Jane screaming compilation. The editing made it so much better. Its like good ol youtube poop


Ö _ : Peter doesn't go back to MJ, she goes with Harry instead, still gets kidnapped by a confused venom. Harry comes to help, Sandman defeated, MJ impaled instead of Harry cause she screams too much, Harry and Peter defeat venom. MJ dies, No more screaming. Harry and Peter stay friends, Peter and Dr Conners and Gwen have a Polygamous relationship. The End.

Jose Romero : i should _really_ be doing my essay right now.