The Spider-Man Trilogy But With Only Mary Jane Screaming & Being Angry

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Matt Lee : Random girl: it’s Spider-Man! MJ: *screams*

Alexander Coleman : idk why, but practical effects looks a whole lot better than some CGI today

Catastrophe Cause : _That moment when the video is 11 minutes long_

mick cv : Lol who sits down and makes this shit. Idk if this caught me in a goofy mood but I couldn’t stop laughing

Marvelmania360 : "I'll peel the flesh of her bones" "ok" "aaahhh!!!" Lol

Weepy Hammer : Not a single person on that school bus looks like they are in highschool.

Zant : I’m gonna ask DR CONNORS :D to marry me

Ricardo Amado : Here are the main things that makes me laugh about all 3 original spider man movies : 1 - Mary Jane is always screaming; 2 - Harry always get hit in the head by something; 3 - Peter always screaming Mary Jane.

Shiv R : With all this screaming I’m surprised venom didn’t die because of her screaming when he captured her

JackyNoTouchy : I'm getting married "Whatever" xD

Muhammad Hafiz : I’m getting married Peter : whatever I’m getting married in a church Peter : whatever Lol i’m dying 😂

Noel Yanez : MJ: "Try to understand how I feel" Pizza Parker: "No Thanks" Oscar winning moment

Astral Fire : "That's my secret Peter, I'm always angry..."

Cryji Itou : "The woman I loved since before I loved boys"

Amazing Guy : That's very annoying actually.

CosmicPizza13 : I’m pretty sure the director for the trilogy has a thing for females screaming or being angry

Lavisha Sharma : I've never laughed at someone screaming until now.

Akenal Archives : Should have put the “why are you running” meme in this

Thang Nguyen : as a kid i had such a crush on her i never realised how annoying she was till now lol

cogstok : STOP s c rEaming

Linux Mint : -Please don't call me -I won't

Minister Karloff : “Aunt May came backstage to borrow cash” Aunt may: I need it more than you, FOR GOD SAKE HELP!!!!

Cauã Fernandes : 4:35 Mary Jane: AHHHHHHH! Spider-Man: Stop screaming *spidey gets hits* Mary Jane: *_still screaming_* Spider-Man still on ground: I said stop screaming

Dillon Langford : This is art in its purest, most powerful form.

JackyNoTouchy : Most of these movies were Mary Jane Screaming

DefiniteSword 82 : "You're trash MJ.... sorry " *jumps through the window* Lmao

Tyler Drainville : 4:06 has got to be my favourite moment in the entire thing. Masterfully edited.

Cris P. Bacon : Mary Jane: "I look at these words and it's like my father wrote them." Peter: *with the most ignorant smile* "You're trash, MJ"

kittypie : This type of editing should be currency, it’s so good

[NQZATR] : This hoe really did scream the most in all three movies.

BenjiBot : "try to understand how i feel" "No thanks"

Les Carpio : Her screaming should have cause Venom great pain Haha

Anthony Nazario : 2:23 Spiderman: Listen, I need you to stop screaming! Mary Jane: I can’t! Spiderman: Yes you can! **Mary Jane keeps screaming** 2:44 Mary Jane: Spideman watch out!! Spiderman: Oh my God, stop screaming **Goblin grabs him and gets him away from there** Spiderman: WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Good riddance! Best parts, really well done 😂😂👍🏼

Darion : *_"AAAEEEIGHHHHHHHHH"_* I think that's how you spell her scream

Venom Wolf : "The woman I've loved since before I even liked *boys* My eyes widened so much ahaha

bloxrobloxblock : Mary Jane : Whats wrong with you? Peter: You.

Sky Sucker : "Pizza Time, Whatever" sounds like a band name.

Rohan Hordern : Presenting Sam Raimi's new movie franchise: The Screamer Girl Trilogy!

Egg Plant : 2:16 I’m dead, that’s pure ART.

firestorm5432 : This is internet gold

Raptr : 2:53 and 3:56😂😂😂😂😂

Hypnotic Poison : "It's Spiderman!" " *AAAAAAHHH* !!" Never have I ever seen anyone so distressed to see Spiderman. 😂

_nfamouswrx_sti : I forget how miserable these movies are damn lol

Dave Nagy : Spider-man knows how to deal with an abusive relationship

DuskyHaddock : Just noticed Gwen was Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire in Jurassic World) pretty cool.....

ThePrincx : "Pizza time" "The review" "Whatever" 😂😂

ASaiyanNamedJune : "Please don't follow me." "I won't!"

puddle : “I’m gonna ask DR. CONNORS to marry me” - well at least we got a happy ending <3

Ti Richardson : Kidnap Mary Jay. Literally the ending of EVERY Spider man Tobey Maguire movie.- BTW- Parker watches Doc Oc carry Mary Jay up a building......promptly eats hot dog and walks away. LOL. That was awesome.

Amber Nicole : According to IMDb, her screams in Spider-Man 3 were recycled from Spider-Man 2. Somehow, that makes this video funnier