Frank Grimes - What's Wrong With America

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from my all time favorite episode of tHE SIMPSONS- Homer's Enemy


Dork Whoop : "This is my daughter Lisa, IQ 156" "Hi" "See?"

jcrowley1985 : I love how Homer just rubbed off all his accomplishments in those pictures like they were no big deal, but then generally impressed that Frank lives above a bowling ally. Truly an example of not realizing what you have for both of them.

Rob Johnson : Little did the Simpson family know that Bart's factory would be gone the next morning, due to Milhouse's poor nightwatchmanship.

Colin W : This implication that Homer is lucky and drifts through life is completely unfounded, he basically raised himself with an alcoholic father after his mother left, he worked hard in order to put Marge through university off his own back and works a job he hates in order to provide for his family, having given up his dream job to do so. The difference between Homer and Frank isn't talent or work, its perspective. Homer is open to life, people and is all around a fairly decent guy who tries to be nice to people (including Frank). Frank on the other hand is destructive, bitter and above that is just rude. You'll never get far in life with Frank's attitude.

TBrizzle01 : I love that they acknowledged all the crazy things he did in previous episodes.

James Ash : "You...went into outer space? YOU?!" "Suuuuurre! You've never BEEN?" HA HAHA

William Spence : I live in a single room above a bowling alley and below another.. bowling alley..

Ramblin' Bob : I just realized Homer is like super successful and has already had a very fulfilling life.

pimpninja1985 : *a son who owns a factory* Nobody notices or cares he's like 8.

Seth Martin : That man just walked into Homer’s house and blatantly disrespected him in front of his family. It’s that kind of behavior that keeps Grimey from succeeding. You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

Ashleigh Elizabeth : Frank hasn't gotten ahead because he rubs people the wrong way. He's generally got an unpleasant personality and takes life too seriously. This is an unfortunate product of how his life unfolded. It's a vicious circle where bad things happen and make you bitter, and then the bitterness ensures that more bad things will happen. Homer on the other hand is easy going and gets along well with most people. He is well liked at work, has friends and really doesn't worry too much about life. Consequently he can slide through life and get pretty far despite the fact that he isn't very intelligent or industrious. His wife, his job, and his friendships are all a result of his easy going personality. Unfortunately I've been too much like Frank in my life and not enough like Homer, something I am trying very hard to change about myself.

Very good : Probably the best Simpsons episode ever aired.

Brionnbot : This is still one of the best written scenes (let alone episode) in televison because of this. Works so well because no-one here is the bad guy nor is either of them painted as one. Homer while yes is lazy and unaware how fortunate he is sometimes still remains his happy and optimistic life and just wanted to make friends with Frank whilst Frank yes has had a hard life and is angry how others have it more lucky despite not having as good work ethic (which is totally understandable) and makes a very valid point about it but at the same time is still looking at life in a negative light and is still wallowing in comparing himself to a person he's suppose to hate and not care about.

thatoneguy : To be fair, Homer really earned that Grammy Award and risked his life while on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins.

Christopher Scotts : Imagine if they did this episode nowadays. Now Homer has awards for both the Be-Sharps and Sadgasm, he won a medal for curling at the Winter Olympics, is recognized as one the most fair soccer referees in the world, became a pie superhero, won a Pullitzer price, was a therapist for athletes, was a succesful bounty hunter, gave a great portrayal of Jesus, played the popular superhero Everyman, boxed against Drederick Tatum, saved Springfield from the dome (he caused it, tho), designed a car, stole the power plant from Mr. Burns, replaced Smithers, was a recognized food critic, was a great opera singer, choreographed the Super Bowl Half Time Show, co-wrote a fantasy book, replaced one of the guys of Cheech and Chong, has a perfect bowling score, got a talk show, composed "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders", created a tomato-tobacco hybrid, was Lurleen Lumpking manager, gave voice to Poochie in Springfield most famous cartoon, worked as Mayor Quimby bodyguard, helped produce a Tom Cruise(i think) movie

Mitchell Deans : This is probably one of the best Simpsons episodes ever

Nater K : Homer sure seems to like Grimes. I'm sure at his funeral Homer will be full of emotion.

Lord Chimera : Homer was really sincere in wanting to make friends with Frank here, but Frank was long consumed by bitterness that he can't see beyond what his preconceptions tell him.

H R : This reminds me of what a coworker told me. Don't work hard. Work smart. Hard work can only take you so far but you have to think outside the box, be creative, and learn to take risks and find opportunities. I'm not implying that homer describes any of these characteristics. This is just to say what Grimes is missing and his own hate has shielded him from seeing the truth so he was his own worst enemy.

Tyler Sczublewski : it's funny how Frank is jealous of Homer for going into space but homer wasn't credited for his heroism only a rod was the hero.

TheGamingVillas : People like Homer are not what wrong with America. It's people like Mr. Burns.

TheVahnara : I've wasted my life earning an honest living.

RoboWatchgirl : The way I see it society was punishing Frank Grimes for being normal. Nobody on The Simpsons ever became successful by acting normal. Even the guest stars tend to be pretty eccentric.

anicetune : Life is a gamble. You can work hard (like Grimes), play by the rules, take no risks in life and guarantee yourself the bare minimum. OR You can be lazy (like Homer), take risks, ignore the rules and end up with nothing or everything.

TheSeventhChild : Watching this on my phone in my single room above a bar between a major intersection and a train station, struggling to pay the debts that allowed me to come even this far. RIP Grimes

Osystem : I don't know, don't ask me how the economy works.

CJCroen1393 : The irony about the lobster is that Homer ONLY asked Marge to make it because he wanted to impress Grimey. Also, I feel like he's overreacting about the Simpson household. It's a nice house, but not THAT nice. Certainly calling it a "palace" is a bit of a stretch imo.

S Tho : Grimes was an obsessive compulsive nutjob with a persecution complex. He worked hard on jobs nobody really wanted him to do. He resented and attacked people that wanted to be his friend, like Homer. He suffered from insane jealousy. He saw life as a conspiracy against him. Such a person goes from gig to short gig. Useful for a little while till the problem is fixed, then becoming the problem himself.

Joshua Parris : Is it just me or does Frank Grimes reminds me of William "D-Fens" Foster from the Movie, "Falling Down"?

Stickfigure Productions : If this is who is reacts to a modern american home, I would hate to see his reaction when he walks into a billionaires mansion.

Mitsuraga : Honestly, I think my favourite part is Homer being genuinely impressed that Grimey lives between two bowling alleys.

David Mays : its funny but its true. there's a lot of lazy slobs that coast through life doing as little as possible and somehow get by.

Omedchazak613 : I have far too many co workers like Homer and way too many like Grimes!

Zachary Goldberg : Some people have an aura(call it Charisma) about them that makes everyone look past their very obvious and debilitating flaws. So it makes sense Homer has been very successful, life comes naturally to him because people are drawn to him.

September2091 : jokes on grimey, homer now gets 2 lobsters :P

righthandstep5 : Oh Frank Grimes! You want to blame someone don't blame Homer. He did not hire himself as safety inspector. Go blame C. Montgomery Burns and his elitist ilk for their decisions. The guys up top call the shots whether you like it or not. I'd sooner make an enemy of Burns for unjust leadership than Homer for unjust behaviour.

mrbrockpeters : Homer Simpson = The Kardashians Frank Grimes = The rest of us

Cali AirmanB17 : What’s funny is the Homer’s house is usually portrayed to be dumpy and literally falling apart. I guess it’s all about perspective.

motor4X4kombat : Homer : Forrest Gump Grimes: lieutenant dan

Koko Stojanoski : +Shane Fraley well homer did save Springfield from meltdown before frank Grimes was hired

Eagle Man : I think we all have a Frank Grimes in us

henry smith : The story of Frank Grimmers some up "Dont work hard, you will not get ahead".

Levahk : Frank grimes is my single most favorite character.

Berly Tannyono Putra : 1:36 ...and this when I was on tour with Smashing Pumpkins I Love the 90's alternative rock music, man..I really miss that era :((

Corristo89 : Grimes' flaw is that he seems to be firmly convinced that effort put in X has to result in reward Y. That's not how life works. He also seems to be a staunch follower of Horatio Alger's version of the American dream: Work hard, be honest and fortune will find you. Again, that's not how life works. This is why Grimes is and was a bitter, frustrated man: He continuously had to see his ideals clash and lose to reality while people like Homer Simpson, who are content with their lot in life, are happier and more "successful".

ShadowNny : I love the character of grimes, a wonderful interpretation of a real person, struggling to get through life seeing less deserving people get it all and being respectfully pissed about it. It made me consider making a theory on the topic and to share a story elaborating it. The theory of the Love Walrus, The Lemmings, and The Smart Penguin. A Love Walrus is different from your normal walrus, which is fat, disgusting, sloppy, not at all pleasant to look at. A love walrus is a less deserving person ignorant of their own good fortune, who ignores the rules and puts themselves above all others. Yet despite this disgusting behavior, people worship him. These worshipers are the lemmings. Lemmings are stupid blind creatures who not only enable the love walrus, but worship him/her for having charisma instead of actual talent or professionalism. They will act rabid and harass ANYONE like grimes who calls out the craziness of their worship. These awakened, enlightened poor souls are what I deem the Smart Penguins. Why? Penguins are sharply dressed, loud for attention (which these don't get unless its negative), and short, easily looked over. Its pretty easy to overlook a small penguin busting its butt on work when you are slack jawed gawking at the fat love walrus picking its nose and making jokes in the middle of the room. A smart penguin, much like grimes will dress his best, try his best to succeed, and always ALWAYS get shat on for it because people will rather worship the love walrus over the penguin. Being a smart penguin is like being the only awake person in the Truman show, where everyone instead of being in on the joke actually worships the Truman character and you are the only outsider trying to claim its bullshit. I had something like this happen to me. One of the longest running jobs I had was in data entry, my brother (through our church) worked there, and was in every sense a love walrus. The kind of "lights up a room when he walks in it" type person. He was lazy, constantly took time off, came in late, made up lies to get out of work, took multiple smoke breaks, sexually harassed the women at work (despite being in a relationship with a girl that traveled 2 states over with her kid to be with him), and didn't do his job in the slightest. I however DID show up on time, even early many days, was punctual with my work, had multiple callers thank me for my wonderful empathy and customer service, I was even having the people in our quality assurance team suggest I try to move up to their department, which I did try with gusto. And I was promptly ignored by my superiors, even laughed at for trying to move up. Meanwhile my love walrus of a brother, talks to the supervisor and the supe tries multiple times to get him promoted. He didn't earn it, he didn't do the work for it, but because he was more "likable" he got it and his lemmings supported him. Then there was the women, he as I mentioned was in a committed relationship with a girl who loved him dearly, yet he would openly creep on many women there. One sat next to me, and I tried warning her about him, she didnt like him at first, was woke and disgusted to that behavior. He was soon moved near us and proceeded like clockwork to creep on her, and after a week instead of reporting him, she grew to love him. We shared the same first name, and even got to calling us Big X and Little X. All that animosity she had for him vanished because she became a lemming worshiping the love walrus. Eventually I started getting bitter, and started doing the same things he did, and was written up for it while the same supe continued to let him do the behavior, turned a blind eye to it, and pushed for his promotion which thankfully he didn't get. He was so entitled (as love walruses usually are) that when he found he had to go to a class for the promotion instead of just "getting it" he got mad and quit. But point is, that I , the smart penguin, the one that an entire department wanted was turned down for a promotion despite my skills and all but walked out the door for doing the same behavior a fat slob did, who got promotions and raises even supes doctoring their hours to give them a full 40hr paycheck when they only worked 20 because they liked them. And all because I was not a love walrus. I shortly left that job after giving that supe the bird and telling him to shove it where the sun don't shine, fell into depression, started drinking heavy, and gained two pant sizes. This was 6 months ago, and I'm still jobless, struggling with odd jobs and relying on money from relatives and my hard working wife to support this overpriced apartment we cannot afford. Point is, grimes is not a bad guy, just a guy in society that wants fairness. Who is understandably jealous of a jackass that doesn't deserve what he has. You try living the life I mentioned, going through what I did, or what grimes did, you would be "bitter" and "jealous" and "jaded" too so be careful if you sling those lables around without knowing a god damn thing about the situation from both sides you unsympathetic self serving lemming shits. Good on grimes for spitting that truth.

Ray Phoenix : I bought this season on Amazon. Instead of getting the DVD's, I got a box of Season 8 of Simpsons with a Manga inside of My Hero Academia. The Simpsons is sooooo much better than anything in Manga. I was friggin' pissed by that. Great scene though.

Joshua Wood Vivian : I always saw this episode as a satire on "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" Ayn Rand conservatism and against the idea that people can be undeserving of a decent/average life. Especially powerful as Homer is canonically intellectually disabled (the crayon in the brain)

351cleavland : What the comment section sems to miss about Frank Grimes is that he seems downtrodden. There is an expectation that he should be a certain way to be acceptable to others. But what about him as a person? With people like him, they do need more than to be seen as aceptable. "Acceptable" doesn't make room for hardship. Acceptable means congenial. But if a person is in real pain how do they get to express it and be "real" with another? What about Empathy and Compassion? And I'm talking about real compassion not an automatic response of "I'm sure it will be fine." You don't know that it will be fine and it often leaves the reciever feeling unacceptable in sharing anything real. I worked with people who were grieving about a Hospice center. Most people were given the message after about a month that it was time for them to move on. That had nothing to do with what the hurt person needed. It acted to shut them down. Those that were given space to talk in groups of other grievers often poured out their honest feelings and thoughs. AND GUESS WHAT? those were the ones that started to "move." They started laughing or sense releif or whatever. The point is having to hold things in is a terrible way to maintain a relationship. It also keeps people "stuck" in life. Most of us don't understand this because we may have lived a hum-drum life BUT also not been shown that kind of caring, which means we don't have a good model to learn from. Saying to someone " I don't have an answer but I can listen and not judge you" is the most caring and freeing act you can do with another.