r/Place: My Little Pony's Battle - The Brony Faction

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Philip J. Fry II : I am out of popcorn and the suspense is through the roof. Edit: oh hahaha Penies Edit edit: a soldier never gives away its secrets: well.. Sometimes.

MrBallPython : I don't like to call myself a Brony or associate myself with it even though I have all the "qualifications" to be called one but this was an amzing video with an amazing story!! Have a nice day!

that girl : Idk why ur commentary keeps bringing me back to this video😂

Mr. Meloetta : I'm not a brony, but this is still pretty intense. All I can gather was that r/place was the original PUBG before PUBG. Also, 1:56 *N Y E H H E H H E H ! I T I S I T H E G R E A T P A P Y R U S*

Some Crazy Gaming : I was the 9k like

Fuzzy Stripetail : I find it extremely ironic that Rainbow Dash didn't lose a wink of sleep while the brony fandom sacrificed their own sleep and well-being to protect Dash from the villainous void.

creajakt : im not a brony but this was a cool internet story that I wish I could have been a part of

ricardofr-200 : The blue shield is actually the logo of the University my cousin was in. IST means Instituo Superior Técnico. Now I feel weird to know that my own country nearly took over the Pony Faction.

AlienCreature i : Damnit, r/place ended when I was just starting to discover the brony fandom.

DNK : Personally don’t get the whole Brony thing at all but this was a very well made video and kept me interested

Sanse : I had to get some popcorn because it's like watching a documentary about history

Michael Rhyan Vlogs : I was a bot coder for sans! We appreciate the help during the war much love❤️

black plague : autistic

Low Quality Memes : I wish it was destroyed :)

Warhawk 3126 : This just shot back some reminiscent memories. I was originally a soldier for The Void, but by the 2nd day, ended up deserting The Void to protect Rainbow Dash.

AceWissle : Wow, that was pretty awesome. I had no idea this event was even going on, having nothing to do with Reddit. Wonder why eqd never posted about that (or did they). I really liked that video, would love to see more such stuff, reviews of / insights into cool events such as this.

Lictor DeathLeaper : What baffles me the most is that it;s not the fact that the Bronies stood strong, defending their pony till the end, but rather how the hell the god damn Darth Plagueis copy pasta is in the ifnal version. Though I'm not one for Ponies, I'm thankful for this video as it showed me quite an awe-inspiring history. Even my country managed to hold on to a territory which is impressive.

2bits : *quem manda ai somos nós brasileiros irmão, somos pior que virus*

cat Masterss : Bring back the void

xXSw4gmite 3000Xx : This is why love the brony community, this was a big inspiration and it was like a light that refuses to be put out

Scyrina : Holy shit, didn't know this community was still so strong going. Sweet.

chaee_ : Not in the mlp fandom but this is amazing

Kyra Jill : Epic factions, through-the-night defense, shaky alliences, eminent betrayal, constant threat of destruction, suspense, teamwork and fun.... Sounds like my mind of deal! Wish I could have helped dashie survive

YourLocalCommunist : National Geographic Got Nothing On You

Daklog : I'm not a brony myself, but this is considered a grand milestone for ALL communities and the internet as a whole. It really shows that an entire Earth's worth of history can be summarized in 3 days on the internet, with decisions like "enemy/ally" or "fight/surrender" being really prevalent both in this subreddit and human nature. It's like history repeating itself in one little page.

Scootertrix Studios : Awesome! I remember when this happened but did not participate. Really cool seeing a bit of history of the fandom!

Cyan Draws : I was one of the veterans of r/place. I lead the void's attacks, and i had quite a fun time. I did not agree with the attacks on bronies, but the void was mostly people from /pol/ and other boards. There was a replacement for r/place and void was wiped from it by the owner and many bots. We are now just a shitposting gaming server, but hey it was fun none-theless. Edit: So i went back to watch this video again, 3 months later, and realized you can hear my voice in the recording! At 0:42 ~ish the person doing the countdown is me! Jesus i sounded like a pussy back then. I also was in charge of some diplomatic authority, and i was the main negotiator between the void and r/dwarffortress considering i liked both, i actually managed to save dwarf fortress, and we had gained an ally in that if we helped defend dwarffortress from r/rainbowroad and other attackers, they would help us in our efforts. Edit 2: If you want, i can elaborate on some of the attacking formations of how the void worked. As littleshy said, our main form of attacking was by tendrilling out, and building cores. It was frowned upon to start a core from some random part of the map that the void was not connected to. However we had more than just a few cores. Most of them were jokes when people were starting to lose hope, like "homer core" in which we transformed one of homer simpson's eyeballs into a void, it was quickly destroyed. We also tried to take over the command prompt in the top left of the map, that was shut down after a while. Eventually however after people began losing moral, some left the discord server (one killed himself in voice chat, rest in peace my man.) but, all who stayed, deprived themselves from sleep and all, just to defend the core in it's final moments. I guess i got a little off track there, but anyways, back onto how we actually attacked, whilst i was in charge. We would all get in voice chat, and most would just spam their mics, but i would announce after around 5 minutes, that we are going to prepare for an attack. Then i would state a month. "If you were born in january, go", wait a couple of seconds, "february, go" etc. This spawned the meme of when i was so sleep deprived i said "TUESDAY, GO", and the chat went into a mishmash of spam, headache inducing noise, and of course laughter. As for channels in the old void discord, we had #general, #warplans, #diplomacy, #memes and #propoganda, as well as 5~ish voice chats and channels for our groups to focus on such as defense, attack, etc. In the end, the void was a fun experiment, and i'm proud to have taken part in it. God damn it i sound like a faggot <3

Verdigry potato : I was a tiny tardis warrior.

TearsOfLA : 2:52 Ahhh i remember building the rwby logo and fighting off the void sprout that tried to pop up on our logo

Mikhail Mcmorrow : God damnit, we void brothers shall rise again! *YOU WILL FEEL OUR WRATH!!*

ethan hatcher : God, I wish I was there

SpaceLord : I was part of blue corner. Sorry for destroying your pony that early.

doctor0010 plays : The void was my faction. P R A I S E D B E T H E V O I D

TheCat 48 : I still wish i could see if the void would take destroy the pixels or fail.

BTS WEEB : Lol I ain’t even a brony I don’t really like mlp but I watch this alot!

Pinkiefan 13 : HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT????!!!! :(((

iAMs1lv3r : Ponies are gay

Pop Bitz Blast : Something really warms my heart about how dedicated a group of people can get to a social experiment and will end up teaming up and bonding over the smallest things. (I GUESS FRIENDSHIP REALLY IS MAGI-) I don't know why this was recommended to me, but i'm glad it was. Very interesting!

Commie Dog : This was uploaded on 420 also, why do I keep getting mlp related crap in my recommend, I’ve never watched mlp

indeed : well done the bronies once again proved they were the most autistic

Tomas The Dank Engine : stupid furries

TheOddGuy : I have a question, should I shoot my throat, my head or my chest?

Hormer Simpson : I really hope Reddit redoes this some day.

Skelespook : well with the bots, that's 50 pixels every 5 minutes. That's probably nothing compared to the void.

Has : And that's how Equestria was made.

AugmentedGravity : This was so cool and legit one of the most interesting, engaging and educational videos i've seen in a long time here on youtube.

Owenboy360 : Idk why but the parts involving Halo made me geek out quite a bit

Fiercetooth : Dammit I hate bronies but you gotta admit, they really put their minds to projects like this.

Mr.Devin Guy : Am I watching a war reel

Soniccrew128 : You must have no life if you spent all that time defending a pixel art /s This was a nice idea to get some background history about this tho, as I never use/been to Reddit. :P