r/Place: My Little Pony's Battle - The Brony Faction

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Sanse : I had to get some popcorn because it's like watching a documentary about history

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : This better end up in a history book or I’m rioting

MsBreezy : This had me laughing way harder than it should’ve

dictator jacob : "The brony faction." jesus christ I can smell the virginity.

Marthinus_ : Grandpa: You kids never experienced war. Me:

Русский сквотер is cool : We are evil We are nothing We are... THE VOID!

Sir Spider : The Void shall rise again... soon

Dr. Walrus : “Bots protecting Dashie” *Crush, Kill, Destroy, Swag*

Thomas S : Not a brony or even someone who was in r/place but this makes me proud that people can still come together.

ethan hatcher : God, I wish I was there

TechnicBee : That moment brony was made up as a joke but made a mark on middle aged men on a children show for girls

LifesGoodGaming : I'm no brony, but I must say that your presentation for this video was really great! Keep up the amazing work!

Jota Octavius : I'm not even a brony and this was probably the most interesting thing I've watched all day. You've earned a well deserved like.

3is : Us void people messed you guys up

ed wells : Good thing rainbow dash didn't have any oil. 🇺🇸

Miraculousfan : I think the rabbit might mean the true meaning of Christian Easter which is Jesus would rise in the third day.

anon408 : Too much free time at its finest

Asriel Dreemurr : I fought for the undertale faction

Scyrina : Holy shit, didn't know this community was still so strong going. Sweet.

son Goku Uzumaki : Despite the fact that I don't like mlp whatsoever, this was interesting

Soko Moko : while the void was a neat concept, i have to wonder if that rainbow faction actually did the most damage. It easily covers about 1/4th of the screen 9:09

Badgerspirit : Man, it's been 8 years and people still feel the need to attack fans of this show for no reason. JFC.

Angel Dela Cruz : okay, this is actually the first time i watch pony stuff and this basically just changed the way i think about the fans. im amazed with the passion and the teamwork they had :3

PowWow Animations : This should be a book.

Kirisen Gaming : I'd like to join the Void

TyranisGaming : Im mad the void didnt finish the job

zama422 : It’s a bit cringy

Shark boi Swag : This is like a virus or a cancer tryna take over somebody, and those people who defend are like pills lmao

Fuzzy Stripetail : I find it extremely ironic that Rainbow Dash didn't lose a wink of sleep while the brony fandom sacrificed their own sleep and well-being to protect Dash from the villainous void.

Cozmix Studios : 4:47 peniss

Artemis : This is literally a documentary

Mystic115 : Someone just drop the nuke so they all die come on

Jamm : I finally watched this after being recommended for a few months and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed

Jasmine masterss : Ok youtube I clicked on the recommended vid thats been here for weeks, u satisfied?

vxctxm : Wow i had no idea about this. This is absolutely insane. I can't believe I'm saying this but i have a new found respect for Bronies dood. WP guys.

V- Makubesu : somebody make something like this again I'm still salty I missed it

Sail // Angela : I think its super duper cool how people wanted to form alliances to protect their creations, those void people were just trying to ruin the board on purpose with black nothingness, no representation or creativity, as much as I hate bronies it makes me happy to see they made something worth-defending

Federico D'Aragona : War.. War never change...

Chh Chh : I would join the void

I WILL REIGN : Why is watching tiny factions engaged in mini wars so interesting? It's like watching ants. So insignificant, but once you really get into it, you just can't stop for a good minute or two.

Khalid Faisal : Fun fact the void was from 4Chan users

Fredster Gaming : this is literally the greatest thing ever.

Killer B : Gonna be honest if I new this existed at the time I would have helped the void

shawn gillen : bronys are cringe and wierd

Godzilla Z Sosnowca : Bronies should be locked up and exterminated in some place, just like furries

Tenzin Norbu : Damn, this is actually really good! It sounds like an actual war.

Artfulcord : Did we win? Edit: YES WE DID!

sarin : im not a brony but this was a cool internet story that I wish I could have been a part of

Hakukuu : So many virgins!

Sporecraft : Don't sort comments by new... Just don't...