r/Place: My Little Pony's Battle - The Brony Faction

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Sanse : I had to get some popcorn because it's like watching a documentary about history

Mr Neddlemouse : This better end up in a history book or I’m rioting

thrasherjacobs : "The brony faction." jesus christ I can smell the virginity.

Killer B : Gonna be honest if I new this existed at the time I would have helped the void

Saucelo Creates : So bronies are still a thing. Didn't know 20 year olds could still like shows for 7 year old girls.

Thomas S : Not a brony or even someone who was in r/place but this makes me proud that people can still come together.

Русский сквотер is cool : We are evil We are nothing We are... THE VOID!

Sir Spider : The Void shall rise again... soon

TechnicBee : That moment brony was made up as a joke but made a mark on middle aged men on a children show for girls

ethan hatcher : God, I wish I was there

Jota Octavius : I'm not even a brony and this was probably the most interesting thing I've watched all day. You've earned a well deserved like.

Marthinus_ : Grandpa: You kids never experienced war. Me:

wales2k : I watched my squad die in the Second Battle of the Blue Corner. The trenches were covered in cold, blue blood. I won’t ever get those images out of my head.

descendants Fan : I think the rabbit might mean the true meaning of Christian Easter which is Jesus would rise in the third day.

Scyrina : Holy shit, didn't know this community was still so strong going. Sweet.

LifesGoodGaming : I'm no brony, but I must say that your presentation for this video was really great! Keep up the amazing work!

CrazedPickle : i was part of the void

Asriel Dreemurr : I fought for the undertale faction

GOD aka dr phill : Good thing rainbow dash didn't have any oil. 🇺🇸

PowWow Animations : This should be a book.

Th3taB3ta : Us void people messed you guys up

Ramen resangen : Despite the fact that I don't like mlp whatsoever, this was interesting

Badgerspirit : Man, it's been 8 years and people still feel the need to attack fans of this show for no reason. JFC.

Angel Dela Cruz : okay, this is actually the first time i watch pony stuff and this basically just changed the way i think about the fans. im amazed with the passion and the teamwork they had :3

Soko Moko : while the void was a neat concept, i have to wonder if that rainbow faction actually did the most damage. It easily covers about 1/4th of the screen 9:09

Kirisen Gaming : I'd like to join the Void

anon408 : Too much free time at its finest

V- Makubesu : somebody make something like this again I'm still salty I missed it

Fuzzy Stripetail : I find it extremely ironic that Rainbow Dash didn't lose a wink of sleep while the brony fandom sacrificed their own sleep and well-being to protect Dash from the villainous void.

Jamm : I finally watched this after being recommended for a few months and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed

I WILL REIGN : Why is watching tiny factions engaged in mini wars so interesting? It's like watching ants. So insignificant, but once you really get into it, you just can't stop for a good minute or two.

A Despair Boi : 1:53 that's me

Mystic115 : Someone just drop the nuke so they all die come on

ENGLAND IS MY CITY : Ok youtube I clicked on the recommended vid thats been here for weeks, u satisfied?

Ynotpray : This is literally a documentary

numpty2 : cringe

TyranisGaming : Im mad the void didnt finish the job

Federico D'Aragona : War.. War never change...

Cozmix Studios : 4:47 peniss

shawn gillen : bronys are cringe and wierd

Tenzin Norbu : Damn, this is actually really good! It sounds like an actual war.

Fredster Gaming : this is literally the greatest thing ever.

OverSane : I wish the void had consumed all. Especially the ponies.

zama422 : It’s a bit cringy

GrizzlyClaws : Degeneracy at its finest

WOOMY : The great war Man this good

ThatOneWeirdPanda : I was part of the void. Internet destruction and pain is fun.

creajakt : im not a brony but this was a cool internet story that I wish I could have been a part of

Mr.Techaky : Hello, Furry here... I've heard it said that Bronies are often at odds with Furries, don't know why. Anyway, I salute my Brony comrades. Well done!

Light : I was going to comment how I only clicked on this to get it off my recomended but damn was it worth staying