25 Guinea Pig Tricks All At Once (Unedited!)
25 Guinea Pig Tricks All At Once Unedited

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Ace performing 25 of his tricks, all in the same video. We've included some older tricks and some more recent ones. List of all tricks in the video: 1. Come when called 2. High five 3. Spin circles 4. Arm hoop 5. Stand up 6. Paws up on my hand 7. Go around my hand 8. Pull out gum tray 9. Open tictac container 10. Take a bracelet off my arm 11. Take a ring off my finger 12. Pick a card 13. Roll a ball around 14. Follow a target stick 15. Go around an object 16. Close lid 17. Jump 18. Go through a hoop 19. Go through a tunnel 20. Fetch a ball and put it in my hand 21. Basketball 22. Get on platform 23. Wave paw 24. Scent work 25. Covered hoop jump Thanks for watching! :) Music: "Wallpaper" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Hesed Madda : Wow! The only trick my boys know is to squeak when the fridge opens.

Mrgelo97 : Trick #26 guinea pig does my taxes.

Yeet YEET : This guinea pig is more trained than a lot of dogs.

sour patch kids popsicles : My heart was NOT ready for his little hop on number 17 🥺🥺🥺

Da Kringy Kidz : Who randomly just got this in their suggestions page?

Mollie : Plot twist- the guinea pig is a paid actor

Jessica Watson : My old guinea pig Lillie She could -jump over my hand -clean her paws on command -run to me -lick/nibble my nose She is gone now but she will always be in my heart

Lia : My guinea pig has superpowers He has a endless amount of poo

Gacha Cinder : My guinea pig Oliver knows how to ring the bell that we put on there cage for food, we had to take it off an hour after he was *ALWAYS* ringing that bell

craftsNme : I think this is the most adorable and talented Guinea pig I have ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE ❤️❤️ 🐹 🐖

Billie Jo Mount : well mine can scream at the sound of a plastic bag so🤷‍♂️

h e l l o w : This guinea pig: intelligent being doing tricks My piggo : consumes rust off of radiator

Moontail Animations. : How did you train your Guinea pigs? Mine rarely even look at me 😅

Adeline Dering : Wait if you can teach a guinea pig how to tell a scent than can it sniff out drugs?

Isabella Ann Marie : I've been having such a bad day and this video made me smile :') your Guinea pig is such a good boy

Free Plays : If this video isn't edited, then how did they make the texts float? Magic? rEpoRt fOr cLiCkbAitINg Jk I loved this

Trisha M. Masocol : This is the wholesome content I want on my reccomended page

Taylor Knowles : In between each trick he’s like excitedly, “WHAT’s NEXT???!!”

Apple. Sauce : My guinea pig would never have done this all he did was squeak NON STOP

Rhojidile : *When you realize a guinea pig is better at basketball than you*

Ma x : Lady: “is this your pet Guinie Pig? Can I pet him?” Me: No, don’t touch him he is my Service Guinie Pig.”

zoey kennedy : i had a guinea pig but she passed..... but the only talent she had was her FATNESS

Spiketrap : This inspired me to train my guinea pigs. Cause all they do is run around and poop

melhope : I never knew guinea pigs could be trained. Great job, piggy!!

Watergirl Blue : I used to have an adorable dwarf hamster called "chip", I think they're one of the cutest ones haha

pusheen 22 : The made me sad cause my guina pig died july6th 2019 I miss him😭

1 Joelyna : Its 7:43 AM and I haven't slept yet... And I somehow made my way to this video

flowersandoranges : He's doing all that for lettuce? I think he's underpaid.

Escapade With Me : At this point I’m expecting - do my homework - file my taxes - pay my bills - cook dinner I’ll wait patiently

KittiesPlayz WithWolves : GP: *Takes ring off finger* GP: "You are now divorced."

TheNikusia1 : When I tried to learn my guinea pig to jump over the stick, he actually ate it.

laura bryant : My friend Ginny could Balance on a soccer ball. It does not even seem cool compared to this Ginny.!!!!

Alpha Mix : Me: *watches video* Also me: *looks at my guinea pig* "why can't you do that?"

gdlywom : Looks like that guinea pig loves and trusts you very much! Great job bonding with it! 😃❤️

Lars Konrad : Going through the hoop was sooooo cute Didn’t think he would make it through Turns out he has more fur than I expected

Oak Tree : Just found in my recommendeds, 👍🏼 half way thru vid then subscribed. What an adorable, intelligent, patient cutie pie❣️ Mama is a very good, patient teacher & her furbaby enjoys the interaction, stimulation & treats🥰.

MrDynamic44 : That's something amazing, didn't know guinea pigs could make some of us look lazy...then again if I got me treat for taking the trash out I'd be happier too😔


Mr Black Jack : That’s amazing *looks at own dog* he only can sit and give paw ... i feel betrayed 😂

psmama7 : You edited I see text of what trick ure doing 🤣

А ну-ка Давай-ка : Боже мой, какая милота 😍 это чудо покорило мое сердце ❤️

Skeleton Flower : My guinea pig knows only one trick and that is to pee on my command when someone lifts him, my sister and my dad haven't found out my way of getting revenge yet XD

Angelina Vasilopoulou : am i the only one who was going GOOD BOY for the whole vid?

[GD] MAX Wormax : Is like feeding him coffee beans to make him do all this work.

Schmaahn : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He do everything for small snacc

streetmagik : That's exactly how I am at work. Every time I press the right button, I get a Cheeto. I get yelled at for pooping on the floor, but that's a different story.

Melora Carabas : My guinea pigs train me. I'm getting really good in fetching stuff for them.

Charlotte Rhodes : Omg u should totally go on a talent show with this it's so cute and so talented!!! If a dog can win BGT by doing tricks why can't a guinea pig? It's cuter and more unique!

Rosy Ocampo : me at the beginning tricks: ok cool me at “Pick a card”: 🥺🥺i would die for you