25 Guinea Pig Tricks All At Once
25 Guinea Pig Tricks All At Once Unedited

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Ace performing 25 of his tricks, all in the same video. We've included some older tricks and some more recent ones. List of all tricks in the video: 1. Come when called 2. High five 3. Spin circles 4. Arm hoop 5. Stand up 6. Paws up on my hand 7. Go around my hand 8. Pull out gum tray 9. Open tictac container 10. Take a bracelet off my arm 11. Take a ring off my finger 12. Pick a card 13. Roll a ball around 14. Follow a target stick 15. Go around an object 16. Close lid 17. Jump 18. Go through a hoop 19. Go through a tunnel 20. Fetch a ball and put it in my hand 21. Basketball 22. Get on platform 23. Wave paw 24. Scent work 25. Covered hoop jump Thanks for watching! :) Music: "Wallpaper" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/



Chris Cardenas : Leaked FBI video of the g-force agency during training

Taylor Knowles : In between each trick he’s like excitedly, “WHAT’s NEXT???!!”

KittiesPlayz WithWolves : GP: *Takes ring off finger* GP: "You are now divorced."

Adrienne Moco : Meanwhile my guinea pig is just sitting on the ground doing absolutely nothing

Charlie Stein : Seeing only the thumbnail, I assumed he was about to do 25 basketball tricks nba style. I don't know what got into me.

Sahraiya Taylor : The only trick mine will do is following my hand When there’s food in it

Elijah Kirtley : Your guinea pig: does 25 tricks My guinea pig: squeak loudly when hears the cabinet open for food

Hailey Woo : Damn this Guinea pig is more trained than me

Ma x : Lady: “is this your pet Guinie Pig? Can I pet him?” Me: No, don’t touch him he is my Service Guinie Pig.”

swyaseen : Wow. I did not know you can train them. That was entertaining lol

borec4ever : Unedited? What about the music? Not serious :) Great video!!

Hesed Madda : Wow! The only trick my boys know is to squeak when the fridge opens.

Mr Black Jack : That’s amazing *looks at own dog* he only can sit and give paw ... i feel betrayed 😂

EpicESP : TRicks my dog can do: Bite and bark at me Eat Sleep Run around

Thee Epic doge : 1900s:we will have flying cars in the future 2019:guinea pigs doing epic tricks

Mollie : Plot twist- the guinea pig is a paid actor

Chang Ye : Meanwhile my guinea pig just poops on my hands everytime I take her out

ArunPlaysPiano : On some videos you should get the chance to Like it twice. This is one of them.

Uncharted Thoughts : *pfff that's nothing...* *If you promise me food I start a war with Iran*

Fabs G. : That's one fluffy multi tool, you have there

flowersandoranges : He's doing all that for lettuce? I think he's underpaid.

SHANE : Im gonna teach my guinea pig how to rob a bank now.

Piggy_the_guinea_pig - piggy_smalls : Thanks for helping me teach my guinea pig to spin with ur videos! :P

Kitty Sarah : I love how he always expects the treat after a trick ITS ADORABLE❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

grace :3 : What a smart guinea pig, i always wanted one

Yeet YEET : This guinea pig is more trained than a lot of dogs.

Star vs the Zootopia : Me: "PLEASE MOM DAD I REALLY WANT A DOG" Parents: **gets me a guinea pig instead** Me:

Random Person : The guinea pig in the vid: Having more brain cells than me My guinea pigs: Not knowing how to escape from a tunnel... Oh gosh...

Krown Zee : This guinea pig can open a tic Tac container without spilling them everywhere . 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo

gdlywom : Looks like that guinea pig loves and trusts you very much! Great job bonding with it! 😃❤️

Taffy Ann : Your guinea pig is AMAZING! keep on doing what you do 😘

Hello im a dog. : When a guinea pig can open a tic tac containor , but you cant 😂 i love it.

David Stephens : This thing is smart. Was really impressed by the scent work

lemeq : my mom: go to sleep earlier tonight, ok? me: yeah, yeah me when it's 11 pm: * this video *

Mrgelo97 : Trick #26 guinea pig does my taxes.

MRH : I always thought guinea pigs were thick, guess I should start playing with them more.

Dona Bird : Wow Thats cool A really smart Guinea pig

Depressed._.Lil-Mxrgie : ...i am speechless Hooooowwww!!! Meh jealous 😣😫 *Mxrgie has left the chat*

myo mai : Imagine waking up the next morning, opening your tic tac container and nothing is in there

Da Kringy Kidz : Who randomly just got this in their suggestions page?

Garrett2486 : I want to hear an inner monologue of this Guinea pig voiced by the Brain (from pinky and the brain). Guinea pig with Brain voice: Fine, I shall jump through your hoops. Know this however I only do this, for the treats!

ToT ch : i can see why he looks fat too many treats btw that was a joke cute guinea pig

Hailey Krysto : Yo this is so cute. I actually was laughing at this video because of the pure cuteness of it allll😍😂

Shelley Tamara : Impressive, didn't know guinea pigs could be trained like this.

Billie Jo Mount : well mine can scream at the sound of a plastic bag so🤷‍♂️


Rising Tempest : 2:01-2:04 is probably the most cute part of the video

Allison Hom : My guinea pigs tricks: 1: squeak when the fridge opens 2: sit there like a lump (they have a great rock imitation) 3: be adorable and obnoxious little piggies 4: poke each other 5: ummm